“Being a Doodler”


Anne Le is a Human Biology & French major, and she draws "Horrible Things" on standby for the Page.

I am double majoring here at UT, which means I’m in class during most waking hours. This offers me ample time to daydream and doodle. There are definitely some classes that facilitate such a hobby more than others. Oh, if my parents only knew where their precious money was going toward.

I don’t consider myself to be an artist or cartoonist. Seeing as I have no formal training, I consider the fruits of my minimal labor to be mere doodles. This lighthearted approach to any semblance of art is refreshing and takes the pressure off of things such as the comics I draw for The Daily Texan.

My doodles done in class are typically loosely inspired by what’s going on in the lecture. It lets me pretend that I’m still engaged in whatever is going on around me.