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Students should be educated on how to safely use ride-sharing

Ashvin Govil May 8, 2019

Earlier this year, Samantha Josephson, a 21-year-old college student from South Carolina, did exactly what nearly every college student will do at some point in their college career: She called for an...


Peer evaluations for group projects hold students more accountable

Ashvin Govil April 12, 2019

Group projects have a reputation in college for being tedious and stressful. Although learning to collaborate with other people is an essential skill, group projects in undergraduate classes often lack...


Austin should collect and publish scooter accident data

Ashvin Govil March 11, 2019

Scooters did not exist in Austin a year ago, but now they are a part of life for many students on campus — whether they ride them or not. They crowd sidewalks and take up bike parking spaces on campus....


UT should implement the Bicycle Advisory Council’s proposal for bikers’ safety

Ashvin Govil March 6, 2019

Cars. Buses. Bikes. Scooters. The forms of transportation students use to get around UT range from 15 pounds to 15 tons, yet they are forced to share the road with each other in many places around campus. The...


Rising scooter injuries demand more safety regulations

Ashvin Govil February 19, 2019

The scooterpocalypse is here. Every block of UT and West Campus teems with scooters zipping across the streets or cluttering the sidewalks. According to City of Austin data, Austin riders took over 263,000...


Restrictions on Computer Science classes stunt department’s diversity goals

Ashvin Govil February 12, 2019

Registration is often the most stressful time for students. We all know the feeling of really wanting to take a certain class, only to watch it fill up before our chance to register. For computer science...


The rejection of Syrian refugees by state politicians is immoral

Ashvin Govil December 2, 2015

The recent terrorist attacks on Paris unleashed a tsunami of backlash that revealed Western politicians’ hair-trigger anti-Muslim sentiments. Despite the fact that all of the terrorists in the Paris...


Societal inequalities prove the necessity for affirmative action

Ashvin Govil November 18, 2015

The upcoming Supreme Court case Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin II has brought the debate on affirmative action back into the spotlight once again. The decision could possibly bring changes to...


Unconstructive presidential debate process needs major overhaul

Ashvin Govil November 4, 2015

Last Wednesday’s debate exposed a key weakness in the current way presidential primary debates are operated. The moderators came under heavy fire by viewers from both parties after asking questions...


Empathy for Bevo, not other cows proves hypocritical

Ashvin Govil October 21, 2015

Perhaps one of the most iconic and celebrated features of life as a Longhorn fan is the Longhorn mascot, Bevo. He represents the legendary UT football team and the entire culture behind it. Bevo XIV died...


Rise of Bernie Sanders attributed to authenticity

Ashvin Govil October 7, 2015

Bernie Sanders, Democratic candidate and 24-year Congress veteran, has been rapidly climbing the polls the last few months, outperforming Hillary Clinton, current frontrunner and former secretary of State,...


Media misrepresents college life

Ashvin Govil September 23, 2015

Popular media has a pervasive and universal effect on how people view the world around them. Even though most movies, TV shows and advertisements are not depictions of real people or events, they shape...


Pirating textbooks can be ethically justified

Ashvin Govil September 21, 2015

Editor's Note: This column appears in a point-counterpoint on the ethics of textbook piracy. Find its counterpoint here. Textbooks are a vital part of any student’s education — they...


Empathy should not be confused with coddling

Ashvin Govil September 11, 2015

The last few months have birthed a startling campaign against empathy in online spaces and media, rooted in the movement against political correctness and the so-called “coddling” of college...

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