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Communities should pressure environmental agencies to do their job

Alex Arevalo December 4, 2015

Last Tuesday, a lawsuit was filed in the state district court in Austin against the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality for failure to either issue or deny Clean Air Act permits. The case pinpoints...


Clean Power Plan cuts costs for low-income communities

Alex Arevalo November 20, 2015

At all levels of government ­— federal and local alike — the Clean Power Plan has faced serious backlash because of cost concerns. Politicians fear spending money on environmental policy,...


Texas climate change policy must reflect popular opinion

Alex Arevalo November 6, 2015

Since President Obama took office in 2009, Texas has sued the Environmental Protection Agency 22 times. The state has only won four of those cases, each concerning air quality and climate change policy....


Ride-hailing services should adopt fingerprint-based background checks

Alex Arevalo October 23, 2015

The ongoing gridlock between the Austin City Council and Transportation Network Companies (TNC) has put companies such as Uber and Lyft in the spotlight in recent months. Last week, the council passed...


Campus carry opponents like Gun-Free UT must adopt new strategy

Alex Arevalo October 11, 2015

Over 5,000 supporters, including more than 390 faculty members, have signed a petition to oppose guns in campus classrooms, dorms and offices. Gun-Free UT, the group that started the petition, formed shortly...


Popular dining apps promote unhealthy eating habits

Alex Arevalo September 25, 2015

The ‘Freshman 15’ expression, dubbed for the amount of weight a student is projected to put on during their first time away at university, is all too familiar. Nearly one in four freshmen gain...


Conflicting messages inhibit efficiency of Obama’s call for international climate agreement

Alex Arevalo September 11, 2015

What happens when the leader of the free world decides to shed light on climate change? For starters, a lot of confusion. President Obama traveled to Alaska at the start of September in a measure to...

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