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October 4, 2022

Frothing Fest: magnifying creatives, musicians on one platform

Lorianne Willett
Polo Perks performs during Frothing Fest on Jan. 26, 2024.

The Mohawk, a live music venue wedged inside buzzing downtown, housed more than its normal lineup with band tees filling the merch stand this past Friday. Instead, the upper decks of the 900-person capacity venue resembled the weekly vendor pop ups found on The Drag instead of the picnic tables usually occupied by concert goers enjoying a cigarette. 

Vendors found their home for the night through the up-and-coming festival Frothing Fest, founded by advertising senior Baxter Wright. With a focus on platforming small business vendors and a diverse selection of musicians, Frothing combines creatives’ and artists’ ventures on one stage for an evening in both Austin and Houston with plans to expand further. Since the first Frothing events held in north campus houses in 2021, the Fest continues to advance its scale, with this past Friday’s event on the main stage of the Mohawk being the most prestigious yet. 

“We create a whole experience built out around these vendors’ pop up shops,” Wright said. “You can pull up, go shop with one of your friends, and then end the night and go see somebody like Skaiwater perform. It’s more than just the music. It’s the music, the vendors, the community.”

Friday’s Frothing Fest hosted 11 vendors and four musicians, both groups with a wide variety of talent including rap, EDM, clothing brands, jewelers and more. Wright said the homegrown aspects of Frothing Fest set it apart when compared to common vendor pop ups or concerts.

“(Being homegrown is) extremely important because the people that we’re tapped in with are young,” Baxter said. “We know what college kids want to go listen to and we’re really based on supporting these small businesses.”

English senior Cristina Mauri, also known as Moonbby, performed Friday night. The DJ and promoter said she enjoys the like-minded crowd Frothing attracts.

“(With) local organizers and promoters that people already know, … there’s an audience that carries around (and) you’re going to know the people who go to the shows,” Mauri said. “That’s what makes shows the most fun, having that sense of community. No matter who’s playing, you can look to your left and your right and know you’re around some chillers.”

Mauri also said platforming unique vendors proves just as important as the music they host.

“Not only is there music, but you’re surrounded by creatives. It’s (the vendors’) own concert in a way,” Mauri said. “They’ve taken the time to create whatever is their niche and they have a space to showcase it alongside other artists showcasing their music. It makes the space feel more special.”

Grrimmz Reapz, artist and contributor to clothing brand Against The World’s stand, said Frothing Fest makes for an ideal night out due to the exposure it gives small businesses. He said he also attends for the diverse genres of live music that never fail to disappoint in getting the crowd moving.

“So far (my favorite has) been Moonbby because I do like EDM a lot,” Reapz said. “I like when (Baxter) throws bands up there too — I love Frothing for the moshes.”

Wright said he plans to take Frothing Fest back to Houston soon, venture into other states and grow Frothing as a brand by producing merchandise for the next show. 

“We’re looking to bring it all over,” Wright said. “But definitely do a yearly festival in Austin, continue growing it out. I mean, the goal is to get as big as ACL.”

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About the Contributor
Lorianne Willett, Photo Editor
Lorianne is a Journalism and Global Sustainability junior from San Antonio, Texas. Currently, she is the Photo Editor. In her free time, she enjoys reading and playing tennis.