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Official newspaper of the University of Texas at Austin

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Official newspaper of the University of Texas at Austin

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UT buildings should be accessible to all students at night

UT buildings should be accessible to all students at night

Hubert Ning March 29, 2021
Columnist Hubert Ning argues that UT buildings locking doors to non-specific majors at night is a safety hazard and instead should be open to all UT students.
Let students claim credit for community service

Let students claim credit for community service

Hunter Littleton March 29, 2021
Columnist Hunter Littleton calls on UT to do more to cultivate a culture of service and allow students to claim credit hours for community involvement.
Expand long-term counseling

Expand long-term counseling

Hairuo Yi March 29, 2021
Columnist Hairuo Yi argues UT should devote more funds from COVID-19 relief to supporting long-term CMHC services.

Live lectures need to be accessible after class, too

Susan Cardone March 24, 2021

Throughout a student's time in college, many are unable to attend every live in-person or online class, especially during a pandemic. Students may have work, family or other unexpected circumstances...


Expand COVID-19 pass/fail exceptions to include summer semester

Megan Tran March 24, 2021

This year, summer will be the transition between an academic year marked by remote learning and a “near normal fall.” Even as we hope to return to normality, however, we must remember that...

PreachingonSpeedway_Devora Tehya

Implement a mask mandate on Speedway

Ezra Gomez March 24, 2021

When Gov. Greg Abbott removed the Texaswide mask mandate, The University of Texas had to implement its own to keep the campus a safe place for students, faculty and Austin residents. The UT mask mandate...


Stop playing ‘The Eyes of Texas’ from belltower

Alexandra Purchatzke March 23, 2021

Despite considerable student backlash, the University recently announced “The Eyes of Texas” would remain UT’s school song. However, claiming the song had no racist intent does nothing...


Improve communication on sexual misconduct reform

The Daily Texan Editorial Board March 15, 2021

Transparency. Regular communication. Prompt disclosure. All are practices students hoped to see the University adopt regarding sexual misconduct on campus after former UT President Gregory Fenves accepted...


Creating a platform for activism

Sanika Nayak March 12, 2021

Editor’s note: Sanika Nayak is currently running unopposed to become the next Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Texan. For this column, she was asked to present her platform and vision for the Texan. My...


The University Co-op should reimplement student discounts

Diego Díaz March 11, 2021

College is not cheap, a reality that students have accepted for generations. Even with the recent push to make higher education more affordable, students still feel the financial strain they reluctantly...


We have a right to know who sent “The Eyes of Texas” emails

Deborah Hill March 10, 2021

On the morning of March 1, The Texas Tribune broke the news that some UT donors were threatening to rescind large donations unless the University authoritatively acted in support of the alma mater song...


Professors, release your textbook lists earlier

Megan Tran March 10, 2021

Textbooks are a routinely expensive aspect of university life. On average, UT estimates that a full-time undergraduate student will spend over $700 on just “books and supplies” for the 2020-2021...