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The Liberal Arts defense isn’t working: it’s time to change the game

September 23, 2013

Longhorn fans reveled in hope leading up to last Saturday’s game against Ole Miss. With a new defensive coordinator, we were optimistic for a win. Halfway through the third quarter, though, many...


How UT’s Student Government can (and will) overcome the Thor Lund scandal

August 28, 2013

Two weeks ago, UT-Austin made national headlines when the viral explosion of former Student Government President Thor Lund’s blog post created what I’ve coined the “Thor effect.”  On...


Tinder, Grindr paint a false portrait of users

August 5, 2013

When I open that little orange app, I rarely see faces. Instead, my iPhone is filled with toned stomachs and gray boxes.  I’m talking about Grindr, a social networking app that, like many...

The shifting meaning of patriotism

July 15, 2013

Once a year, on July 4, Texans cede our Lone Star pride to that of a more elaborate flag. Independence Day is a celebration that—theoretically—unites every American under the stars and stripes...