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zaffarini courtesy ofTexas Senate Media

Zaffirini, First Hispanic woman elected to the Texas Senate, reflects on career

Alessandra Jara December 1, 2016

When State Sen. Judith Zaffirini (D-Laredo) first visited UT to attend a football game at 15 years old, she wasn’t thinking of going to college. Three degrees from UT later, she became the first...

chefcourtof Alex Martinez copy

UT alumna Enchilada Queen follows restaurant success with her first cookbook

Alessandra Jara November 14, 2016

When UT alumna Sylvia Casares was a little girl growing up in Brownsville, she sat at the small table in her parents’ kitchen, waiting for her mother’s comida casera, home-cooked food, and...


300: World-traveling UTPD officer stands guard at UT Tower

Alessandra Jara November 14, 2016

Editor's note: In 300 words or fewer, this series spotlights people in our community whose stories typically go untold.  The first person visitors see as they step off the elevator...


English assistant professor Donna Kornhaber named Academy Film Scholar

Alessandra Jara November 10, 2016

As a child, English assistant professor Donna Kornhaber would sneak downstairs late at night to watch the black and white movies shown on public television. Scared by horror techniques in “Nosferatu”...


Humanity First Texas Chapter plans for clinic in Mexico

Alessandra Jara October 27, 2016

When UT graduate student Usama Malik and his friends arrived in Rowlett, Texas, in January, they were dumbfounded by the devastation a tornado had left in its wake. Homes were torn down and rubble littered...


UT bluegrass musicians bring rhythm and sound to Speedway

Alessandra Jara October 20, 2016

On any given Friday afternoon, Erica McCormick can be found outside the SAC with a guitar in her hand and a tambourine on her foot, surrounded by other musicians filling the area with their fast-paced bluegrass...

VerónicaReyes Courtesy of Dr

Chicana feminist malflora poet Veronica Reyes discusses her first poetry book

Alessandra Jara October 12, 2016

When searchlights flooded her childhood neighborhood, Veronica Reyes joined other kids from el barrio as they ran and hid, playing a game and yelling, “Chopper! Chopper!”  Now, decades...

liev spiro court of Paul Archuleta

Q&A: Director Lev Spiro discusses professional rise and work experience

Alessandra Jara October 10, 2016

Radio-television-film alumnus Lev Spiro traveled to Los Angeles with only two short films in his pocket, but has since directed more than 150 episodes, pilots and features for television. He has worked...


DACA recipients share their stories

Alessandra Jara October 5, 2016

When anthropology senior Juan Belman was 10 years old a Coyote led him, his mother and his four-year-old brother across the Rio Grande and into the U.S. Faced with an upcoming border checkpoint,...


VAC exhibit tackles environmental issues of Peru

Alessandra Jara September 27, 2016

When artist Nancy La Rosa first encountered Huepetuhe’s villagers, they didn’t trust her. The people of the small mining settlement in the Peruvian Amazon wondered if she would report their...


Alumna A.C. Rogers showcases Soft Ground Sculpture on campus

Alessandra Jara September 22, 2016

When alumna A.C. Rogers read the final verse of her father’s poem to her late mother, she found the inspiration she needed to finish the centerpiece for her latest exhibition. Rogers’ “Soft...

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