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Editor-in-chief still cant get into Texan basement office

Editor-in-chief still can’t get into Texan basement office

Emily Caldwell May 6, 2021
Editor-in-chief Emily Caldwell says goodbye and thanks everyone who helped her throughout her term.

Editor’s note: The Daily Texan has closed its comments section

Emily Caldwell September 24, 2020

The Daily Texan has decided to close the comments function on our website for the time being. The comments section, coordinated through Disqus, will no longer be operational on any article or story. We...


‘This year’s not the year to procrastinate’

Emily Caldwell September 4, 2020

Election season is approaching quickly and so is the deadline to register to vote. Your vote this fall may matter more than it ever has before — whether it’s through the presidential election,...


UT was not ready for us to meet in-person

Emily Caldwell August 28, 2020

I’d like to say I can’t believe it, but I’d be lying. UT has once again failed to follow through on its promises, and students are unprotected. I’m tired of saying this probably...


Apply for The Daily Texan’s fall staff

Emily Caldwell August 24, 2020

The Daily Texan has been The University of Texas at Austin’s student newspaper for 120 years. We’ve never had a year like this.  In March, for the first time since the 1918 influenza...


Management response to Demands for Reforms in The Daily Texan Newsroom

From The Daily Texan’s fall and summer 2020 management team: Earlier this afternoon, The Daily Texan’s Diversity and Inclusion Board released a statement calling for the Texan and its parent...


The Daily Texan must focus on feedback and community

Emily Caldwell February 27, 2020

Editor’s note: Emily Caldwell is currently running to become the next editor-in-chief of The Daily Texan. For this column, she was asked to present her platform and vision for the Texan. The...


To foster a more inclusive Texan, I want to hear from you

Emily Caldwell February 20, 2020

Editor’s note: Emily Caldwell is currently running to become the next editor-in-chief of The Daily Texan. For this column, she was given the following prompt: The Daily Texan has for years struggled...


Supporting student workers should be a no-brainer

Emily Caldwell September 6, 2019

A 2015 study published by the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce found that over the past 25 years, more than 70% of college students have worked at least one job while enrolled...


Let’s make the Common Application the common application

Emily Caldwell August 29, 2019

“OK, so you need two essays and three short answer responses for this application and three essays and two short answer responses for this one. Oh, and it looks like the prompts are different, so...


UT Office of Admissions needs to adopt a test-flexible policy

Emily Caldwell February 7, 2019

If you don’t want to submit your ACT or SAT scores with your college application, that’s not a problem — at NYU. The private university in New York City, which boasts one of the most...


It’s never too late to apply for financial aid

Emily Caldwell January 25, 2019

The biggest mistake I made my freshman year was not researching and applying to any scholarships or FAFSA. It is a common misconception that FAFSA, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, is not...


Registration isn’t fun, but having to constantly check the status of a class during add/drop may be worse

Emily Caldwell January 22, 2019

Some classes never use waitlists, making registration for these classes during the add/drop period an absolute nightmare. Now imagine if you could receive automatic notifications when the status of the...


Parking your bike on campus doesn’t have to be this hard

Emily Caldwell December 10, 2018

Trying to park your bike on campus can be as painful as trying to park your car downtown.  Finding a space can feel like winning the lottery. Many students are forced to lock their bikes to poles,...


Rename SRH to represent the diverse studies within

Emily Caldwell November 27, 2018

Sid Williams Richardson was, by and large, a successful Texas businessman. He held stakes in land, cattle and oil, and amassed his million-dollar fortune as a result of the Texas oil boom in the early...


Tobacco 101 may not be state mandated, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need it

Emily Caldwell November 20, 2018

Everyone got the email. After you finished orientation, you were notified by UT that you had to complete two modules before classes started: AlcoholEdu and Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates,...


Sleep in bed, don’t study in it

Emily Caldwell November 13, 2018

You finally get out of class for the day, and you’re exhausted. All you want to do is sleep, but you’ve got reading and assignments due the next day, maybe even an exam to study for. Studying...


“Why are the flags lowered at UT?” needs to exist

Emily Caldwell November 6, 2018

The Tower, in all its glory, is perhaps the most recognizable landmark on UT’s campus. It’s only lit on special occasions, and its lighting holds a great deal of meaning for the UT community....

C1029_charliehyman_surewalk_color (1)

Don’t walk, SURE Walk

Emily Caldwell October 30, 2018

A UT student was walking down Guadalupe at 9 p.m. Oct. 15. He was on the 2000 block, near Target. This was where a transient approached him. The situation escalated quickly. He was pushed, threatened and...

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Students only stand to suffer from committing to fad diets

Emily Caldwell October 23, 2018

Paleo. Juice cleanses. The grapefruit diet. Alkaline. Microbiotic. Keto. The list of fad diets that are supposed fix-all options for Americans looking to quickly reach their fitness goals is never ending....


Writing and STEM don’t have to be enemies

Emily Caldwell October 16, 2018

If you’ve ever found your way to UT’s meme page, you’ve probably seen a picture of  Squidward straining to blow bubbles. Squidward is labeled “STEM majors” and the...


Moody Plaza remodel needs community input

Emily Caldwell October 9, 2018

Gregory Gym Plaza offers a place for students to order from food trucks, read under the shade of trees and study on long picnic tables. It doesn’t have to be the only place on campus like this. If...


Not sure if there’s a student discount? Ask anyway.

Emily Caldwell October 2, 2018

A dollar may not seem like much, and 50 cents may feel like it’s not even worth it. But that’s the thing about saving money — it adds up, and in a good way. Saving money as a college...

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Office hours in one word? Go.

Emily Caldwell October 1, 2018

“Don’t forget to come to office hours” seems to be a popular lecture sign-off for most college professors — usually because students really do need the reminder. Students struggling...

UTPD needs new violent event protocol

Emily Caldwell September 25, 2018

Unfortunately, violent events occurring around campus is something that all of us have to prepare for every day. When campus’ first line of defense — UTPD — notifies students of violent...


We need more study rooms on campus, not just in PCL

Emily Caldwell September 20, 2018

The Perry-Castañeda Library is the only building on campus where students can reserve private study rooms. It doesn’t help that the PCL is at the southernmost end of campus, making it an impractical...


UT needs to work out its workout problem

Emily Caldwell September 19, 2018

The Whitis Area Community, a group of dormitories located on the northwest side of campus, are a considerable distance from the nearest on-campus gym. Kinsolving and Duren Residence Halls mention the existence...


Students can find career guidance at Vick Center

Emily Caldwell August 9, 2018

Tucked away in a corner on the first floor of Jester, it’s easy to miss the Vick Center for Strategic Advising and Career Counseling. But students with anxieties about future career prospects or...


Finals ‘week’ is too long

Emily Caldwell August 9, 2018

For the average college student, finals week is the textbook definition of stress. Students have to face many challenges during the end of each semester, including tests that could make or break your grade...


Hit the books, start saving money with UT Libraries

Emily Caldwell August 6, 2018

The UT library system is doing its best to help students not spend money on unnecessary things. The only problem is that not enough students take advantage. UT Libraries consistently ranks as one of the...


Once and for all, confederate statue bases need to go

Emily Caldwell August 1, 2018

In a what felt like a sudden move, President Fenves removed four statues of Confederate figures from UT’s Main Mall on campus in August 2017. However, the bases of these statues have remained in...


UT’s academic advising system fosters student responsibility and initiative

Emily Caldwell July 21, 2018

Most UT students can sum up academic advising and all the responsibilities that come with it by using one word: stressful. For a lot of us, college is the first time in our lives where we have to make...

Students should seek nontraditional study abroad experience

Emily Caldwell July 13, 2018

Over the course of the 2014–2015 academic year, 3,703 UT students studied abroad. Fifty-five percent of those students, however, completed their academic work in European countries, primarily France,...

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