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Official newspaper of the University of Texas at Austin

The Daily Texan

Official newspaper of the University of Texas at Austin

The Daily Texan

Perry flip-flops on social policies

Samian Quazi August 8, 2011

Gov. Rick Perry’s all-but-declared presidential bid garnered national attention recently when he characterized abortion and gay marriage as issues best left to states. After consternation from...

Students dealt another blow

Matt Daley August 4, 2011

Texas students, already reeling from the Legislature’s recent higher education funding cuts, were hit again by the recent debt deal in Washington. Part of the debt deal just passed in Congress...

A sound science curriculum

Samian Quazi August 1, 2011

The State Board of Education unanimously voted on July 22 to approve supplemental school materials that upheld evolution in the middle school curriculum. To the dismay of creationists, the board rejected...

Paper or canvas?

Matt Daley July 28, 2011

Plastic may no longer be an option. Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell, along with City Council members Chris Riley and Mike Martinez, introduced a resolution Monday that would eventually lead to a ban on...

The loss of our space program

James Favors July 26, 2011

A vital piece of my world was lost Wednesday. As a kid, many of my friends watched and idolized sports stars. Their rooms were filled with magazines, video games, T-shirts and posters of people...

New parking fees threaten Austin growth

Samian Quazi July 25, 2011

After voting in early March to impose metered parking rules after 5:30 p.m., the Austin City Council has recently decided to reconsider extending the parking hours. Deeply unpopular among Austin motorists,...

There’s still space

Harold Fisch July 25, 2011

Last week marked the end of a chapter of American space exploration with the final mission of the shuttle Atlantis. The closing of the shuttle program is bittersweet for the nation and may be painful...

Austin needs single-member districts

The Austin City Council and various neighborhood groups are currently exploring options for creating single-member districts to elect members of Austin’s city council. Currently the council’s...

O’Donnell misses the mark again

Matt Daley July 21, 2011

Is your professor a sherpa? Or is she a pioneer, a coaster, a dodger or a star? Rick O’Donnell could tell you. Yesterday morning, O’Donnell — of “seven breakthrough solutions”...

Texans shouldn’t ignore border issues

Harold Fisch July 18, 2011

Growing up in South Texas, my friends and I would skip school to cross over to Mexico. We would drink cheap beer and eat tacos on the street, check out the shops and generally cause a ruckus. It was...

Spare Stroman for my identity

Samian Quazi July 18, 2011

On July 20, Texas is scheduled to carry out the death penalty against Mark Stroman. One of his victims, Bangladeshi immigrant Rais Bhuiyan, has garnered international headlines by calling for Stroman’s...

A case for Wendy Davis

Samian Quazi July 14, 2011

Consigned to the role of loyal opposition, Texas Democrats are poised to hand another victory to Republicans in next year’s U.S. Senate election. The lackluster potential and declared Democratic...