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UT researchers analyze landforms on Mars that may have hosted life

Andrew Kirsop November 29, 2016

Unique depressions on Mars could be new places to look for signs of life, according to a new study published this month in Icarus, the International Journal of Solar System Studies. The study was led by...


Certain types of bats use memories to hunt

Andrew Kirsop November 17, 2016

Research by a UT graduate student shows that bats might have a longer memory than previously thought.  Last Friday, ecology, evolution and behavior graduate student Marjorie Dixon presented her...


Community gathers to clean up Austin parks

Andrew Kirsop November 8, 2016

UT and West Campus community members gathered at Pease Park this Saturday for It’s My Park Day, an event aimed at improving the park through tree care and planting. About 2,000 volunteers completed...

2016-10-24_Hot Science-Cool Talks_Yifan Lyu18072

West Texas was once home to rainforests, ancient primates

Andrew Kirsop October 24, 2016

While West Texas today is dominated by sprawling deserts, 50 million years ago the area contained lush tropical rainforests with unique species of monkeys and apes. On Friday, the Environmental Science...

3 eyed dino court Michelle Stocker

New species found in Jackson School fossil collection

Andrew Kirsop October 13, 2016

UT researchers didn’t even have to leave campus to discover a new species of reptile — scientists identified the fossil of extinct reptile Triopticus primus last month using bones collected...

UT Microfarm hosts worm workshop

Andrew Kirsop October 7, 2016

On Wednesday, the UT Microfarm hosted a workshop to teach students and community members about vermicomposting, or composting with worms, and how it benefits the environment. Participants learned about...


UT funds development of synthetic blood vessels

Andrew Kirsop September 30, 2016

UT recently granted $150,000 to San Antonio-based medical technology startup Cardiovate. The company will use funding from the UT Horizon Fund, an investment fund aimed at supporting UT-related startups,...


Fast and Furious: E. coli edition

Andrew Kirsop September 22, 2016

After studying thousands of generations of E. coli, UT scientists have discovered something unexpected: Some strains of the bacteria evolve much faster than previously thought. Jeffrey Barrick, an assistant...

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