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Queer is invincible

Carlos Devora December 7, 2017

The term Queer has become a complex discussion point for many people in and out of the LGBTQ community. Despite the term’s negative connotation throughout history, many people in the LGBTQ community...

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The problem with the broke college student aesthetic

Carlos Devora November 15, 2017

Q: As a financially independent college student who often struggles with income, what would you say to the pseudo-broke college students who aestheticize the narrative? Yanett Heredia, senior neuroscience...


Unpacking the racial nuances of Latinx

Carlos Devora November 3, 2017

When advertising senior Jessica Hernandez was 15 years old the cops were called on her dad while out on a family dinner. The reason — someone believed her dad was her kidnapper due to their differences...


Respecting the significance of queer spaces

Carlos Devora October 13, 2017

Gay clubs have recently become popularized in mainstream pop culture. The vodka-infused drinks, lively ambiance and ability to engage with other queer folk while an ongoing loop of songs by pop divas plays...


Social media: a tool for social justice

Carlos Devora October 11, 2017

#BlackLivesMatter, #UnfairAndLovely, #SayHerName, #DefendDACA and the most recent #TakeAKnee are just a few examples of hashtags that have pushed social movements into the forefront of mainstream news...


Gendered Language and the importance of ‘Latinx’

Carlos Devora September 21, 2017

Masculine and feminine pronouns and suffixes dictate the language. However, most words center the male gender as supreme. If a group of Latin American women are together, we would likely refer to them...


Objectivity, honesty required in conducting fair reporting

Carlos Devora September 7, 2017

As a journalism student, the search for truth becomes a focal point in many of my course lessons. This “truth” is often coupled with notions of objectivity, and a relentless aim for neutrality....

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