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D&I director cries because its ending while smiling because it happened

D&I director cries because it’s ending while smiling because it happened

Abhirupa Dasgupta, Director of Diversity and Inclusion May 9, 2022

You’d think after eight semesters at this paper, I would’ve done everything I could possibly want here. And yet, there’s so many chaotic stories I wish I could’ve written, with titles like “Selling...


UT, where do Black student demands stand now?

Areeba Amer, Abhirupa Dasgupta, and Sanika Nayak March 24, 2021

Editor's Note: This article first appeared in the March 12 issue of The Daily Texan.   In the wake of summer protests against police brutality led by the Black Lives Matter movement, students...


UT’s COVID-19 educational module falls flat

Abhirupa Dasgupta August 26, 2020

On Aug. 20, Interim President Jay Hartzell announced that all students, faculty and staff returning to campus in the fall would be required to complete an online training program entitled “Staying...


Midterms, finals just don’t cut it

Abhirupa Dasgupta August 24, 2020

Whether classes are in person or online, this semester will not be a normal one. We’re probably going to run into a plethora of unforeseen problems. We will definitely have to think on our feet more...

abbyMMR copy

Pre-health students: Don’t be scared of pass/fail

Abhirupa Dasgupta April 16, 2020

Ever since UT made changes to grading systems for this semester, academic advisors have been sending out emails explaining how students can switch their classes to a pass/fail grading system.  In...


Conversations about childhood obesity incomplete without body positivity

Abhirupa Dasgupta February 13, 2020

Chubby, big-boned, stocky. However you say it, I am, and always have been fat.  For a while, that made me really sad. Nowadays, I’m mostly OK with it. But there was a short time in my life...


Lending libraries would help students and professors alike

Abhirupa Dasgupta February 5, 2020

Picture this: me, unathletic, running as fast as I can — which is not that fast — to the University Co-op 20 minutes before it closes. Then picture this: me, emotionally unstable, almost collapsing...


Students need opportunity to rewrite papers in all courses

Abhirupa Dasgupta January 31, 2020

I’m a writing and literature kid masquerading as a STEM student. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been saying to people, “I love math and science. It’s so much better than literature...


Honor contributions of Goodenough with building on campus

Abhirupa Dasgupta January 24, 2020

This past October, longtime professor John Goodenough was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his contributions to the development of the lithium-ion battery.  At 97 years old, Goodenough is...


Why is claiming credit so confusing?

Abhirupa Dasgupta December 4, 2019

“Take all the AP classes,” they said. “You’ll get out of college in like two years,” they said. Yet, for all the hype about AP classes in high school, I never learned what...


Registration must be more transparent

Abhirupa Dasgupta November 20, 2019

Fourteen tabs: open. Redbull: chugged, then chased with espresso. UT planner: burned into your retinas.  During registration, it feels like the stakes couldn’t be higher. You’re competing...


Professors: Don’t leave us hanging after midterms

Abhirupa Dasgupta November 6, 2019

When I walked out of my first neuroscience midterm, all the emotional tension I had over the previous weekend manifested in my limbs, and it seemed like I dragged myself home more than I walked.  As...

Ely German-Julia pronouns

Put our pronouns in UT’s directory

Abhirupa Dasgupta October 31, 2019

Your name, your email, your phone number, your major, your classification, your blood type, your star sign, your Hogwarts House — sometimes it seems like all this information is available on UT’s...


No more parking double jeopardy

Abhirupa Dasgupta October 16, 2019

“Oh, we’re going to meet at a restaurant on the Drag, that shouldn’t be too far away,” I say, naively typing the address into the Google Maps search bar. The path loads, and I see...


Extend flu shot drive to Saturdays to increase participation

Abhirupa Dasgupta October 9, 2019

The flu knocks you out like a sucker punch to the teeth. One minute you’re racing through your homework, going a mile a minute with nothing blocking your concentration. The next minute, you’re...

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UT’s academic dishonesty rules set students up for failure

Abhirupa Dasgupta October 3, 2019

In a blistering Canvas announcement entitled “A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day for Many of You,” John Kappelman ousted almost 70 students in a GroupMe for his online Anthropology...


The Big Ticket has big problems

Abhirupa Dasgupta September 27, 2019

Summer Fathke, a radio-television-film sophomore and die-hard Longhorns fan, joined the burnt orange tide outside Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium on a hot, humid Saturday. She had one...


Save students’ wallets, use free UT Instapoll in classrooms

Abhirupa Dasgupta September 19, 2019

As a freshman, I was shocked by how much money is required to just exist as a college student. At a minimum, we have to pay for tuition, housing, food, transportation, textbooks and school supplies. We...


Embrace your future with a four year plan

Abhirupa Dasgupta September 11, 2019

“What are you going to take next semester, Abby?”  “Are you still doing that minor?” “Dude, do you think this certificate is worth it?”  With these...


We can resolve the undergraduate research catch-22

Abhirupa Dasgupta September 5, 2019

Correction: An earlier version of this column incorrectly said that Texas Institute for Discovery Education in Science programs only reach about 10% of CNS undergraduates. The programs actually reach...


Out-of-state students want more resources at orientation

Abhirupa Dasgupta May 10, 2019

Alone. Scared. Confused.  Human biology freshman Gabrielle Edwards used these words to describe what she felt like the first time she took a bus around Austin by herself.  “I remember...


Students deserve cheaper UT memorabilia

Abhirupa Dasgupta May 10, 2019

“It’s like wearing your diploma on your hand,” said Courtney Roehling, the Texas Exes VP of Engagement, when I asked her what UT’s class ring means to her. Class rings are treasured...


With students’ help, UT can implement digital student IDs

Abhirupa Dasgupta May 6, 2019

I left the gym with aching limbs, but proud of myself after a good workout. It was a toasty 85 degrees outside, but when I entered the Jester East building, I broke out in goosebumps — partly because...


UT should offer home economics UGS classes

Abhirupa Dasgupta April 30, 2019

Black caps and gowns in the sweltering heat. Balloons and a flower bouquet passing through dozens of hands for the obligatory senior portraits. A plethora of adults remarking dismally, “They’re...


UT needs to improve the way students access academic advisers

Abhirupa Dasgupta April 2, 2019

Writing flags, core classes, claiming credit and graduating on time. If these four phrases make you shudder with anxiety, you’re not alone.  Each of the almost 400 degree plans that UT offers...


Students shouldn’t have to pay for lecture materials

Abhirupa Dasgupta March 25, 2019

Over the years, many students have advocated for changes to the University’s stance on free printing. This University-wide problem has created discrepancies between introductory biology classes’...


All introductory classes should have standardized curriculum

Abhirupa Dasgupta March 13, 2019

Freshman year of college brings a whirlwind of new challenges — moving out, meeting new people and having to take care of yourself. These lifestyle changes coincide with new academic challenges as...


Pre-medical undergraduates deserve a mentorship program

Abhirupa Dasgupta March 6, 2019

Pre-medical undergrads are in the middle of a crisis — depression and anxiety threaten the present and future mental health of pre-med students.  The establishment of a mentorship program...

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