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Professor receives award for marine evolution studies

Chris Mendez February 3, 2015

In a speech Thursday, after receiving the David Starr Jordan Prize, integrative biology professor Dan Bolnick said he believes his research has the potential to help other scientists learn more about how...


Professor discusses book on histories of black British artists

Chris Mendez January 30, 2015

According to Eddie Chambers, art and art history associate professor, black artists from Africa, South Asia and the Caribbean faced exclusion from British art galleries and museums because of their race...

Visiting professor discusses different coping mechanisms for living in violent areas

Chris Mendez January 28, 2015

In a lecture Tuesday, visiting Israeli professor Julia Chaitin presented her findings on how elderly Israelis near the Gaza Strip cope with violence. Chaitlin, who lives in the area, conducted research...

Students take study break at ChillFest

Chris Mendez December 4, 2014

Students popped bubble wrap, colored pictures and received massages at ChillFest on Wednesday in the Texas Union ballroom. ChillFest is a free event which hosts different stress-relieving activities...

Five UT professors elected as fellows for science organization

Chris Mendez December 2, 2014

Five University professors have been elected to become members of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, an international nonprofit organization, for their contributions to various areas...


Professor discusses the hacking of drones

Chris Mendez November 24, 2014

With a small unmanned drone on display at a lecture Friday, Todd Humphreys, aerospace engineering and engineering mechanics assistant professor, said drones, including military drones, have the potential...


Film critic discusses impact of ‘Gone With the Wind’

Chris Mendez November 20, 2014

Author and film critic Molly Haskell spoke at the Harry Ransom Center on Wednesday about the impact of “Gone with the Wind,” as part of the center’s current exhibition on the making of...


Snapchat brings back ‘Our Campus Story’ feature

Chris Mendez November 17, 2014

After an initial test launch in October, the “Our Campus Story” feature on Snapchat has returned to the UT campus. The feature allows students to post photos or videos on a regular feed...


Little Rock Nine members discuss education, race

Chris Mendez November 14, 2014

Three members of the Little Rock Nine spoke on campus Thursday and recalled their experience entering the halls of Central High School while being escorted by the 101st Army Division.  In 1954,...


UT researcher aids in discovery of prehistoric mammal

Chris Mendez November 10, 2014

Anthropology associate professor Chris Kirk aided a research team in describing a new species of prehistoric mammal from Madagascar. The research team, led by David Krause of Stony Brook University,...

UT professor says tectonic shift triggered biological explosion

Chris Mendez November 6, 2014

New research from geosciences professor Ian Dalziel suggests the cause of rising sea levels and biological expansion 530 million years ago was a major tectonic shift.  Dalziel’s study, which...


Swansea University professor presents research on melting icebergs

Chris Mendez November 3, 2014

Tavi Murray, a glaciology professor at Swansea University in Wales, presented her team’s research of iceberg calving as one of the causes of rising sea levels Friday at the SAC. The lecture was...


Professor discusses robot development at the University

Chris Mendez October 30, 2014

In discussing the future of robots Wednesday, Luis Sentis, mechanical engineering assistant professor, said the University will have an important role for research in the area of robotics.  “Texas...


Author discusses economy and culture of Wales after WWI

Chris Mendez October 27, 2014

Author Kenneth Morgan discussed the history of Wales during World War I on Friday at the Harry Ransom Center as part of its weekly “British Studies Seminar” series. “I want to focus...


UT researchers find gene linked to Parkinson’s disease

Chris Mendez October 22, 2014

A University research team led by Somshuvra Mukhopadhyay, pharmacology and toxicology assistant professor, discovered that an increase in Parkinson’s disease and other parkinsonian disorders can...


Texas Forensics club creates fake crime scene

Chris Mendez October 16, 2014

Yellow tape surrounded the crime scene at the Texas Forensics club’s “Murder Mystery Party” on Wednesday in Welch Hall. Held as a part of the club’s meeting, the club’s...


Author discusses life of Victorian general

Chris Mendez October 13, 2014

Author Richard Davenport-Hines discussed the life and character of Victorian General Charles Gordon at the Harry Ransom Center on Friday, as part of its weekly “British Studies Seminar” series. Davenport-Hines...


History professor discusses new book on Indian caste system

Chris Mendez October 9, 2014

While discussing his new book, “Beyond Caste: Identity and Power in South Asia, Past and Present,” on Wednesday, history professor Sumit Guha said the caste system continues to influence India...

Group connects students with research opportunities

Chris Mendez October 6, 2014

Science is a subject some students avoid, but students in SURGe meet every week to talk about scientific research. SURGe provides undergraduates with a way to get involved in research through lab work...


Wellesley College art professor discusses new Blanton exhibit

Chris Mendez October 2, 2014

A guest lecturer spoke about French painter Paul Cezanne’s influence on the work of Latin American artists Diego Rivera and Jesús Soto at the Blanton Museum of Art on Wednesday. James Oles,...


Deaf, hard of hearing students find opportunities to get involved

Chris Mendez September 25, 2014

American Sign Language professors discussed ways in which deaf and hard of hearing students can get involved on campus at the Julius Glickman Conference Center on Wednesday. The event, which was...


UT professor discovers ecological instability on California’s coast

Chris Mendez September 22, 2014

While conducting research along the California coast, Bryan Black, marine science assistant professor, discovered instability among the Californian marine life.  Birds and fish native to that region...


UT professors debate U.S. involvement in Afghanistan

Chris Mendez September 10, 2014

Paul Miller, associate director of the University’s Clements Center for History, Strategy and Statecraft, and Eugene Gholz, public affairs associate professor, presented opposing views on U.S. involvement...

Mechanical engineering professor wins Beckman Young Investigator Award

Chris Mendez September 5, 2014

Mechanical engineering assistant professor Yuebing Zheng received the Beckman Young Investigator award in August and will use the prize money to develop a mobile medical diagnosis device.  The...

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