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Professor must be held accountable for islamophobic comments

Adam Hamze November 20, 2015

Editor's note: The professor in question in this column was found not to be in violation of the Univeristy's non-discrimination policy by the Office for Inclusion and Equity in March of 2016. The...


Columbus Day normalizes history of violence

Adam Hamze October 12, 2015

Imagine a group of men arrive to a country and decide they are superior to everything indigenous. This superiority leads to them enslaving, kidnapping and committing genocide against the people who had...


UT should erect monument to Heman Sweatt in place of the Jefferson Davis statue

Adam Hamze August 24, 2015

In February 1946, Thelophius Painter, the University’s 13th president, wrote a letter to Attorney General Grover Sellers regarding the graduate law school application of Heman Marion Sweatt. In the...


Divestment resolution heads to SG Assembly for vote

Adam Hamze and Samantha Ketterer April 17, 2015

The Student Government Legislative Affairs committee voted down three proposed amendments to a highly-discussed divestment resolution Thursday and subsequently sent the resolution to a vote by the full...


Panel of UT Latino community discuss UT’s decision to not take punitive action against Texas Fiji

Adam Hamze March 10, 2015

On Monday, a panel of UT faculty and students discussed the University’s decision not to take punitive action against Texas Fiji after its Feb. 7 party guests said was “border patrol”...


University Health Services appoints new medical director

Adam Hamze December 4, 2014

University Health Services appointed David Vander Straten as its new medical director. Vander Straten’s goals include improving the department’s student accessibility and removing the stigma...


UT ROTC program named best in region

Adam Hamze December 2, 2014

The Army named the University’s ROTC program as the best battalion in its region, which is composed of eight states in the Southwest. The region — which includes Texas, Arkansas, Wyoming,...


Google Fiber unveils pricing plan, new downtown office

Adam Hamze November 25, 2014

With Austin set to become the second city in the country to adopt Google Fiber, the new Internet service announced its initial pricing plan and unveiled the location of its downtown office. Mark Strama,...


Using UT researcher’s initiatives, in-school suspensions decrease at Texas middle school

Adam Hamze November 20, 2014

In-school suspension rates at a Texas middle school dropped 75 percent over two years as a result of an initiative that disciplines students through community accountability created by a UT researcher.  Philip...


Protesters rally against Red McCombs’ affiliation with immigration detention facility

Adam Hamze November 18, 2014

A group of protesters met with Thomas Gilligan, dean of the McCombs School of Business, on Monday to ask him to request the school’s namesake, Red McCombs, break his real estate firm’s lease...


UT researcher receives grant to study relationship between smoking, mental illness

Adam Hamze November 13, 2014

People with psychiatric disorders smoke over 44 percent of all cigarettes smoked in the nation, according to the National Alliance of Mental Illness. Researchers at the University received a $3 million...


National Institute of Health awards UT associate professor grant for criminal research

Adam Hamze November 11, 2014

The National Institute of Health awarded sociology associate professor David Kirk a grant to support his study, which examines criminal recidivism as a result of people returning to their former neighborhoods after...

Guest lecturer says millennial Latinos struggle with identity

Adam Hamze November 6, 2014

Millennial Latinos in the United States often struggle with identifying as both citizens of America and “Americans” as a result of racialization and exclusion, according to University of Illinois...


Updated: Tovo, Riley headed to runoff in District 9 race

Sebastian Vega and Adam Hamze November 5, 2014

City Council members Kathie Tovo and Chris Riley will face each other again in a runoff election on Dec. 16 as neither received a majority of the vote in Tuesday's District 9 council race. Tuesday’s...


Group creates petition for University to recognize Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Adam Hamze October 30, 2014

The second Monday of October could be known as “Indigenous Peoples’ Day” instead of Columbus Day if a petition asking the University administration to make the change is successful.  The...


Former USDA official calls Obama’s food stamp program successful

Adam Hamze October 23, 2014

Kathleen Merrigan, Former USDA Agriculture Deputy Secretary, said at a lecture on campus Wednesday that the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program was one of the most successful products of the U.S....


African studies department to offer course on Beyoncé, Rihanna

Adam Hamze October 21, 2014

The Department of African and African Diaspora Studies will offer a class spring 2015 titled “Beyoncé Feminism, Rihanna Womanism,” which will highlight how the actions of these women...

UT researchers: Ebola may be silently making people immune

Adam Hamze October 16, 2014

A UT professor and a postdoctoral fellow said in a letter published in The Lancet medical journal Tuesday that Ebola could be silently infecting people through contact with bodily fluids without displaying...


Doctoral candidate discusses representation of black women in television

Adam Hamze October 14, 2014

While many viewers praise ABC’s television show “Scandal” for being the first prime-time drama to cast a black woman as a protagonist in nearly 40 years, doctoral candidate Nicole Martin...

University to award $15 million in scholarships with new program

Adam Hamze October 9, 2014

Starting next fall, the University will award high-performing, socioeconomically disadvantaged incoming freshman in 2015 with $15 million-worth of scholarships through a new initiative titled “Texas...


Guest lecturer discusses merging of politics, economics

Adam Hamze October 7, 2014

The public sphere in America has difficulty grasping the impact major corporations have on politics and daily life because public discourse does not take into account important details, according to a...


Guest lecturer argues events in 1979 still impacts world today

Adam Hamze October 2, 2014

Although many people might think the most crucial moments in the 20th century would include World War II, the civil rights movement or the Vietnam War, journalist Christian Caryl said the current state...


Princeton historian discusses Middle East economy

Adam Hamze September 30, 2014

The Great Depression and the influx of Jewish immigrants to Palestine shaped the economy of the Levant region in the 1930s, according to a lecture given by Cyrus Schayegh, assistant professor of Near Eastern...


3-D technology used to combat phobias, PTSD

Adam Hamze September 30, 2014

To enhance the effectiveness of treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder and animal phobias, the UT3D program is now using its technology to create the illusion of being exposed to a fear, without...


UT report looks at improving community college completion rates

Adam Hamze September 29, 2014

A recent University report aimed to find which practices could increase the rate of course completion among students who enroll in a two-year college. Of these students, 54 percent either receive a degree,...


Annual Suicide Prevention Week starts on campus

Adam Hamze September 23, 2014

The Counseling and Mental Health Center began its annual “Suicide Prevention Week” on Monday to combat death by suicide, which, according to the Suicide Prevention Resource Center, is the second...


Law professor Henry Hu to receive Massey Prize

Adam Hamze September 18, 2014

Law professor Henry Hu will be the second person to receive a Massey Prize for Research in Law, Innovation, and Capital Markets from the School of Law for his scholarly work in the capital market and corporate...

Government and public affairs professor discusses global inequality

Adam Hamze September 16, 2014

The current rate of economic inequality in the United States, as well as the rest of the world, is higher than it has been in the past several decades and is continuing to grow, according to James Galbraith,...


University unveils first 3-D printer available to all students

Adam Hamze September 5, 2014

The Cockrell School of Engineering unveiled the University’s first 3-D printer that has a vending machine design on Thursday. It will be free to use for students of every college and school.  Located...


Research fellow discusses head trauma following study of women’s soccer team

Adam Hamze September 4, 2014

Research fellow Steven Kornguth held a seminar Wednesday following his three-year-long study of the Texas women’s soccer team’s exposure to head trauma. Kornguth, vice president for research...

Slavic and Eurasian studies department aims to educate students about Uzbekistan

Adam Hamze May 2, 2014

Few students are well-informed about former Soviet countries in Central Asia, but the department of Slavic and Eurasian studies aims to change this, according to teaching assistant Sunnat Amonov. In...


Eighteen students arrested after protesting Shared Services Plan

Adam Hamze, Jacob Kerr, and Madlin Mekelburg April 24, 2014

Eighteen Save Our Community Coalition members were arrested while participating in a sit-in against Shared Services in front of President William Powers Jr.’s office, following a more than 200-person...

Phillips 66 donates $500,000 to UT

Adam Hamze April 22, 2014

Phillips 66 donated $500,000 to the University to support programs within the Cockrell School of Engineering, McCombs School of Business and College of Natural Sciences, the University announced Friday. A...

Qualcomm donates $1 million to Cockrell school

Adam Hamze April 22, 2014

Qualcomm Technologies Inc. donated $1 million to the Cockrell School of Engineering to help fund the school’s Engineering Education and Research Center, which will house the Wireless Networking and...


Sen. Marco Rubio discusses foreign policy in talk

Adam Hamze April 16, 2014

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Florida, said the United States should use its influence to intervene in conflicts overseas, in a speech addressing foreign policy topics on campus Tuesday. Rubio, who also addressed...

Proposed bill regarding textbook longevity prompts student, faculty response

Adam Hamze April 15, 2014

Radio-television-film sophomore Carissa Bittle said that, at the end of every semester, she receives almost no reimbursement for textbooks she had paid hundreds of dollars for because her professors assign...


Three arrested during immigration protest

Adam Hamze April 11, 2014

University police arrested three people, including one UT student, during an immigration rights protest outside the LBJ Library during President Barack Obama’s address, according to UTPD spokeswoman Cindy...

University officials respond to proposed cuts to Pell Grants, financial aid

Adam Hamze April 10, 2014

In response to President Obama’s fiscal 2015 budget, Republicans in the U.S. House of Representative proposed an alternative plan earlier this month, which included cuts to financial aid programs...


University Leadership Initiative holds rally for immigration rights

Adam Hamze April 10, 2014

The University Leadership Initiative held a rally Wednesday in front of the Martin Luther King Jr. statue on the East Mall to show support for immigrants who have been deported. Rally representatives...

Civil Rights Summit adds speaker to address citizens with disabilities

Adam Hamze April 8, 2014

After the National Council on Disability released a statement Friday addressing the lack of a panel on disabilities in the upcoming Civil Rights Summit, Mark Updegrove, director of the LBJ Library and...


LBJ’s speechwriter Harry Middleton honors the former president for Civil Rights Summit

Adam Hamze April 1, 2014

Next week’s Civil Rights Summit at the LBJ Presidential Library and Museum will draw attention to a president who, until this semester, the University offered a class entirely about — President...

Obama initiative aims to encourage more students to apply for financial aid

Adam Hamze March 27, 2014

The Obama administration announced the FAFSA Completion Initiative earlier this month, a plan that will aid the Department of Education in identifying students who have not finished their applications...


Rapport Center hosts talk on European and North American approaches to employment discrimination

Adam Hamze March 25, 2014

In a talk at the School of Law on Monday, Laura Carlson, associate professor at Stockholm University School of Law, and Samuel Bagenstos, professor at University of Michigan School of Law, both said a...


Canadian journalist speaks about human rights violations in Gaza

Adam Hamze March 20, 2014

The Society for Islamic Awareness hosted Canadian rights activist and journalist Eva Bartlett to speak of her experience living in and reporting from the Gaza Strip since November 2008, and to explain...


Visiting professor describes conflict in Middle East as “new cold war”

Adam Hamze March 18, 2014

In a lecture titled “The New Middle East Cold War,” Gregory Gause, political science professor at the University of Vermont and a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, said many people...


Digital editor at The Economist explains history through six beverages

Adam Hamze March 6, 2014

Six drinks — beer, wine, spirits, coffee, tea and cola — have played major roles in defining history, Tom Standage, lead digital editor at The Economist, said in a lecture at the Etter-Harbin...

McCombs School of Business receives $5 million donation for graduate building

Adam Hamze March 4, 2014

McCombs alumni Bob and Marcie Zlotnik announced a $5 million donation to aid the construction of a new graduate business building Wednesday.  The University announced plans to build Robert B. Rowling...


Visiting professor says U.S. should adopt ancient Greek style of foreign policy

Adam Hamze February 27, 2014

Visiting professor Bruce Thornton used ancient Greek political philosophy to criticize modern foreign policy at a talk Wednesday, titled “New World, Old Wisdom: Foreign Policy and the Classics.” According...

Greek chapters donate $65,000 to cancer research foundation

Adam Hamze February 20, 2014

UT’s Alpha Epsilon Phi and Sigma Chi chapters presented two checks totaling $65,316 to The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation on Wednesday. The foundation raises money to provide financial and emotional...


PETA youth division sets up exhibit demonstrating alleged animal cruelty in factory farms

Adam Hamze February 18, 2014

On Monday, peta2, the youth division of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, set up a tent in Gregory Plaza that exhibits the treatment of animals in factory farms in an attempt to persuade students...

UTeach to expand to five other universities with $22.5 million grant

Adam Hamze February 13, 2014

Five more universities will implement the UTeach program starting in fall 2014 bringing the total number of universities to 40. Founded at UT in 1997, UTeach is a program aimed at increasing the...


Journalist and author Nina Munk advocates strategic foreign aid to fight poverty

Adam Hamze February 11, 2014

In a presentation at the LBJ School of Public Affairs on Monday, journalist and author Nina Munk said she is in favor of foreign aid for the developing world, but only if it is spent wisely. Munk spoke...


New device offers engineering breakthrough

Adam Hamze February 5, 2014

Researchers at the Cockrell School of Engineering have built a new device that can manipulate acoustic sound waves with a technique that has never been used before. The device, which the researchers...

Obama announces task force to combat sexual assault on college campuses

Adam Hamze January 29, 2014

In an effort to lower the number of sexual assaults on college campuses, President Barack Obama announced the creation of the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault during his weekly...

Natural gas to remain main energy source, according to researchers

Adam Hamze January 24, 2014

Geology researchers at the University discovered that an Arkansas shale oil reserve will continue to be one of the country’s most prevalent sources of natural gas through 2050. The Fayetteville...


Teach For America hosts diversity panel

Adam Hamze January 22, 2014

Four representatives from Teach For America, including two UT professors and one graduate student, addressed students Tuesday to explain the organization’s focus on diversity as a critical element...

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