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UT must continue to investigate off-campus assaults

Ashka Dighe November 30, 2018

UT should not adopt United States Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’ proposed changes to Title IX federal guidelines because off-campus incidents impact campus environment and student safety. According...

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UT needs more counselors for survivors of sexual assault

Ashka Dighe November 29, 2018

Survivors of sexual assault are vulnerable to emotional distress, especially immediately after the incident. Providing students with access to resources and helping them understand what steps to take next...


Professors shouldn’t mandate attendance outside of class time

Ashka Dighe November 19, 2018

In Robert Quigley’s J302F Digital Storytelling Basics class, an absence from the class’s midterm election watch party without a university-approved reason would result in a deduction of 7.5...


Mandatory reporting to Title IX can hurt sexual assault survivors

Ashka Dighe November 12, 2018

The second time Ian McEntee, a humanities and sociology senior, was sexually assaulted, he didn’t file a Title IX report. He chose not to after he reported his first assault and the Title IX process...


UT should take a full week off for Thanksgiving break

Ashka Dighe November 3, 2018

Thanksgiving break is the first long weekend that students get to potentially spend with their families after Labor Day. Approximately twenty percent of UT’s students are either out-of-state or international...


Assigning grades on a bell curve does not reflect student performance

Ashka Dighe October 25, 2018

In some classes, students who are capable and deserving of an A are being denied the opportunity to achieve that grade. This is because some professors have chosen to grade on bell curves, or based on...


Exams are not the only indicator of learning

Ashka Dighe October 19, 2018

I currently take two classes in which my final grade will be determined solely by my performance on the exams. This means that a total of six exams, which take fewer than fifteen hours, will determine...


UHS should reduce cost barriers for students to get STI testing

Ashka Dighe October 16, 2018

Electrical engineering sophomore Carlos Borja went to University Health Services to get tested for sexually transmitted infections his first year at UT. Before getting tested, he spoke with nurses who...


Dorms should accommodate for transgender, genderqueer students

Ashka Dighe October 9, 2018

I met most of my closest friends at UT in the Blanton Residence Hall, where I lived my freshman year. Studies show that there are academic and social benefits to living in a dorm during college —...


List instructor names with courses by registration

Ashka Dighe October 4, 2018

When preparing for registration, it’s common to see 12 sections of a course open but with only two of them listing professors. Registration is already stressful for students. Trying to register for...


SSD students need a proper testing center

Ashka Dighe October 4, 2018

I once took half of a calculus midterm in a noisy hallway, left for two hours while my professor taught a class and then returned to the same busy hallway to finish the exam when he was done.  I...

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Warnings about potentially sensitive discussions should be included in all syllabi

Ashka Dighe October 3, 2018

Controversial and difficult topics are often discussed at UT. Professors cannot be blamed for teaching courses in their entirety, but they should be required to warn students if a particular lecture covers...

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Fraternities shouldn’t be blamed for assaults by nonmembers

Ashka Dighe September 13, 2018

At RoundUp earlier this year, there was a case of sexual assault reported at the Sigma Alpha Mu (Sammy) house where a girl said she was digitally penetrated while dancing.  Sammy worked with the...


Professors need to re-evaluate classroom policies to reduce paper waste

Ashka Dighe July 24, 2018

Each introduction to chemistry class kills approximately five trees. A tree produces between 10,000 and 20,000 sheets of paper, and considering most of my textbooks are between 200 and 400 pages, this...


Non-academic Q’s don’t belong on students’ transcripts

Ashka Dighe July 21, 2018

Students often face numerous personal issues throughout their time at university. Learning disabilities, medical conditions and mental health issues are all personal crises that warrant a nonacademic Q-drop,...


Professors need assignment deadlines, too

Ashka Dighe July 7, 2018

Last semester, I took a class in which the professor did not enter any grades into Canvas and never returned feedback for some of the papers we wrote. It was difficult to improve and to predict what my...


University Health Services needs to cover our butts after hours, on weekends

Ashka Dighe June 21, 2018

University Health Services provides UT students with excellent health care at an affordable price. Right now, UHS is failing to provide some students in urgent need of medical attention with appropriate...

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