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30: Life&Arts senior reporter leaves basement home for the thrill of a new adventure

Acacia Coronado December 11, 2017

Editor’s note: A 30 column is a chance for departing permanent staff to say farewell and reflect on their time spent in the The Daily Texan. The term comes from the old typesetting mark (-30-) to...

SnowBook1211_ChanningMiller_snowbook copy

‘Snow Falling’ brings ‘Jane the Virgin’ book to life

Acacia Coronado December 11, 2017

For three seasons, fans of the CW’s “Jane the Virgin” witnessed Jane Gloriana Villanueva, played by Gina Rodriguez, struggle to achieve her dreams of becoming a writer. She’s faced...

Nutcracker1206_EstherShin_nutcracker copy

After more than half a century, Ballet Austin’s The Nutcracker continues Austin holiday tradition

Acacia Coronado December 6, 2017

A stout bearded man projected across the terrace of the Long Center for the Performing Arts will mark the start of the Christmas season. As Ballet Austin’s “The Nutcracker” kicks off...


Christmas tree farms preserve Austin’s very pine tradition

Acacia Coronado December 6, 2017

Driving down Monkey Road in Elgin, Texas, drivers are smacked across the face with the sharp scent of holiday spirit. Its source: a crop of green, triangle shaped trees creating, forcing an emerald green...

Though a relief for some, winter break negatively affects the mental health of many

Acacia Coronado December 4, 2017

As the leaves turn brown and the sun lowers earlier each day, for some students this signals the arrival of winter, the closing of the semester and a much deserved break. But for English sophomore Hailey...


Driskill Hotel continues old Austin holiday traditions

Acacia Coronado November 29, 2017

For more than a century, the Driskill Hotel has been symbolic of the Austin holiday season. Festive garlands are hung on the banisters and the scent of Christmas cookies fills the air at the corner of...


Gender neutral term Latinx divides people as much as it unites them

Acacia Coronado November 27, 2017

When she first saw the word, Larissa Davila was sure it must have been a mistake. The “x” glued to the end of her familiar “Latino/a” looked entirely out of place. After hearing...


7 things to do if you can’t go home for Thanksgiving break

Acacia Coronado November 21, 2017

For many Americans, Thanksgiving break is a designated time to be around loved ones. But for college students, the holiday means expensive plane tickets and added stress in the weeks before finals. For...

Cuba_1117_Courtesy of Jonathan Brown

Professor reflects on adventures investigating Cuba

Acacia Coronado November 17, 2017

Amid remnants of the Cuban revolution, history professor Jonathan Brown climbed the island’s Sierra Maestra, 10 kilometers off the beaten path of Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and Raul Castro, the soles...


Alejandro Solalinde inspires future generations to fight for human rights

Acacia Coronado November 16, 2017

Editor’s Note: This interview was originally conducted in Spanish. For more than a decade, Alejandro Solalinde has been fighting human trafficking and abuses against migrants. He is the founder...


Wizard World unites world of fantasy with world of opportunity

Acacia Coronado November 14, 2017

Legions of comic book fans and science fiction enthusiasts with colorful masks and lasers will descend upon the city of Austin on Friday for a weekend-long celebration of the world of fantasy. This...


Vegetarian Food Festival raises funds for local temple

Acacia Coronado November 10, 2017

For some, vegetarianism might be a lifestyle, but for the community at the Xiang Yun Temple of the Fo Guang Shan Temple Buddhist Order, it’s an aspect of Buddhist culture that they’ve been...


Several items on ballot will affect Austinites

Acacia Coronado November 7, 2017

Three ballots, seven constitutional amendments and a variety of expensive bonds may make the 2017 Travis County election day seem a bit intimidating. Though this year may not be host to a contentious presidential...


Students to host discussion on challenges of ‘flying while Muslim’

Acacia Coronado November 2, 2017

When Noor Wadi is getting ready to fly, she grabs her hijab and leaves for the airport three to four hours early. She knows to be ready for additional pat-downs, uncertain looks and the possibility of...


Q&A: Making Movies talks about the stories behind their music

Acacia Coronado November 1, 2017

An unexpected combination of Afro-Latin rhythm and rock ’n’ roll, Making Movies is breaking through both the music and political worlds with their socially conscious songs. The Kansas City-born...

House_1031_Rachel Tyler_House149

Monsters at the House of Torment give dead-icated performances

Acacia Coronado October 31, 2017

Monster-screaming classes and zombie body movement techniques aren’t part of a typical employee-training program, but at the House of Torment, it’s just another day at the local Monster’s...


Austin Central Library prepares for grand opening

Acacia Coronado October 27, 2017

Everything’s bigger in Texas, and with the grand opening of the new Austin Central Library, the proof is in the pages. Reading rooms overlooking Lady Bird Lake, a rooftop garden and a technology...


Austin Murderinos unite in love for true crime

Acacia Coronado October 24, 2017

Most people clear the way for coroners’ vans when sirens start blaring and crime tape comes up, but for Austin Murderinos, these are a call to action. Derived from the fan-base of “My Favorite...


John Green breaks through anxiety stigma in ‘Turtles All The Way Down’

Acacia Coronado October 18, 2017

After sending audiences through a whirlwind of emotions with his 2011 romantic tragedy “The Fault In Our Stars,” John Green has returned with his typical poetic descriptions and sarcastic tones...

Native American Indigenous Collective encourages students to embrace roots

Acacia Coronado October 11, 2017

A group of students sit in an open circle, some draped in brightly colored jewels over T-shirts, others wearing blouses hand-embroidered with flowers combined with jeans and converse. These outfits are...


Bullock remembers bootlegging of booze in the southern borderlands

Acacia Coronado October 10, 2017

The stereotypes of 1920s prohibition are typically limited to thickly accented mafia leaders and elaborate speakeasies in the heart of New York. But in the South, the law quietly gave way to a new generation...

Amidst the fun, ACL temporarily impacts local environment

Acacia Coronado October 9, 2017

As the sun rises this weekend, the gates to Zilker Park will finally give way to thousands of music fans waiting to watch their favorite artists live. With all of ACL’s excitement, many won’t...


Students fond of author John Green reflect on impact of his writing on their lives

Acacia Coronado October 4, 2017

John Green’s literary world has become a safe haven for some and an addiction for many. Next week, he returns with his new novel “Turtles All The Way Down” — a mystery quite distant...


Uncommon Objects to leave SoCo for South Austin

Acacia Coronado September 29, 2017

Bursting with antique jewelry, collectable pieces of the past and taxidermied animals, Uncommon Objects has been South Congress’ not-so-secret treasure chest for more than a quarter of a century. But...


UT alumna guides customers to happiness through finding their Estilo

Acacia Coronado September 26, 2017

When Stephanie Coultress O’Neill graduated from UT, she had two options: continue on her psychology career path or follow her fashion dreams. In the end, she chose both. “I was more drawn...


Austinites, yoga lovers embrace new ‘goga’ trend

Acacia Coronado September 22, 2017

Some yoga lovers may spend relaxing afternoons outside in the fall breeze, inhaling and exhaling as they move into their favorite poses. A new trend has them doing it with  a goat on their baaa-ck.  Goat...


Alumnus creates video in support of Hurricane Harvey victims

Acacia Coronado September 19, 2017

In the midst of strong winds, broken homes and flooded streets, one video with a simple plea for humanitarian aid from alumnus John Hanby gave many Houston families a sigh of relief after Hurricane Harvey. Hanby,...

Student organization LULAC offers support, resources to DACA students

Acacia Coronado September 14, 2017

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the end of DACA last week, leaving students across the country frightened and uncertain about the future. For students at Texas, the realization that friends,...


Physics student’s dancing propels Instagram account to viral status

Acacia Coronado September 12, 2017

From Korea to Texas to L.A., physics sophomore Charlotte Yun is dancing her way to international fame after taking center stage on social media. With less than two years of formal training, Charlotte...


Austin Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival celebrates 30 years

Acacia Coronado September 7, 2017

Long before South By Southwest and Austin Film Festival stepped out on the Austin festival scene, a film movement focused on LGBTQ issues arose in a small theater on the UT campus. Today, the short movie...


Veracruz All Natural brings traditional Mexican cuisine to today’s Texas table

Acacia Coronado August 31, 2017

Veracruz All Natural’s Migas Taco, with its crunchy tortilla chips and tangy pico de gallo, is listed as one of Food Network’s five best tacos in the nation. To founders Reyna and Maritza Vazquez,...


Fans stick through thick and thin for tailgate traditions

Acacia Coronado August 28, 2017

When 100,000 fans shuffle into Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium on game day, for many, the party has already begun. In parking lots and beside pick-up trucks, barbecue roasts and beer cans are cracked...

Where to meet friends at UT

Acacia Coronado August 7, 2017

The fall winds are picking up, and the leaves are turning varying shades of burnt orange — but the August sun still beats down harsh as ever as Longhorns are called back to the 40 Acres. It’s...


300: From first-year student to first-year mentor

Acacia Coronado August 7, 2017

The move from the quiet border town of Mission, Texas, to the “Live Music Capital of the World” wasn’t easy for Brianna Gonzalez. Leaving her small-town comfort zone, she was now going...


Texas Mac n’ Cheeze Off brings together vegan and comfort food

Acacia Coronado August 6, 2017

Dairy-free macaroni and cheese might seem like a contradiction, but ATX Vegans are determined to bring together comfort food and animal comfort.  The Texas Mac n’ Cheeze Off will kick off...


An Austinite’s guide to celebrating Harry Potter’s 37th birthday

Acacia Coronado August 1, 2017

Accio! All Wizards, witches, magical creatures and muggles are cordially invited to attend the 37th birthday of The Boy Who Lived. Please feel free to apparate at the celebrations below both on Harry Potter’s...


Echo and the Bats make folk rock out of folktales

Acacia Coronado July 31, 2017

A puppet singing rock and roll and the story of a pigeon driving a bus to the tune of The Beatles might not seem like an everyday experience. But at Austin Public Library, this is the average show routine...


Pong to Pokemon exhibit showcases evolution of electronic gaming

Acacia Coronado July 31, 2017

Whether it’s coming up with an icon like “Pac-Man,” “Sonic,” or “Pokemon,” giving them new abilities, or allowing players to do more, the world of video game creation...


Kreyol Korner brings island life to central texas plains

Acacia Coronado July 25, 2017

Objectively speaking, there’s no better part of island life than enjoying tongue awakening sweet and spicy flavors that dance around with salty fireworks while laying in the summer sun. As of this...


‘Wizard of Oz’ comes to Zilker Hillside Theater

Acacia Coronado July 24, 2017

Flying monkeys, a sparkling witch and an iconic Kansas sweetheart in red ruby slippers are taking audiences on an adventure through Emerald City.  For its annual summer musical, Zilker Theatre...


Construction begins on Plaza Saltillo development

Acacia Coronado July 17, 2017

p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; text-align: justify; text-indent: 9.0px; font: 9.5px 'Minion Pro'} span.s1 {font-kerning: none} After more than two decades of planning, what was once a freed...


25 years later Spike Lee’s ‘Malcolm X’ attracts audiences

Acacia Coronado July 16, 2017

A quarter of a century after the release of Spike Lee’s “Malcolm X,” the film continues to teach countless viewers about how a movement can change a nation. The 1992 movie tells the...

Self-defense class prepares Muslim women to fight back against hate

Acacia Coronado July 10, 2017

For many Muslim women, walking home at night, riding the bus through the city and leaving a mosque after prayer are everyday activities. But for some, these actions have become dangerous — or even...


Austin works to preserve Tejano music through venues, festivals

Acacia Coronado July 10, 2017

A sprinkle of German ancestry and a touch of Mexican roots, mixed with a little Texas spice, produce the salsa that is Tejano music, a genre that has been giving flavor to the Latino music scene for generations. Since...


Austin Tejano music scene strives to create speace for female artists

Acacia Coronado July 10, 2017

Widely referred to as the queen of Tejano music, Selena Quintanilla broke into the Tejano music industry with her lively music and vibrant image, proving that females too could achieve success in this...


Nelson family members discuss musical tradition behind Willie Nelson’s Fourth of July picnic

Acacia Coronado July 3, 2017

A blazing Texas sun, blaring country music, a U.S. flag waving high and Willie Nelson taking the stage for his patriotic picnic have come to represent Fourth of July in Texas — a statewide, Nelson...

courtesy of Michael Lewis

African American Book Festival views current events through lens of literature

Acacia Coronado June 22, 2017

Until Folktales bookstore was pushed out by major chains in 1999, the 1990s specialty locale provided Austin with a taste of African American literature through its selections and events. Now, the Rosalind...

Ximena Foto de Nadia Altamirano

UT partners with GESMujer to address maternal health rights in Mexico

Acacia Coronado June 12, 2017

In rural Oaxaca, Mexico, pregnancy has become a health risk as maternal mortality rates soar due to a lack of access to information and resources. Now, 11 women have joined forces to make a difference...


Solstice Festival encourages unity through music

Acacia Coronado June 12, 2017

Fête de la Musique may have begun in France, but it has since become popularized as World Music Day, and on June 15–17, Austin will join with cities across the globe to celebrate the art of...

Republic Of Texas Rally rides on for 22 years

Acacia Coronado June 8, 2017

As night falls over the Austin skyline on June 9, bikers will rev their engines and over 200,000 attendees will flood Congress Avenue for the annual Republic of Texas Motorcycle Parade and Downtown Party. The...


Global health study abroad in Oaxaca bridges health disparities

Acacia Coronado June 5, 2017

As the sun beats down on Oaxaca, Mexico, tourists walk the cobbled streets of El Centro, surrounded by art and modernity. On the outskirts, however, malnourished children lack basic health care resources. Social...


UT Remembers commemorates lives of lost Longhorns

Acacia Coronado May 5, 2017

The image of a somber, darkened tower will shine through the night of May 5 as the UT community embraces one another in honor of the 216 Longhorns lost over the past year but never forgotten. UT Remembers,...


Ears, Eyes + Feet production promotes interdisciplinary teamwork

Acacia Coronado May 4, 2017

As the lights dim in the Payne Theater this weekend, colorful effects will illuminate the stage as dancers with motion sensing sound technology bring the theater to life. On May 5 and 6 at 7:30 p.m.,...


Love guides immigrant worker to cross borders

Acacia Coronado May 1, 2017

Lucy was only a teenager in Mexico when she met the man she would someday marry, but his life was across the border in the United States. A decade of shared love would help them close that gap.  “I...

Symposium_CourtesyofOlivia Mena

Border Wall Symposium bridges understanding of border wall impacts in past decade

Acacia Coronado April 27, 2017

For the past decade, a wall of wire and fencing has stood between two neighboring cultures — a physical divide between U.S. Latinos and their heritage.  On April 27 and 28, the Bernard and...


UT students bring the Dallas Morning News to interactive life with chatbot

Acacia Coronado April 24, 2017

Texting has revolutionized the way humans interact on a personal and a professional level with one another. Now, the door to interacting with media organizations such as the Dallas Morning News through...


Texas Appleseed illustrates social issues through I Heart Justice poster show

Acacia Coronado April 18, 2017

This Wednesday, artists, designers and philanthropists will unite to try to change Texans’ lives through a mix of creativity and graphic design.  From 6:30 to 9 p.m., Texas Appleseed, a nonprofit...


Students bring sound to campus sculptures

Acacia Coronado April 13, 2017

Art often demands the senses of sight and sometimes touch and smell, but, during Sound in Sculpture audiences will be invited to experience art through sound.   Texas Performing Arts has partnered...

Courtey of Hakeem Adewumi

Photography symposium brings black art into focus

Acacia Coronado April 12, 2017

Hands are used to create something new, explore the unknown, hold on to what could be lost and let go of what once was found. For art history professor Moyo Okediji, hands are the inspiration for the...


International Poetry Festival to slam Austin this weekend

Acacia Coronado April 5, 2017

As the Austin International Poetry Festival draws near, writers and speakers from around the globe are hurriedly translating poems, preparing monologues and boarding flights in an effort to arrive on time...


Historical walks begin process of bringing to life Our Austin Story

Acacia Coronado April 3, 2017

When Edwin Waller planned to build the city of Austin in 1839, he had no idea the landscape he created would later host Booker T. Washington, the movement for desegregation of public education and massive...


Hunter Hayes talks future and Forty Acres Fest

Acacia Coronado April 3, 2017

At 25 years old, Hunter Hayes has already won a Country Music Award, been nominated for several Grammy awards and had a double platinum album. Now, he is ready to start over as he prepares to release a...

courtesy of Martha Doty Freeman

UT alumnus’ Instagram account bears witness to old East Austin

Acacia Coronado March 29, 2017

Hidden in the shadows of East Austin’s trendy food trucks, colorful murals, quirky sights and modern sounds, a hidden past lay in quiet wait for someone to find it once again. In an attempt to...


Professor brings psychology to life through music

Acacia Coronado March 27, 2017

As a young man, psychology professor Michael Domjan knew he had a passion for music. His desire to play led him to Juilliard, where he was on the path to becoming a professional musician until he was forced...


Pakistani Student Association brings Basant to Austin

Acacia Coronado March 24, 2017

The weather is warming, the sun is shining and a new season is arriving in Texas. As bluebonnet blossoms begin to brighten up lawns, the Pakistani Student Association is preparing to take over Hogg Auditorium...


Texas Traditions and Headliners celebrate the 25th Forty Acres Fest

Acacia Coronado March 24, 2017

When the sun rises on April 1, tents will go up on the UT campus, the smell of food will fill the air and a stage will be set up for local talents and Grammy-nominated artists alike.  The 25th...


Texas Raas showcases ancient Indian dance

Acacia Coronado March 22, 2017

Decorative wooden sticks called dandiyas in hand, Texas Raas takes audiences nationwide on a rhythmic journey of folk sounds and modern beats as they give a glimpse of traditional Indian dancing. Founded...

Best employers at SXSW

Acacia Coronado March 10, 2017

Whether you are looking to find your dream job, or just a new temporary workspace, here are the top 10 employers that you should check out at the 2017 SXSW Job Market: Amazon The largest e-store in...

Panteón Rococó headlines All Latinos Resist Concert at SXSW Auditorium Shores

Acacia Coronado March 8, 2017

For more than two decades, Panteón Rococó has been exposing the social and political realities of Latinos through their music. Now, they are bringing their Mexican-Spanish ska sound, infused...


French professor creates etiquette program

Acacia Coronado March 8, 2017

Marie-Catherine Bearden has lived a thousand lives in Morroco, Sudan, Belgium and the states with her ex-CIA agent husband. Now, Bearden is teaching which fork to use at dinner to her students in...


Carneval provides last chance to feast on meat before Lent

Acacia Coronado February 28, 2017

For more than a decade, starving college students have filed into the University Catholic Center atrium on Fat Tuesday to prepare to eat their fill of barbecue during the Alpha Chapter of the Lambda Omega...

UT celebrates 80 years of its most prominent symbol: The Tower

Acacia Coronado February 27, 2017

Built literally on metal bookshelves and wrapped in limestone, for 80 years the University of Texas Tower has been keeping track of time for students and reminding them of who they are—Texas Longhorns.  Monday,...


Art of Living brings meditation, yoga to students on campus

Acacia Coronado February 24, 2017

In the United States, yoga is known more for spandex Lululemon than for being a deeply spiritual practice, but the sport’s history is inseparable from the meditative and religious significance. Following...


Austin Oyster Festival celebrates Texas seafood

Acacia Coronado February 20, 2017

Boats and trucks full of oysters are taking a trip to Austin this week for a massive celebration of seafood at the Austin Oyster Festival. The festival, which is produced by 787 Productions in conjunction...


Law professors find love in Costa Rican courtroom

Acacia Coronado February 17, 2017

As the council convened to bring the fight against human rights infractions by the Guatemalan government to court, clinical professors of law Denise Gilman and Ariel Dultizky teamed up to bring justice...


Austin Troubadours bring medieval music to life

Acacia Coronado February 14, 2017

Led by the high-pitched song of a wooden flute, the audience takes off on a journey through time as the medieval melody of the Austin Troubadours fills the air.  Historically, troubadours were...


UT alumna to perform at black composers concert

Acacia Coronado February 10, 2017

Artina McCain didn’t always plan on becoming a performer, but found herself falling deeply in love with music and everything that it represents. “It is not an easy job to be a musician,...

Malpaso Dance Company brings Cuban culture to Texas

Acacia Coronado February 6, 2017

With dim lights and a deep, steady drum beat, the Malpaso Dance Company prepares its audience to receive a taste of Cuban culture. “Our contemporary dance is deeply based on where we come...


Professors honored for recognizing the crisis in black education

Acacia Coronado February 3, 2017

As a sophomore in college with a 1.8 GPA, Leonard Moore was uncertain about his future in academia until a professor pulled him aside and showed him tough love. Now a history professor teaching at UT,...


Longhorns in Love: Destiny unites professors in Brazil

Acacia Coronado January 31, 2017

In the midst of doing research for their doctoral dissertations, government professors Wendy Hunter and Kurt Weyland found one another while exploring the unknown wonders of Brazil. “When you...


International students reminisce about Lunar New Year in China

Acacia Coronado January 27, 2017

Even though Evelyn Chen, international communications studies freshman, moved to America four years ago, she honors the tradition of celebrating Lunar New Year with close family by spending it with her...


Art Alliance of Austin Features UT Professor at Art Break

Acacia Coronado January 25, 2017

Ever since Daniel Sutherland was six years old, he loved to paint. Encouraged by his parents, he continued to pursue his passion, and has evolved his artistic style dramatically over the years. Sutherland,...


Harry Ransom Center welcomes “Mad Men” archive exhibit

Acacia Coronado January 23, 2017

At a cocktail party during the Austin Film Festival, “Mad Men” creator Matthew Weiner couldn’t stop thinking about the uncertain future of the popular television drama’s costumes...


Longhorns in Love: Professors find love amidst literary debate

Acacia Coronado January 20, 2017

It was a crisp, fall day at Columbia University when English associate professor David Kornhaber was running late realizing he had misread the time of his orientation just as English assistant professor...

Courtesy of Michael Hsu Office of Architecture and DesignTrait

Transformed landmark theater premieres as arthouse

Acacia Coronado January 20, 2017

When Austin Film Society CEO Rebecca Campbell was a student at UT, she would journey with her friends to a small theater on Middle Fiskville road to enjoy classic, international and cult films they...


Caring for Camo gives 1,000 reasons to care

Acacia Coronado November 16, 2016

While their families opened Christmas presents at home, a deployed troop took a picture celebrating abroad wearing the Santa hats they had just received. When another troop felt hopeless, they boosted...


Local artist showcases art at East Austin Studio Tour

Acacia Coronado November 11, 2016

Amidst the cool November weather, 1,800 yellow, Japanese lucky cats are currently sitting on an East Austin lawn, in a perfect Fibonacci spiral, ready to bring warmth and joy to the visitors of the 15th...


Jessica Luther talks book, college sexual violence

Acacia Coronado November 2, 2016

She began with one unreported case of sexual assault at a Texas private school. Now, she has hundreds of cases. Jessica Luther exposes the reality behind college football sexual assault in her new book,...

The Fray’s guitarist, David Welsh, reflects on 11 years of fame

Acacia Coronado November 2, 2016

Eleven years have passed since The Fray gained national recognition with their first Top 10 hit “Over My Head (Cable Car).” But the band is back, releasing their upcoming album “Through...


Sigma Lambda Beta president to celebrate Día de los Muertos with fraternity brothers

Acacia Coronado November 1, 2016

As the sun sets on Nov. 1, the scents, melodies and vibrant colors that fill Día de los Muertos altars are said to wake the dead and bring them to visit their loved ones in their dreams. This year,...

Piñata Protest frontman discusses tour, inspirations and Latino influence

Acacia Coronado October 27, 2016

For the past decade, Piñata Protest has been rocking the Latino music scene with their accordion-infused, punk rock, Tex-Mex sound. Their lively mixes and Spanglish lyrics created a movement Latino...


Biology student discusses supernatural book, life as an author

Acacia Coronado October 26, 2016

Siri Magadi’s freshman year of high school involved immortals, hybrid species and a paranormal romance.  When biology sophomore Magadi started high school, she was a 13-year-old girl...


Littlefield descendant shares history of Littlefield House

Acacia Coronado October 25, 2016

Beneath old paintings by Alice Littlefield, staircases carved with the family’s initials and old-fashioned olive green furniture lies the story of the mysterious Littlefield House. The Victorian...


Longhorns in Love: Professors find love at Brazilian carnaval

Acacia Coronado October 19, 2016

Paloma Diaz and Raul Madrid were born countries apart, but it only took one Brazilian carnival in Bahia to bring them together.  “Sometimes you just know,” Madrid said. “I remember...


TODO Austin editor discusses spreading Dia de los Muertos in Austin

Acacia Coronado October 14, 2016

For Lesly Reynaga, every Nov. 2 in Monterrey, Mexico, meant sweet sugar skulls, dim candlelight and the delicious smell of pan de muerto from the local bakeries. “I have this vivid memory of walking...

Awolnation talk about their new album, love for performing in Austin

Acacia Coronado October 5, 2016

Awolnation’s multiplatinum song “Sail” was just the beginning in their rise to success. After releasing the EP remix version of their 2015 album Run earlier this year, the group is ready...

The Daily Texan recommends ways to get to ACL without Uber and Lyft

Acacia Coronado October 1, 2016

With more than 150 bands and thousands of festival attendees heading to Zilker Park this weekend, traffic will become a problem that could ruin the party. Here are five ways for festival attendees to get...

Catfish and the Bottlemen lead singer Van McCann talks band name, rising fame and returning to ACL

Acacia Coronado September 30, 2016

UK’s rising alternative guitar rock band Catfish and the Bottlemen are coming back to take Austin City Limits by storm with songs from their new album, The Ride. Following the release of their freshman...


UT professor talks about her experiences during Chile’s dictatorship

Acacia Coronado September 28, 2016

Frozen in fear and unable to get away, Paloma Diaz was arrested and put in a van with a couple of friends. Knowing they were headed to jail, possibly to be tortured, they quickly and fearfully threw the...

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