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Official newspaper of the University of Texas at Austin

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Official newspaper of the University of Texas at Austin

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UT should implement incentivization policy for course instructor surveys

Eva Strelitz-Block February 25, 2021

Towards the end of the semester, students are often flooded with emails from professors encouraging them to complete a Course Instructor Survey (CIS) to provide feedback on their course experience. For...


Texas Athletics must pay its creative interns

Susan Cardone February 24, 2021

All internships should be paid — it’s as simple as that. Especially when you work for a program that makes a hefty profit every year, paying your interns should be the bare minimum.  When...


Students must test negative before returning to campus

Deborah Hill February 24, 2021

Exposure to COVID-19 has been a daunting threat hanging over our heads for almost a year now, and for many, day-to-day precautions have become a challenge to uphold. However, in a city that averages over...


International students deserve classroom accommodations

Megan Tran February 24, 2021

UT has failed its international students. With the transition to online classes during the COVID-19 pandemic and the widespread fear of an unsafe college campus, many students have chosen to stay at...


Computer science must be a flag requirement

Alexandra Purchatzke February 23, 2021

In our increasingly online world, computer science skills are becoming sought after by employers. Studies have shown that having basic computer skills increases employment and decreases worker displacement....

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It should be easier to change our names online

Ezra Gomez February 15, 2021

A name can be one of the most defining features about a person, and whether it is assigned by you or by your family, it is an extension of your identity. It’s who you are. Why, then, is it so...


Expand priority registration

Eva Strelitz-Block February 15, 2021

In both culture and policy, university life tends to be tailored to the “traditional” student who enters college ready for a four-year, full-time student experience.  Nontraditional...


Professors, stop requiring your students to be on camera during Zoom classes

Susan Cardone February 10, 2021

In the time of online classes, many professors are seeking ways to connect virtually with students via Zoom. Some require students to keep their cameras on during online courses to monitor their participation...


HornsLink should indicate which student orgs are inactive

Alexandra Purchatzke February 10, 2021

As the semester begins, many students are eager to get involved and connect with other students. To meet new people with their same interests, some students turn to HornsLink, a UT website that lists the...


Academic counselors need connection, too

Eva Strelitz-Block February 5, 2021

At UT, there is no “one-stop shop” for students in need of academic advising. In order for students to find their academic way on the Forty Acres, they have to first figure out where exactly...


Improve transfer admissions

Ezra Gomez February 5, 2021

Planning for school starts far before the first day of class, and for transfer students, school preparation starts months in advance. From perfecting their applications to working multiple jobs to cover...


UT must adopt the Common App

Alexandra Purchatzke February 3, 2021

Many UT students can relate to the stressful ordeal of applying to UT using the ApplyTexas application. With its outdated format and confusing directions, many qualified out-of-state students do not apply...