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UT_Surplus1008_SerenaRomero(UT Surplus Feature)

Surplus store offers students way to eliminate waste while saving money

Caroline Betik October 8, 2018

Instead of making the drive to the Domain for shopping, students should consider stopping by the JJ Pickle Research Campus on Thursday afternoons to stock up on all things UT for prices they can actually...

Students jump onto Littlefield Fountain hopping tradition

Caroline Betik September 27, 2018

Every year, students jump in Littlefield Fountain to pose for graduation pictures, some even decked out in their stoles and champagne in hand. Other mischievous students take a spontaneous dip in the middle...

UT professors weigh in on the importance of expressive writing

Caroline Betik September 12, 2018

“Dear Diary …” flashbacks of pining over a middle school crush and writing grammatically incorrect love poems are inevitably what accompanies that phrase when you think about writing...


Campaign helps McCombs students deal with mental health struggles

Caroline Betik April 27, 2018

McCombs School of Business is known to house some of the most talented and most competitive students on campus. However, this high-stress environment can be taxing for their mental well-being and cause...


East Austin Succulents grows its presence by ‘keeping Austin weird’

Caroline Betik April 12, 2018

While there are many iconic places in Austin that highlight the city’s reputation, such as Franklin’s BBQ or Graffiti Park, the quirky and fun elements of the city come to life in smaller,...


Listening to music has noteworthy impacts on students

Caroline Betik March 30, 2018

With today’s technology, students have greater control over the music they choose to listen to. From orchestral to country, each genre of music creates a different atmosphere while walking to class. For...


Keep up post-spring break motivation with these helpful tips

Caroline Betik March 21, 2018

Sand, sunshine and students packed the beaches for a fun-filled week by the sea over spring break. With the smell of sunscreen and alcohol still fresh in their memory, it’s often difficult for students...


The newbies’ guide to SXSW

Caroline Betik March 6, 2018

Exploding in both size and popularity, South by Southwest is drawing more people to Austin for a festival for the first time each year. When done right, the event can be an experience of a lifetime, but...


College students can, should learn to be DIY chefs

Caroline Betik March 6, 2018

It is no secret that college students love convenience. After a long day (or couple of days) of hard work, students may not have the energy to leave their dorm room and schlep all the way to a dining hall...


Social spectacle: A look at the fake eyewear trend

Caroline Betik March 5, 2018

For years, people cursed with poor eyesight have been called names and belittled into stereotypes because of their glasses. Now, that trend is changing, and specs are a wardrobe staple for many people,...

2Eating_0220_NikolePeña_EatingHabits copy

With stuffed schedules, some students forget to stuff their faces

Caroline Betik February 20, 2018

Many students can relate to juggling a packed schedule and quickly grabbing a granola bar for breakfast, or a burger and fries before heading to their next class. As students take on more responsibilities,...

Mindbody_0212_DianeSun_mindbody copy

MindBody Labs allow students to free their mind during midterms

Caroline Betik February 12, 2018

With midterms in full swing, you might catch yourself stressing over exams in the PCL, shedding a tear or two with nowhere to seek respite. This is why the UT Counseling and Mental Health Center created...

Gregory Gym is crowded: here are some tips

Caroline Betik January 31, 2018

With swimsuit season right around the corner, many students are looking to be in the best shape possible for spring break. But it can be hard to find the right time to visit Gregory Gym — when it...

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