Playlist of the week: week 8, Fun Fun Fun Fest edition


In this special edition of the playlist of the week, I made a playlist of the best songs from artists on this year's Fun Fun Fun Fest lineup. Each track is supplemented with a short commentary, giving a reason for why you should check them out.

Slayer – “Raining Blood”

Headlining the Orange Stage is the legendary metal band Slayer. Slayer's performance will have the crowd going wild, and fans will be eagerly waiting for the surging power of “Raining Blood” to pierce their ears. The song is fast, heavy, mean and features one of the greatest riffs in all of heavy metal. Just don’t break any bones in the mosh pit.

Television – “See No Evil”

Also on the Orange Stage is the 1970s art-punk band Television, one of the older acts playing at this year's festival. Although they may be old, bands playing ahead of them like The Walkmen and MGMT wouldn’t exist without these punk rockers. Their debut album Marquee Moon is one of the best in all of rock music, and opening track “See No Evil” sounds just as fresh now as it did back then.

Ice-T – “O.G. Original Gangster”

Everyone’s favorite SVU star is playing on the rap-centric Blue Stage, and the "cop killer" will surely be laying down some of his greatest jams. His hit “O.G. Original Gangster” is an ironic listen at this point in his career, where fans are more used to him solving crimes or walking his dog on reality TV. You’ve got to love Ice-T, though.

Gojira – “The Axe”

Playing on the Black Stage is French technical death-metal group Gojira. It might be hard to determine what it's screaming about half the time, but the band has an eco-friendly, environmentalist angle to its songs. They are all vegans, which is perhaps the most un-metal thing a person can do. “The Axe” is an excellent track from their newest album, and has enough double-bass peddling to massage your ears for a week. Just don’t eat any meat while listening to it.

Tenacious D – “The Ballad of Hollywood Jack and the Rage Cage”

The D are currently the best comedic music group around, and are rightfully headlining the Yellow Stage. Jack Black and KG are incredible entertainers and their music is seriously good. Their most recent album Rize of the Fenix is perhaps their best work yet, and “The Ballad of Hollywood Jack and the Rage Cage” shows the duo’s sweeter side. The flute-centric musical interlude two-and-a-half minutes in would seem out of place on a normal comedy album, but The D are happy to show off their songwriting chops. Don’t miss this show.

Active Child – “Hanging On”

Active Child is the pseudonym for dream pop artist Pat Grossi, who is playing on the Orange Stage (to match his hair?). A talented choirboy with a harp, Grossi’s angelic voice is inseparable from the synths of his music. Even though he just released a new EP, 2011’s “Hanging On” is still his best song. It’s catchy, emotional and has a great atmosphere.  

Del the Funky Homosapien/Deltron 3030 – “3030”

Ending off the playlist is another act on the Blue Stage, Del the Funky Homosapien. Del’s iconic voice has graced many projects throughout his career, most notably with Gorrilaz, but little can match up with the amazing Deltron 3030. Their hip-hop-era debut about giant mechs fighting in the future is one of the best hip-hop concept albums of all time. Its opening track “3030” sets the mood perfectly with a dope beat and Del’s creamy smooth flow.