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Science versus scripture: the UT community reconciles faith and science

Grace Dickens and Cason Hunwick December 10, 2018

The intersection of science and faith can be a diverse and storied discussion. This fall, the two met constructively in a sermon series held by Rev. John Elford at the University United Methodist Church...


UHS aims to curb study drug use with new campaign

Cason Hunwick December 6, 2018

Some students misuse prescription stimulants like Adderall and Ritalin, known as “study drugs,” to get better grades. A new University Health Services campaign aims to inform and educate students...


Gym Smarts: Skip stretching, focus on muscle activation before workouts

Cason Hunwick November 13, 2018

You can find them in the corners of the track at Gregory Gymnasium and on the mats outside the Recreational Sports Center weight room: gym-goers laying on a leg, clutching an ankle or stretching to prepare...

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Psychology course requirement raises student concerns, ethical debate

Cason Hunwick and Tien Nguyen November 9, 2018

Tucked away in a fourth-floor office, psychology research coordinator Eunjung Lee-Furman holds an aged binder containing documents that detail the history of student subjects in UT psychology research...


Lasers shed light on mechanisms behind cancer, deadly bacteria

Cason Hunwick October 19, 2018

A new laser tool will help advance our understanding of the mechanisms behind cancer and aid researchers in finding drugs to kill dangerous, drug-resistant bacteria. A group of UT chemists have combined...


Researchers tackle distrust toward carbon taxes

Cason Hunwick October 12, 2018

Republicans and democrats disagree on a lot of things, but they both distrust the carbon tax. Yet a UT study concludes a carbon tax is the best way to kill coal and promote renewable energy. A carbon...


Gym smarts: Stop bench pressing, start balancing workouts, experts say

Cason Hunwick October 2, 2018

Gym junkies set on sexy pecs and biceps might pay for it in posture problems later in their lives. Brian K. Farr, clinical associate professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Health Education,...


Research links mindset on intelligence to stress

Cason Hunwick September 21, 2018

Getting used to college is almost always stressful, but according to research by psychology graduate student Hae Yeon Lee, students experience less stress if they believe they can get smarter. Lee and...

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Facebook awards UT Internet Security Researcher $40,000

Cason Hunwick August 30, 2018

A UT researcher received $40,000 from Facebook for advancing research in online security. Wing Cheong Lau, a UT-Austin electrical and computer engineering graduate and associate professor at the Chinese...

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Dark energy: UT astronomers take us closer to understanding the greatest mystery in physics

Cason Hunwick May 3, 2018

Armed with an upgraded telescope aimed at the dark West Texas sky, UT astronomers are peering billions of years back in time to search for answers to dark energy. Modern science understands a lot about...


Economics student grows vegetables in a food desert

Cason Hunwick and Shezaz Hannan April 10, 2018

Finding fresh, healthy food can be an issue in the Austin area, particularly in lower-income communities. Economics senior Joy Youwakim is working to change that. Youwakim grew vegetables on a municipal...


New flu pill adds to arsenal of drugs fighting influenza virus

Cason Hunwick April 3, 2018

Just one pill of a new flu drug, the product of a research discovery at UT from almost 40 years ago, could be more effective than Tamiflu. Robert Krug, molecular biosciences professor emeritus, discovered...

march for science cover_ court_Liz Hostetler

March for Science stands up for science-backed policy, funding for research

Cason Hunwick April 3, 2018

At the 2017 March for Science, Austin police estimate that over 10,000 people marched to support science. This year, Liz Hostetler, co-organizer of the March, hopes the event will draw an even bigger crowd. Hostetler...


Bizarre insects face off in March Bug Madness

Cason Hunwick March 22, 2018

Bugs can’t play basketball but nature sure makes them weird. Escape the busted brackets and basketball mayhem, and vote for your favorite bizarre bug on Texas Science’s Instagram story now...


Rice to riches: Austin startup reinvents rice hull waste

Cason Hunwick March 8, 2018

An Austin startup has taken advantage of the commercial value hidden in a common food waste. SioTex is an Austin startup that manufactures an eco-friendly silica powder made from rice hulls. The hulls...


Biologist explores relationship between fungi and trees at Science Under the Stars

Cason Hunwick March 8, 2018

Burning fossil fuels does more than put carbon into the atmosphere: It also disperses excess nitrogen into forests. Plants need this nitrogen to grow, but too much of it can disrupt the balance between...


Experts from diverse disciplines convene to discuss wood as a sustainable resource

Cason Hunwick February 19, 2018

Wood can take us a step closer to a sustainable future. That future is wrought with substantial difficulties, such as that expressed by UK architect and speaker Andrew Waugh when he described the coming...


UT outreach programs help graduate students improve their communication skills

Cason Hunwick February 16, 2018

Two programs at UT are activating student curiosity with real-life, hands-on learning. The “Shadow a Scientist” and “Present your Thesis to a 12 year Old” programs aim to connect...


Green roof on Dell Medical School incorporates plant life into the city

Cason Hunwick January 30, 2018

Before construction started on the Dell Medical School, inaugural Dean Clay Johnston halted progress and insisted on the addition of a green roof. Green roofs are small plots of soil planted on urban...

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