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UT researchers have a fix for a biological glitch that will improve diagnoses of genetic conditions

Danielle Ransom July 11, 2016

UT researchers have created a new enzyme that allows for more accurate diagnoses of genetic conditions. The team, led by Jared Ellefson, a postdoctoral fellow in UT Austin’s Center for Systems...


UT Professor recreated the birth of the first star

Danielle Ransom June 30, 2016

While stars appear to be small beams of light, in reality they’re huge bodies of gas and heat located millions of light years away. A UT astronomer recently brought these stars to the small screen,...

Rare orchid courtesy of Rob Plowes

Rare orchid species discovered at Brackenridge lab

Danielle Ransom June 27, 2016

A strangely vivid purple flower was recently found in the forested area at Brackenridge Field Lab, located on Lake Austin Boulevard.  The purple species, Hexalectris grandiflora, is a native orchid...


Diversification of pollinating species has potential to increase Texas annual revenue, help sustain environment

Danielle Ransom June 20, 2016

Rarely do people think about the economical and environmental value of pollinator species, such as bees, but UT researchers recently showed that these tiny workers have a lot to offer.  Shalene...


UT scientists develop a cheaper, faster method to rapidly detect viruses

Danielle Ransom June 19, 2016

UT scientists have developed a faster method of detecting viruses in urine.   Adam Hilterbrand, a microbiology graduate student, and Jeffrey Dick, an electrical chemistry graduate student,...


Nanoparticles may be key to making malaria diagnosis more accurate, cheaper

Danielle Ransom June 13, 2016

Nanoparticles may be the key to cheaper and more accurate ways of diagnosing malaria.  Chun Huh, a UT petroleum engineering research professor, and his team are developing rapid diagnostic...


Random numbers could improve cybersecurity

Danielle Ransom June 7, 2016

Random numbers may not improve your chances of winning the lottery, but they have the potential to improve cyber security. David Zuckerman, a UT computer scientist, and Eshan Chattopadhyay, a graduate...

S&T_healthy prize_2015-02-10_Trail_Carlo

City of Austin, University Health Services launch unique program to promote health, well-being among students

Danielle Ransom May 6, 2016

Between endless exams, demanding schedules and a fast food diet, it can be hard to stay healthy in college. Last fall, UT partnered with the City of Austin to help students easily and affordably maintain...


In ‘The Adventure of Spaceflight,’ astronaut advises students to shoot for moon

Danielle Ransom April 1, 2016

Retired United States Air Force Colonel and NASA astronaut Rex Walheim spoke about outer space, inner strength, and overcoming obstacles to reach his current position as chief of the exploration branch...


Design-oriented hackathon offers canvas for student creativity

Danielle Ransom March 23, 2016

Students will learn how to create graphics for logos, games and apps at Freetail Hackers’ first design-oriented hackathon, Design Hacks. The event will be held in the Gregory Games Room at 9:30...


EnChroma brings color to the colorblind

Danielle Ransom February 24, 2016

On Friday, some UT students saw colors they had never seen before. Glasses developed by EnChroma expanded the visible range of colors for these colorblind students. Color vision deficiency occurs...


Coding Commons puts students in command

Danielle Ransom February 19, 2016

Students use computers for a large portion of their day, but they may not know what exactly makes them tick. Last year, graduate students in the School of Information created Coding Commons, an organization...


UT alumna to speak about spider silk’s potentials

Danielle Ransom February 8, 2016

Students may not be able to swing through the city skyline on spider webs, but they are one step closer to having consumer goods make out of spider silk.  Researchers and biotechnology companies...

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