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Intimidating the press is abominable

David Howell December 4, 2017

Last week, Texas State’s newspaper, The University Star, found itself in the news; it had published an ill-advised column titled “Your DNA is an abomination.” With lines like, “ontologically...

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Everyone must confront our mental health crisis

David Howell November 29, 2017

To better students’ minds, universities must do more than improve healthy minds — they must nurture ill minds back to health. UT has too many ill minds. We kids aren’t alright. Our...

Robert Marrow

To end its crisis of character, the Alabama GOP should look to Texas

David Howell November 16, 2017

Robert Morrow was a joker, and he was a joke. He was a wild card, and he chaired the Travis County Republican Party. He was, above all, a thorn in the side of the Texan Republican Party. Morrow accused...


UT’s censorious culture must be fought

David Howell November 6, 2017

Bite your tongue enough, and it will swell. Keep biting it, and it will keep swelling. Eventually, you’ll find that your bloated tongue impedes speaking. Either you’ll stop speaking, or you’ll...

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Rid the president of meddlesome power over Title IX appeals

David Howell October 31, 2017

Here, at UT, the president wields an almost imperial power in the Title IX appeals process. His word is final, his power is absolute. Our Title IX appeals process is autocratic. Per chapter 11-805...


Egypt must let imprisoned Longhorns go

David Howell October 23, 2017

Aayah Khalaf’s family is a Longhorn family.  In the late 1980s, Aayah Khalaf’s parents, Ola al-Qaradawi and Hosam Khalaf, earned their master’s degrees at UT. Hosam’s father,...


Texas must use Rainy Day Fund for actual rainy days

David Howell October 16, 2017

Gov. Rick Perry beseeched his fellow Texans to pray. It was 2011, and a cataclysmic drought was affecting the state. The one-time “Dancing with the Stars” contestant knew just what to do. He...


Good riddance to Columbus — honor local indigenous peoples, too

David Howell October 9, 2017

Today, the inhabitants of Austin celebrate the original inhabitants of the New World. Instead of honoring Columbus, a genocidal body-snatcher, Austin celebrates the people who first roamed this land. Four...


FEMA must not withhold relief funds from churches

David Howell September 26, 2017

Hurricane Harvey flooded Harvest Family Church, Hi-Way Tabernacle and Rockport First Assembly of God. After the storm, displaced Texans found shelter at places like Hi-Way Tabernacle, which distributed...

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