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The art community must remain resilient after US withdrawal from UNESCO

Audrey Larcher October 30, 2017

When President Donald Trump announced that the United States would leave the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, not many people knew how to respond. Some said the move, carried...


Sexual mistreatment in entertainment is endemic

Audrey Larcher October 23, 2017

The long string of sexual assault allegations made against Harvey Weinstein wasn’t breaking news to many women in entertainment. Yes, their phones may have buzzed with push notifications all week,...


Gun violence continues because of irrational fear-mongering

Audrey Larcher October 10, 2017

A week and a day ago, I woke up, opened a push notification on my phone and wept. As I had slept, over 500 people at the Route 91 music festival fell victim to senseless violence, the worst shooting carried...


CMHC must expand treatment options for students

Audrey Larcher October 4, 2017

If you aren’t the one out of every five teenagers who lives with a mental condition, statistics suggest that you’ll come across one on the 40 Acres. The most recent University research shows...


Austin workers deserve paid sick leave

Audrey Larcher September 27, 2017

Austin is a desirable place to work and live. By every Californian’s account, our city is a liberal oasis in a conservative desert, teeming with diversity. Developers will let you know: dining is...


Texas must prioritize public education over high school football

Audrey Larcher September 20, 2017

When I moved to Texas at the beginning of my high school career, I joined Lake Travis’ dance program. I didn’t know that, in this state, dance actually meant drill team, and drill team meant...


Texans must engage with Latin American histories in artwork

Audrey Larcher September 13, 2017

Working as an art museum guard, you develop an eye for small things. My job at the Blanton Museum of Art requires attention to skewed angles and tilted frames. I notice visitors with fingers that twitch...


UT should do more to educate students in news literacy

Audrey Larcher September 6, 2017

Freedom of press and information is the cornerstone of functional democracy. In instances of American political turmoil and social unrest, it is journalists who amplify voices, illustrate facts and lead...


Guadalupe Street closures reflect unsettling trends in Austin culture

Audrey Larcher August 31, 2017

Walking down the Drag to their first day of classes, students will pass a number of abandoned storefronts. Big Bite and Mellow Mushroom are already fading from memory, but McDonald’s, Taco Cabana...


Jeremiah “The Innocent” deserves more recognition

Audrey Larcher August 4, 2017

Painted on the corner of 21st and Guadalupe, a frog mural decorates white brick wall, greeting all that pass by, “Hi, How Are You?” There’s nothing outstanding about technique, nor the...


While America steadily improving on LGBT rights, Mormon community has a long path to equity

Audrey Larcher July 28, 2017

In June, ample amounts of Pride posts were floating around on social media — all in all, the past year gave Americans the opportunity to look back on many strides of progress. But when BYU-Idaho...


Tex-Mex might be a pillar in Texas culture, but that doesn’t mean it’s good food

Audrey Larcher July 16, 2017

Last week, Austinites flocked to Matt’s El Rancho, celebrating the Tex-Mex restaurant’s 65th anniversary. For some, the celebration commemorated the 65 years our community has enjoyed classic,...


New police initiative ignores the true nature and art of graffiti

Audrey Larcher July 7, 2017

As cities expand, their graffiti art communities tend to follow suit. Austin’s rapidly transforming urban landscape is no exception — the past few years of our city’s outward sprawl gave...


Not the Chancellor we need

Audrey Larcher June 28, 2017

This summer is the beginning of the Class of 2021’s first year on the Forty Acres, but for Chancellor McRaven, it may be the beginning of his last. The retired Navy Admiral faces the threat of termination...


Remembering Wade

Audrey Larcher June 26, 2017

When I first met Wade, he didn’t go by Wade. Our friendship took root in high school, where I called him by a name his parents had assigned at birth. I continued to call him by the same name into...


Carly Rae Jepsen’s artistic career proves surprisingly important to pop genre

Audrey Larcher June 23, 2017

When Carly Rae Jepsen exploded onto the scene with Call Me Maybe in 2012, it was easy to think nothing of her. The empty backtrack and goofishly simple lyrics elicited huge reactions from the general...


The Odyssey cheapens writing, cheats students

Audrey Larcher June 18, 2017

“An Open Letter to Easy Mac,” “Why You Should Embrace Being Young and Twenty,” “Dogspotting Changed My Life.” Silly, underdeveloped headlines aren’t the norm for...


Rushed pace of summer classes inhibits learning

Audrey Larcher June 13, 2017

A week ago, students were welcomed into the first summer session by an inescapable flood of syllabi and a bit of existential dread—the same way any semester begins. But students sign up for summer...


Fenves shows priorities in sheltering Greek life

Audrey Larcher April 25, 2017

While the last week’s string of vandalism elicited anger from Greek communities, it was the University’s response to the incident that infuriated others. President Gregory Fenves issued a statement...


Real protestors fight for social justice, not fun

Audrey Larcher April 11, 2017

Last week, Pepsi released a commercial featuring Kendall Jenner advertising its soda as an essential part of a good protest. Less than a day later, the corporation pulled the video off its YouTube channel...


Vegans must feed everyone, not just wealthy white people

Audrey Larcher April 4, 2017

Vegan. The image most people associate with this label is typically some hipster of the variety indigenous to Austin. They’re tattooed, and they’re probably slender. They have ratty hair which...


SXSW ignores artists’ needs to chase profits

Audrey Larcher March 7, 2017

When 500 bands are booked to play a festival, it is not a big deal when one of those acts drops. But that was not the case last week when Brooklyn indie-pop band Told Slant publicly repudiated South By...


Student Government does not adequately represent students

Audrey Larcher March 2, 2017

Come As You Are. Representing All Longhorns Like You. These slogans of inclusivity have rung in students’ ears for the past few weeks as teams campaign to run for Student Government. But behind these...


Gentrification is chipping away at Austin’s unique culture

Audrey Larcher February 14, 2017

Hometown glory flooded Facebook feeds last week as Austinites shared the U.S. News report on the best cities in America. Austin topped the list with good schools, a booming housing market and a generally...


Arts funding must be protected from Trump

Audrey Larcher January 26, 2017

Trump has declared a war on the arts. In the new administration’s goal to slash federal spending by $10.5 trillion, the National Endowment for the Arts faces the threat of total elimination. Now...


Co-ops provide students with supportive, affordable housing alternatives

Audrey Larcher November 29, 2016

Now is the time when most students are thinking about housing options for next fall. While many are signing leases or putting down their deposits for a dorm room, there is another alternative that affords...


Superdelegates oppose our political system’s ideals

Audrey Larcher November 15, 2016

Editor's note: This column appears in a point-counterpoint regarding the legitimacy of superdelegates in our political system. You can read the counterpoint here. As this election cycle has illustrated,...


Male birth control study highlights gender inequality in the medical field

Audrey Larcher November 8, 2016

Weak. Wimpy. Melodramatic. These names are just a sample of what many called men last week in response to an article on a male birth control study. The article, published by The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology...


Systemic change needed to properly accommodate student athletes

Audrey Larcher November 1, 2016

While many underclassmen are still waiting to register for next semester’s courses, athletes of all classifications already registered a week ago. Although some students feel disenfranchised by the...

Write-in Candidates map_WEB

Write-in votes promote democratic participation

Audrey Larcher October 25, 2016

Editor's note: This column appears in a point-counterpoint regarding the legitimacy of  write-in votes. To find its counterpoint, click here. Behind a vote cast for a third-party candidate,...


Tinder proves viable dating option for college students

Audrey Larcher October 18, 2016

Getting a date can be hard. Even with over 50,000 students on the 40 Acres, the potential obstacles of finding a new love interest are numerous. Whether too busy balancing work and school or not the smoothest...


Wikileaks’ politics undermine original goal

Audrey Larcher October 11, 2016

WikiLeaks has not ignored the opportunity to crack down on corruption this election season. As of late, the organization, which identifies itself as “a multi-national media organization” that...


ACL strays from original purpose, fails to properly include Austin artists

Audrey Larcher October 4, 2016

This weekend, swaths of students attended Austin City Limits, helping to maintain the festival’s status as the most attended event in the city. Hosting genre pioneers like Radiohead and LCD Soundsystem,...


Abbott’s exclusion of refugees hurts Muslims

Audrey Larcher September 28, 2016

Citing security concerns, Gov. Greg Abbott recently threatened to withdraw Texas from the federal U.S. Refugee Resettlement program. Considering how Texas consistently adheres to its conservative agenda,...


UT must combat West Campus gentrification to create a more inclusive space

Audrey Larcher September 20, 2016

Gentrification in Austin is no new issue. For almost a century, racial minorities have been marginalized by subversive zoning policies but only recently has the issue gained wide-scale visibility. However,...

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Texans must reject Trump’s isolationist policies

Audrey Larcher August 31, 2016

Throughout the 2016 presidential election cycle, Trump has advocated a return to what he calls “Americanism,” an ideology primarily characterized by decreased international trade and a general...

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