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Student-run group continues fight against budget cuts

Diego Cruz August 11, 2011

A student-led group continues to organize on behalf of higher University funding even after many students, faculty and staff have resigned themselves to nearly $100 million in legislative budget cuts. The...

Research shows mountains in North America once stood alongside those in Antarctica

Diego Cruz August 10, 2011

New research shows North American mountain ranges were once side-by-side to those in Antarctica, says a UT professor. A multi-continent group of researchers found a group of rocks from Coats Land...

Jacmel, Haiti becomes Friendship City of Austin

Diego Cruz August 10, 2011

Mayor Lee Leffingwell announced Tuesday the designation of Jacmel, Haiti, as a Friendship City of Austin. Jacmel is often compared to Austin, Leffingwell said in a press release, a similarity primarily...

UT receives documents from influential Mexican-American judge

Diego Cruz August 4, 2011

The University has received documents donated by the family of a Mexican-American judge who was influential in shaping Texas and U.S. law. The documents donated by the late Judge Filemon Vela’s...

City Council will meet to discuss plastic bag ban, parking

Diego Cruz August 4, 2011

City Council will meet today to discuss more than 50 different issues facing Austin, including a potential ban on plastic bags, changing city council election dates and delaying implementation of a...

UT professor mines language for clues about behavior

Diego Cruz August 3, 2011

What we say may not reveal as much about ourselves as how we say it, says a UT professor in his upcoming book. Professor and Psychology Department Chair James Pennebaker and his students have been...

Student entrepreneur group unveils results of summer program

Diego Cruz August 3, 2011

UT student entrepreneurs presented the results of their eight-week-long summer business-building program at the Austin Technology Incubator on Tuesday. The Student Entrepreneurship Acceleration...

Texas Higher Education Board praises universities’ progress

Diego Cruz July 28, 2011

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board is expected to release an annual report today saying Texas universities have improved their standing among peer states since 2000 but continue to face challenges. The...

UT International Office moves to different location

Diego Cruz July 28, 2011

The International Office found a new home this summer after UT leased its old location to developers looking to erect a new apartment tower. The Board of Regents signed a 60-year ground lease with...

UT joins project to connect scientists with vital resources

Diego Cruz July 27, 2011

UT is participating in a new nationwide project to connect research scientists with the supercomputers and other digital resources that make much of their work possible. For the next five years...

State Board of Education meets to discuss science curricula

Diego Cruz July 22, 2011

A State Board of Education public hearing helped dispel doubts over scientific materials being considered for school district curricula. Citizens voiced their concerns or support regarding Commissioner...

City Council delays implementation of longer parking meter hours

Diego Cruz July 22, 2011

The City Council may once again postpone the extension of downtown parking meter hours, this time until at least January. Council members Kathie Tovo and Laura Morrison will present a measure next...

Website hopes to help local profits stay in city

Diego Cruz July 20, 2011

Local communities are weaker as globalization and corporatization grow, said representatives from a UT-driven company who hope to turn that trend around. Borrowed Sugar designed a website which...

US-Mexico border disturbs ecology

Diego Cruz July 14, 2011

A UT study reveals that barriers on the U.S.-Mexico border are disturbing ecosystems and endangering animal species in the area. The study assessed the impact barriers have on the ecosystems they...

UT sues O’Neal for possession of Fawcett portrait

Diego Cruz July 14, 2011

The UT System is suing actor Ryan O’Neal for the wrongful possession of Andy Warhol‘s 1980 portrait of late former UT student Farrah Fawcett, saying the actress bequeathed her collection...

UT alumnus, lecturer present documentary about Willingham case

Diego Cruz July 13, 2011

The Texas Tribune is using film to shed light on the potential flaws of the case of Cameron Todd Willingham, a man whose guilt has remained in question since his 2004 execution. “Incendiary:...

Kahlo comes home to Ransom Center

Diego Cruz July 7, 2011

A famous Frida Kahlo self-portrait has returned to the Harry Ransom Center after more than six months on display abroad. The center announced the arrival of the late painter’s self-portrait...

Program unites technology, expertise to better study of plants

Diego Cruz July 6, 2011

UT researchers presented a project joining the future of computational technologies and plant science. Computational technology will play a critical role in the plant sciences that affect crop development...

McDonald Observatory reports compiled as resource for astronomy classes

Diego Cruz July 5, 2011

UT’s McDonald Observatory provided years of astronomy content for Project Share, an online resource for Texas teachers, on Thursday. Project Share gives Texas teachers access to instruction...

Safety measures to secure glass at W Hotel

Diego Cruz June 30, 2011

Downtown streets were blocked after glass fell from the W Hotel Tuesday afternoon. A balcony glass panel shattered and fell, breaking two other panels beneath it and landing in the hotel’s...

Blood gathered at SG drive has potential to save storm victims

Diego Cruz June 30, 2011

The recent Student Government blood drive could provide relief for more than 130 victims of this spring’s deadly storms. Tornadoes ravaged Tuscaloosa, Ala., in April and Joplin, Mo., in May,...

House passes budget after initial failure

Diego Cruz and William James Gerlich June 29, 2011

The special session almost went into round two after the Texas House of Representatives first rejected the “must-pass Senate bill” that would balance the state’s next biennium budget. After...

Charitable giving rebounds in 2010

Diego Cruz June 23, 2011

After two years of decline, charitable giving rose in 2010, and a UT administrator said donations to UT recovered even more quickly. Charitable giving increased 2.1 percent last year after a 13...

UT public health researchers to develop web program to help smokers quit

Diego Cruz June 23, 2011

UT will no longer offer classes to help smokers quit — but a new web-based program may replace them. The UT School of Public Health Austin Regional Campus is developing a free interactive...

Cyclists’ travel patterns mined for research data

Diego Cruz June 10, 2011

Researchers are tracking Austin cyclists to better understand how they travel through the city. The application CycleTracks records routes cyclists take using the GPS function of their smartphones,...

Perry’s proclamation draws national attention, incites criticism from non-Christians

Diego Cruz June 9, 2011

Gov. Rick Perry is attracting national attention after organizing “The Response: A Day of Prayer and Fasting” to deal with a nation “in crisis.” The daylong “non-denominational,...

Gas prices decline, but remain far from last year’s range

Diego Cruz June 9, 2011

Austin drivers are paying less for gas this month, but filling the tank is still emptying pockets quicker than it did last June. Gasoline prices in Austin are down more than 20 cents per gallon...

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