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Reenact, expand pass/fail

Adrienne Hunter July 24, 2020

During the spring 2020 semester, UT provided many students with much-needed relief by allowing them to pass/fail any class, including core and major-required classes. UT has decided to revert back to its...


UT, CMHC must meet needs of students

Adrienne Hunter July 9, 2020

This year, Americans have confronted two deadly threats to our country: COVID-19 and racism. We are in unsettling and unprecedented times, and UT’s decision to have students return to campus in the fall...


Radio-television-film department needs student support fund

Adrienne Hunter July 7, 2020

Filmmaking is expensive, and so is being a radio-television-film major — especially at UT. For radio-television-film students interested in production, not only do they have to worry about traditional...

‘First Man’ starts slow, takes a giant leap by the end

Adrienne Hunter October 15, 2018

“First Man” is an intimate look at the life of a grand figure, showing audiences that every story, no matter how historic it seems, is grounded in humanity. The film follows Neil Armstrong (Ryan...


Kathryn Hahn gives the best performance of the year in the intimate and personal “Private Life”

Adrienne Hunter October 8, 2018

“Private Life” is an intimate, personal and well-made film that brilliantly tells the emotional story of a married couple’s journey to parenthood. The Netflix original film tells the story of...

maniac_courtesy netflix

Netflix’s limited series ‘Maniac’ might be its most innovative project yet

Adrienne Hunter October 1, 2018

“Maniac,” with its virtual reality romances, artificial intelligence and imaginative realities of magical elves quickly becomes the weirdest and most interesting show of the year, despite a somewhat...

forever - courtesy of amazon studios

Maya Rudolph’s new series feels like ‘Forever’ to watch

Adrienne Hunter September 25, 2018

Maya Rudolph gives what is possibly her best performance to date. However, “Forever” fails to resonate due to attempting too many tasks, and not successfully achieving any of them. The new series,...

american vandal_courtesy of netflix

Season 2 of ‘American Vandal’ uses feces to tell funny, tragic story

Adrienne Hunter September 18, 2018

The second season of “American Vandal” starts with a poop joke and transforms it into one of the most riveting and insightful stories of the year. The show returns with the two student documentarians...


‘Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan’ disappoints in uninventive and lackluster spy thriller

Adrienne Hunter September 12, 2018

Stunning action, top notch production values, and genuinely surprising twists are not enough to save “Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan” from its sluggish pace, paper-thin character development and messy plotting. The...

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