Longhorns prepare to face Bears’ attack


Vance Bedford is known to say the unexpected. 

Last week he said Texas should be ranked No. 50, even though the Associated Press put Texas at No. 11. Texas’ defensive coordinator relayed more ear-opening comments at his weekly press conference on Wednesday.

Bedford said that nobody on the Longhorn defense has exceeded his expectations despite the team jumping out to a 2–0 start. Instead, he gave credit for the perfect start to the other two phases of the team.

“And our punter right now … [sophomore, Michael Dickson’s] done a great job,” Bedford said. “And when you have a punter that can pin them back like he’s pinned them back and an offense that can score points, you should be sitting at 2–0.” 

Bedford complimented California quarterback Davis Webb on Wednesday, saying the senior is an excellent quarterback that can make throws other quarterbacks can’t. Webb currently sits at No. 2 in the nation in passing yards per game with 481.5, and has thrown for nine touchdowns through two games. 

“I think the kid is a special talent,” Bedford said. “I think he brings something special to Cal’s offense. So we are going to have our hands full.” 

Bedford said the Texas defensive line needs to get its hands up to tip passes against Webb. But keeping him at bay is mainly the secondary’s responsibility. He said Texas will play as many defensive backs as it takes to contain Webb. 

“If they make the trip, they’re all going to have to play,” Bedford said. “When you play these types of offenses, if you think you’re going to go out there and play one set of defensive backs you’re in trouble.”