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October 4, 2022

Love behind a curtain: New student organization hosts live dating show as first event

Yesenia Davalos

Students seeking a well-deserved break after a long week of classes can mark “KUPID,” a live blind-dating show featuring UT students, on their calendars. Hosted by UT student-owned RAMA Entertainment, the free admission public performance holds an evening of entertainment and laughter for Friday night.

“KUPID” consists of three rounds in each of which one woman asks questions to five men behind a curtain. The men are eliminated until a single candidate remains. The show will take place at the Jester Auditorium from 6-7:30 p.m. 

“College students go through a lot of stress throughout the school year,” said Evan Rama, business freshman and founder of RAMA Entertainment. “We want to (give performances) to have (students) come with their friends to relax … and have some fun.”

After the woman interviewing the candidates chooses a winner, the winner reveals himself to her. The pair must decide between an all-expenses paid $100 date or walking away with $50 each. Conditionally, they must choose the same option or otherwise forfeit the prizes.

Suyog Valsangkar, a computer science sophomore and soon-to-be contestant, said he looks forward more to having fun and supporting his friends at RAMA Entertainment and less about winning a date with the mystery girl. He said his experience with theater in the past made him more confident to sign up for the show. 

“To a certain degree, everyone feels nervous about these things,” Valsangkar said. “I’ve done some stage work before, so I think once I actually get on there, I can settle in pretty quickly. I think (I’ll be fine) once I familiarize myself with (how) there’s gonna be 400 people looking at me.”

Throughout the show, audience members will have the opportunity to win prizes, including a free month of Fetii rides, merchandise sponsored by COVE, $20 Zalat Pizza gift certificates and prizes sponsored by Pluckers Wing Bar.

“These companies are close to campus so it allows us to collaborate (with them) to boost the community,” said Shriya Venkataraman, statistics and data science freshman, RAMA Entertainment’s project manager. 

Advertisement for “KUPID” started last semester when the infamous “Jester Jester,” an anonymous student in a Jester costume, wandered campus wordlessly imploring students to scan a QR code and sign up for RAMA Entertainment. 

“We wanted to do something different that students can interact with and remember ‘Oh, the dating show is connected to the guy in the costume,” Rama said.

RAMA Entertainment will continue to provide students entertainment throughout the year, including a second blind-dating show in early April where gender roles will reverse. Rama said the organization plans to host live performances in Jester Auditorium each month. Additionally, students interested in joining the organization can apply through HornsLink when the application goes live next semester.

“I think it’s something everyone would love to participate in, whether they’re just an audience member or want to participate (on stage),” Venkataraman said.


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