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On-campus post office extends lease

Ashley Tsao December 4, 2015

The on-campus post office has extended their lease until Feb. 28, 2017, according to Cindy Posey, associate director of communications for University Operations. The lease was originally set to expire...


UT lacks required physical education credit despite statewide obesity rates

Ashley Tsao December 3, 2015

In the face of rising obesity rates in Texas, mandatory physical education courses at UT would help reduce the number of overweight and obese adults, health education clinical professor Dolly Lambdin said. According...


American Sign Language to be offered as transcriptable minor

Ashley Tsao November 24, 2015

Beginning in fall 2016, American Sign Language will be offered as a transcriptable minor, providing UT students with a learning opportunity and a way to connect with a minority group in the Austin community,...

2015-11-19_STEM Women_Morgan

Panel: Reduced gender stereotypes lead to more women in STEM

Ashley Tsao November 19, 2015

Female representation and involvement in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields can be improved by reducing stereotypes held by students and faculty in all levels of education, according...


UTeach College of Natural Sciences aims to reduce STEM teacher shortages

Ashley Tsao November 17, 2015

A UT STEM teaching certificate program aims to reduce STEM teacher shortages in Texas by certifying an average of 60 to 70 students per year, according to UTeach executive director Michael Marder. UTeach...


With top fastest growing economies in Africa, University offers only one African language

Ashley Tsao November 12, 2015

Learning an African language is both a business investment and a method to gain cultural understanding, according to history professor Oloruntoyin Falola. According to an article published by Forbes...


UT invests in solar-powered cellphone charger

Ashley Tsao November 10, 2015

UT students can now recharge their phones and themselves under a solar-powered umbrella on campus. UT is one of 70 colleges investing in a green outdoor power solution that allows students to charge...


Gender gap in MBA program improves, lags behind top business schools

Ashley Tsao November 5, 2015

The gender gap in the McCombs School of Business MBA program is decreasing but still remains larger than other top business schools in America. The gender gap between men and women in MBA programs is...


Former Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission chair says U.S., European fiscal policies require change

Ashley Tsao November 3, 2015

Failures in U.S. and European fiscal policy must be addressed in order to regain democracy and stimulate economic recovery, according to Phil Angelides, former chair of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission. Angelides...

2015-10-29_Black Anti-Intellectualism_Morgan_Boone278

Professor questions validity of black anti-intellectualism

Ashley Tsao October 29, 2015

The director of the Institute for Urban Policy Research & Analysis & Studies Department spoke about the myth of African-American students anti-intellectualism at a faculty book presentation Wednesday.  Director...


Computer science major sees seven-year increase in enrollment

Ashley Tsao October 27, 2015

Computer science is among three majors at UT that have seen an increase in enrollment each year from 2007–2014, according to the Office of Institutional Reporting, Research, and Information Systems. In...


Political scientist discusses challenging government regulations through civil disobedience

Ashley Tsao October 22, 2015

Certain government regulations should be challenged with civil disobedience, according to author and political scientist Charles Murray who spoke at the LBJ School of Public Affairs on Wednesday. Murray...


Kepler CEO lectures on Rwandan higher education

Ashley Tsao October 20, 2015

Higher education in Rwanda needs to bridge both a quality gap and an accessibility gap in order for students to become successful, according to Kepler CEO Christopher Hedrick. Hedrick spoke at an event...


Panelists discuss US-China relations, diplomatic strategy

Ashley Tsao October 15, 2015

America’s current strategy of engagement with China has not been successful and is not likely to improve without change, according to Scott Kennedy, director of the Project on Chinese Business and...

Tunisian group receives Nobel Peace Prize for promoting democracy in Middle East

Ashley Tsao October 13, 2015

The Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet was awarded the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize on Friday, sending a message that democratization is possible in the Middle East and possibly expanding study abroad opportunities...


UT attracts Chinese international students

Ashley Tsao October 8, 2015

China has been the number one contributor of international students at UT for the past four years, with Chinese international students comprising 23 percent of all international students at UT during the...


Faculty members from Capital Punishment Center review capital punishment cases in the Supreme Court

Ashley Tsao October 6, 2015

Even though the death penalty is less used within the U.S. judicial system now in comparison to previous decades, it still commands a large portion of the Supreme Court’s time and resources, according...


ACLU hosts conference on privacy protections from technology companies

Ashley Tsao October 1, 2015

Public demand for privacy protections is at an all-time high, leading technology companies to explore new tactics to restrict over-surveillance, according to the keynote speaker at a conference hosted...


Engineering School awarded $3.8 million for earthquake research

Ashley Tsao September 29, 2015

The Cockrell School of Engineering was given a $3.8 million grant by the National Science Foundation to continue hazards research on infrastructure resistance against earthquakes.  UT is one of...


Public policy panel criticizes Obama energy plan

Ashley Tsao September 24, 2015

At a panel Wednesday afternoon, a visiting policy analyst dubbed President Barack Obama’s Clean Power Plan the “Cruel Power Plan” in her critique of the effectiveness...


Counselor: Laughter in therapy provides benefits

Ashley Tsao September 22, 2015

A licensed counselor explained how he uses improvisational comedy to promote laughter therapy at his clinic in a lecture put on by the DiNitto Center for Career Services on Monday. Lane Ingram, a licensed...


PCL gives preview of Scholars Commons Pilot

Ashley Tsao September 17, 2015

The Perry-Castañeda Library previewed what is soon to be the newest study area on campus, the Scholars Commons Pilot, at an informational forum followed by live music and refreshments Wednesday. The...


UT student wins nation’s largest interior design scholarship

Ashley Tsao September 15, 2015

Interior design senior Raquel Torres was awarded a $30,000 scholarship from The Angelo Donghia Foundation after entering her project, “Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording,” into the Donghia...


HUD Secretary Julián Castro delivers keynote speech

Ashley Tsao September 10, 2015

In the face of poverty and a growing population, the community a child resides in plays a pivotal role in determining his or her future, according to Julián Castro, secretary of the U.S. Department...


UT professor discusses effects of advertisement on health

Ashley Tsao September 8, 2015

When it comes to advertising toward youth, schools represent a prime target, and according to Keryn Pasch, UT Kinesiology associate professor and Prevention Research Lab director, the marketing of unhealthy...


Landmark Docents host meet and greet on campus

Ashley Tsao September 1, 2015

A small group of the Landmark Docents gathered Monday at an informal reception to discuss the benefits of increased attention toward UT landmarks. UT is currently home to 38 pieces of public art,...

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