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October 4, 2022

‘The Jester Jester’ evokes students, advertises new spirit organization

Leila Saidane
“Jester Jester,” an anonymous freshman in costume, hands candy out and scares pedestrians on speedway on Sep. 12, 2023.

An anonymous freshman dressed up as a clown has emerged as an enigma on campus over the past couple of weeks. Nicknamed “Jester Jester” by freshmen on their class Snapchat stories, the clown frequents Speedway and Jester Central, jump scaring and taking selfies with students.

“I know some girls find it uncomfortable,” psychology junior Cephas Edet said. “Some guys are actually ready to fight with (him), but I know some people take it a lot more lighthearted. They dance with him; they have fun with him.”

The Jester Jester refused to give his true identity but said he is a McCombs freshman from Waco, Texas. He refused to talk verbally while in costume, choosing to communicate through writing. The purpose of this stunt is to advertise his new theater-based student organization, Rama Entertainment, he said.

“We host live dating shows, game shows, etc.,” Jester Jester wrote. “It can be classified as a spirit organization. We are trying to grow to become the largest entertainment organization in the city.”

Despite the positive message he is trying to send, many do not know there is one at all.

“He’s not really talking about it, so I don’t think the message is coming across,” Edet said. “It just seems like a random dude doing random things. I can’t really say that (is) the best way to go about it.”

The University’s official policy, in accordance with the Institutional Rules on Student Services and Activities, states, “Students, faculty, staff and the public have the right to assemble, speak and attempt to attract the attention of others.” 

“There’s a lot of people (around Speedway), and it’s not like he’s armed or anything,” Edet said. “It doesn’t really bother me as much. I can keep my distance when I want to.”

Even caught up in a slight controversy, Jester Jester remains around Speedway and Jester Central, attempting to spread positivity. He’s been seen roaming dining halls interacting with students, holding a barcode advertising Rama’s dating show and dueling students with plastic swords on Speedway. He recently recruited a second clown to dress up in his iconic red and white costume while he dons a new black and white costume. When it comes to what he’s doing, the answer to his favorite part about it is simple.

“Just making people smile,” he wrote.

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About the Contributor
Leila Saidane, Photo Editor
Leila Saidane is a junior from Dallas, Texas, studying Radio-TV-Film and Journalism. Her words and photos have been published in The Texas Tribune, The Austin Chronicle, The Austin American-Statesman and The Dallas Morning News.