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Official newspaper of The University of Texas at Austin

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UT students volunteer at Casa Marianella shelter for immigrants

Brandi Davis November 18, 2015

In 1986, Austin civic leader Ed Wendler bought a house to provide refuge for people fleeing war in Central America. Today, the house, Casa Marianella, provides shelter and safety for immigrants from all...


UT alumnus creates animal-themed bicycle art zoo

Brandi Davis November 10, 2015

UT alumnus Jeremy Rosen rides over the Mexican border atop an 80-foot, metal rattlesnake. The man-made creature is just one of many that make up the Austin Bike Zoo. The zoo is a collection of handmade...


Alumna depicts UT custodial staff’s stories through “Night Shift” film

Brandi Davis October 30, 2015

When UT alumna Alison Boland worked at the tech desk in the Jessie H. Jones Communication Center, she found friendship in UT’s custodial staff. Now, Boland will take their often unheard stories to...

FourthCity_courtesy of Fourth City

UT Alumni to release short film about violin heist

Brandi Davis October 29, 2015

For eight years, a man meticulously planned the heist of a $6 million violin. He stalked the violin’s owner for years, only to tase him in a parking lot outside of a symphony and wind up in cuffs...


History professor Steven Mintz to speak about modern adulthood at Texas Book Festival

Brandi Davis October 15, 2015

In UT history professor Steven Mintz’s latest book, “The Prime of Life: A History of Modern Adulthood,” he argues strict familial norms are a thing of the past.  Mintz is the...


TBT: Hurricane Rita almost puts hold on ACL 2005

Brandi Davis October 1, 2015

Two years ago, heavy rains caused Austin City Limits to cancel the final day of festivities. But in 2005, when a Category 5 hurricane hit Texas, the show went on. That same year, The Daily Texan staff...


Student creates bucket list to inspire travel, adventure

Brandi Davis September 24, 2015

At the start of September, marketing senior Alex Wagman put 143 marbles in a jar to represent the number of Saturdays he has left before graduation. Each Saturday, he takes one out and puts it in his pocket...

The Manifest Electric releases first full-length album, ‘Wild’

Brandi Davis September 10, 2015

Sounds of claps, shouts and doo-wops bounce off the recording studio’s walls as indie rock band The Manifest Electric records it’s debut album, Wild. The group’s lyrics explore the chaotic...


Téo’s Gelato celebrates National Ice Cream Month with new flavors

Brandi Davis July 4, 2015

On hot summer days, swarms of Austinites seek refuge in Téo Espresso, Gelato & Bella Vita, cooled by salted caramel, berry and pistachio flavored gelatos.   Located in Austin, Téo...


Aerial show Swings Asunder explores self identity

Brandi Davis June 27, 2015

Eight dancers spin in and around a suspended hoop, flying 30 feet in the air as a bed frame rises from a stage. Each individual struggling to achieve gender fluidity. UT alumnus Justin Sherburn and...


UT alumnus performs 46 hours of improv comedy at Hideout Theatre

Brandi Davis June 18, 2015

After 23 hours on stage, a sleep-deprived, delirious UT alumnus Quinn Buckner will improv his way through one more unpredictable scene — and he’ll still have another 23 hours to go. Along...

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