Safety tips: If a tornado strikes, what do you do?


Is it a tornado?

1. Signs include heavy rain, strong winds, large hail and frequent lightning.

2. Looks like a thunderstorm cloud with a rotating bulge at the base. It may have a green hue.

3. Creates loud noise similar to a train or jet air plane that doesn’t fade immediately.

Stay in the know:

1. Don’t ignore unusual weather. Check for weather updates and storm development.

2. As soon as possible, get information about where the storm is headed and if you might be in its path. This way, in case electricity and internet are lost, you will already be informed.

3. If the storm is headed your way, prepare to wait it out.

When you know it’s coming:

1. Prepare food and water along with a battery-operated radio, and any medicine you regularly take.

2. Don’t ignore the warning to stay indoors, avoid cars and look for shelter.

3. Find an indoor space without windows or heavy furniture that may fall. Look for smaller rooms at the interior of the building.

If you’re stuck in a car:

1. If you cannot seek shelter because of high winds and debris, stay inside with your seatbelt fastened.

2. Get as low as possible below the windows and cover your head with any available blanket or coat.

3. If there is a near by area noticeably lower than the roadway, leave the car and lie flat, with your hands protecting your head. Avoid shelter under bridges.

When its arrives:

1. Stay put. If you have found a safe spot, stay there until the storm passes.

2. Crouch down and place hands at the back of the head to protect against falling debris and injury.

3. Cover yourself with padding, if possible with a thick blanket or mattress.

When it passes:

1. Check for any injuries caused by the storm.

2. Check for building damage and be aware of potential broken glass, downed power lines and escaping natural gas.

3. Listen for radio updates. Find a medical aid area or an assistance centers if needed.