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Plan II physics should be taken at earlier time

September 8, 2014

Every incoming Plan II freshman has heard of the dreaded Plan II physics course usually reserved for third- or fourth-year students, and each one rejoices that they have two or more years until they have...

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City should work services like Lyft, Uber into Austin’s transportation system

August 6, 2014

Editor’s Note: Associate Editor Noah M. Horwitz is lobbying on behalf of cab companies this summer in Houston, where on Wednesday the City Council voted to allow Lyft and Uber to operate. Horwitz...


American servers shouldn’t have to depend on tips

July 17, 2014

After any international travel, one cannot deny the unique experience that is American dining and customer service. Restaurants are staffed with dozens of waiters who are expected to handle a relatively...


Social mindset about public transportation needs to be changed before any reform

July 2, 2014

At a recent meeting, the Austin City Council unanimously adopted the 2014 Austin Strategic Mobility Plan (ASMP), which outlines the “identification of roadways of regional significance, and a locally...


Seven years later, LBJ High School still not seeing benefits of split

June 11, 2014

Houston-based nonprofit Children at Risk recently released its 2014 ranking of high schools in the greater Austin area. Out of 54 schools, the group gave Austin’s Liberal Arts and Science Academy...