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October 4, 2022

Newsletter Editor writes competent blurb

Lorianne Willett

I will be utterly honest and begin by saying that I have absolutely no idea how to start this column. My job at the Texan has always relied on condensing the work of brilliant and talented staffers. Thus, I find it difficult to believe that I am writing something that is set to be printed on the flipbook I consistently referenced for the summarized emails that would follow — those pesky ones that I always felt no one really paid attention to. Even then, I was always immensely proud of the work produced in my department. I had always known that I was a part of something bigger — an organization that took tremendous pride and care in every single piece of content it put out. That is what The Daily Texan is, and to finally realize that my time with it is over is absolutely insane.

 As a scrawny little freshman entering his first semester at UT, I had originally applied for the copy department at the Texan, only to get rejected after my initial tryout (courtesy of my awful AP style skills — apologies to then copy-desk chief who had to review that). That following summer, I applied to the newsletter department and came out with a newsletter writer position. To say I was ecstatic would have been a severe understatement. “Those Daily Texan emails you get every Tuesday? That’s me!” was something I remember telling a friend of mine. She probably should have told me to touch some grass.

 Not long after, I began my work as department head with not the faintest clue of how to start or where. Maestro meetings? Baffling. Budget meetings? Clueless. Production nights? Perplexed. Scheduling emails to send out to the entirety of the UT student body? At an absolute loss. My first time walking into the basement was also pretty memorable. It had taken me about 30 minutes to find the stairs — the ones I had seen a solid five times before and disregarded because “they looked sketchy.” Cheers to my airhead days!

 But anyway, I eventually got the hang of everything and I enjoyed every moment of it. I met people that made my day that much better — people that were so, clearly passionate about what they did (and extremely good at it, too). For that, I am eternally grateful. Being at the Texan has been a highlight of not only my years here at UT, but of my life, and much of that I owe to the amazing human beings that I am about to thank in the sappiest of words.

Morgan: Hi! I’m not sure if you remember me, but you hired me. You gave me a chance to be a bigger part of the Texan, and I am so, incredibly grateful for that. Your belief in me meant the world, and it never ceased to leave my mind as I continued my journey here. I remember feeling so overwhelmed and scared, and you always made sure I felt comfortable and never hesitated to answer any questions I had. Thank you so, so much. You, truly, changed my life.

Briegh and Lucero: Both of you made my time at the Texan that much more enjoyable, and you helped ease me into this big role that I wasn’t sure I could handle. I will never forget chatting with you both during my first time in the basement and how much more okay I felt after the fact. Both of you are talented, amazing people, and I am so grateful to have been able to work with the intelligent and kind individuals that both of you are.

The Digital Department (Chloe, Trinity, Stephanie & Aislyn): You guys are so amazing. Maestros were so, unbelievably fun with all of you, and I literally could not have asked for better people to work with. I never failed to laugh during my time with you all. You all were so kind to offer your unwavering support and kindness, and I will always be appreciative of that. Thank you guys for being such amazing friends and colleagues.

Carla: I had so much fun working with you, and I am so glad to have been able to meet you. Working with you for redesigns and just spending time together was an absolute joy. It never felt like work. You are so talented, and I will always feel privileged to have been able to work with you. MWAH.

 Mamá: I told you about every single moment I had during my time at the Texan, and you were always there to support and care for me in even my most overwhelming and downright unstable moments. You are my rock, my guide and my biggest supporter. I love you endlessly. 

My Staff, Past & Present: All of you are such wonderful, kind and amazing people. It honestly fills me with so much joy (and tears, LOL) upon knowing that I got to know each and every one of you. Thank you for being such great, disciplined and hardworking people to work with. I never doubted that the newsletter department had the loveliest staff. <3 you guys 4ever.

Sarah: Last, but certainly not least. You have been with me through this whole journey, and words truly cannot describe how grateful I am to have had an associate as phenomenal as you. You are someone who always took initiative and made my work that much more bearable. I understand that, at times, I had my moments where I was — frankly — a mess. Even then, you always made me feel like I could do it and that asking for your help was okay. I will never forget our times in the basement, during hiring or during open houses. I laughed with you, I stressed with you and I grew with you. You are the absolute, literal best. Thank you for everything — today, tomorrow and forever.

Okay, I’m done now. I think this has gone on for too long and probably should have used those summarization skills I always harp on. But whatever! It’s been so real, DT. Thank you for everything you’ve given me. And for the readers that keep up with the newsletters I constantly bombarded UT with, my final song of the day:

The greatest by Lana Del Rey.

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About the Contributor
Lorianne Willett, Photo Editor
Lorianne is a Journalism and Global Sustainability junior from San Antonio, Texas. Currently, she is the Photo Editor. In her free time, she enjoys reading and playing tennis.