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Ballet barre workouts gain popularity

Addie Anderson November 19, 2010

Barres are becoming more and more popular across the country as a tool for exercise. Not the drinking kind of bars, but the ballet barre, which is now being used for workout classes that claim to create...

Detox diet gains popularity; experts question side effects

Addie Anderson November 12, 2010

Beyonce, Gwyneth Paltrow, Megan Fox and Anne Hathaway are among the slew of stars said to have done a detoxifying cleanse in the past either to drop weight quickly or to detoxify the body — or...

Laughter may be best medicine

Addie Anderson November 5, 2010

Meeting with others for the pure goal of laughter does the mind and body good. This doesn’t necessarily mean going to a stand-up comedy show or watching “Friends” DVDs, it’s...

Binging not only way to experience Halloween spirits

Addie Anderson October 29, 2010

Many have experienced the morning after a big night out — nauseous and parched, unable to get out of bed but finding it hard to sleep because your head hurts. Many of you may be feeling this right...

Teach abroad; ease into ‘real world’

Addie Anderson August 12, 2010

As senior year begins for approximately 13,000 UT students, some may be feeling the stress of their upcoming graduation and inevitable transition into the “real world.” Many wonder, What...

Book examines past relationships

Addie Anderson August 9, 2010

Though its title may evoke thoughts of lost love, don’t expect any romantic narratives in “Elegies for the Brokenhearted,” the story of a woman’s life told through the elegies...

Actor-turned-restaurateur Joe Reynolds leaves Hollywood for Texas

Addie Anderson June 13, 2010

Actor-turned-restaurateur Joe Reynolds has opened M Two, a restaurant, bar and lounge in the space formerly known as Saba Blue Water Cafe. Reynolds is a native Texan and studied acting at UT. He...

Greenbelt shines for summer fun

Addie Anderson June 12, 2010

The oppressive summertime heat makes hiking a sweaty adventure most years, and without water, the plant life of the Barton Creek Greenbelt’s banks are not quite as scenic. This year, however,...

Delphic album has futuristic feel

Addie Anderson June 6, 2010

Six months after its U.K. release, Delphic’s debut album Acolyte has finally hit US shelves. Acolyte is a solid electro-rock dance album that is unique and accessible to the modern listener, although...

Austinites stand, paddle their way around town

Addie Anderson June 5, 2010

Amid the rowers and kayakers spotted while cruising past Lady Bird Lake, a growing number of active Austinites can be seen standing on surfboards with paddles. The growth of this atypical water sport...

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