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Global Medical Training cancels Nicaragua trip due to political unrest

Grace Speas May 4, 2018

UT’s chapter of Global Medical Training, a national organization which gives firsthand medical experience to health care students, canceled its summer trip to Nicaragua on April 29 due to political...


Living green is achievable in small ways, student leaders say

Grace Speas April 9, 2018

Living green can feel like a global challenge, but sustainability can also serve as a personal mantra, said Brianna Duran, the campus environmental center coordinator. Student leaders gathered for a...


National bone marrow donor program addresses misconceptions about transplants

Grace Speas April 2, 2018

Be The Match, a worldwide registry matching cancer patients to donors for bone marrow transplantation, will swab cheeks on campus in six different locations during April 9–11. “If you are...


Student film shows immigration through new lens

Grace Speas March 20, 2018

Director Yasir Masood collaborated with Aishwarya Noubad, producer and radio-television-film junior, to create “Aisha,” a short film that follows a Pakistani female cop during a day on the...


Student mediators host campus accessibility dialogue

Grace Speas March 5, 2018

The Society of Professional Mediators, a campus group that usually helps individuals resolve conflict privately, opened its doors on Friday for a facilitated discussion surrounding accessibility on campus. Geology...


Rising senior attributes scholarship win to helping younger students

Grace Speas February 26, 2018

Before Quimberly Jasso’s freshman year, her mother took out the checkbook to buy her daughter a Texas Exes lifetime student membership.  Jasso’s membership made her eligible for the...


Musician rewrites females back into jazz history

Grace Speas February 5, 2018

Sarah Milligan was warming up on her saxophone last week when a group of guys handed her an article about women in jazz history. “They said, ‘Hey, Sarah, look at this, it reminds me...


Microfarm changes location and opens up new plots

Grace Speas January 29, 2018

Most students would say they don’t have enough time to grab a sandwich in between classes, let alone grow their own kale. But UT’s Microfarm wants to change the way students think about food...


Campus branch focuses online to reduce waste, sell cheap furniture

Grace Speas January 22, 2018

A piece of furniture can live a long life, whether it sits polished in a student apartment or smothered in the waste of a landfill. A UT branch called Resource Recovery is reducing trash pile-up by putting...


Austin’s Women and Fair Trade Festival sheds light on labor injustices

Grace Speas December 5, 2017

The smell of tamales sizzled in the air at Austin’s Women and Fair Trade Festival, where vendors displayed wrinkled smiles, hand woven home decor and bright, beaded jewelry. “The marketplace...

Midday Music Series hosts event featuring the American Road Trip

Grace Speas November 28, 2017

Cameron Riggs hears color in music. When he sits down to compose on the piano, this ability is just as distracting as it is useful. “I have synesthesia, so when I hear music, I have colors associated...


Bevo absent for his 101st birthday bash

Grace Speas November 21, 2017

Usually, the birthday guest is expected to attend their own party. But campus celebrity Bevo is so in demand that he could not find the time to attend his own birthday bash Monday. “He’s...

Mac_n_cheese1120_LexiAcevedo_Macncheese copy

Second-annual Austin Mac and Cheese Festival expands its reach

Grace Speas November 20, 2017

Mac and cheese may be a simple dish, but it still draws crowds when done right. Austin Food Magazine hosted 1,500 guests in its second-annual Austin Mac and Cheese festival on Sunday, a number which...


Campus group hosts Bob Ross painting party

Grace Speas November 13, 2017

Campus art group UT Artists in Action was forced to change location for their painting party on Friday night when more than twice the expected number of guests showed up, crowding their original venue. At...


UT carpentry shop unveils custom-made lectern for Student Body president

Grace Speas November 9, 2017

As Student Body president Alejandrina Guzman entered the quiet auditorium, dimly lit in an orange glow, she saw her custom-made lectern for the first time. Crafted in UT’s carpentry shop, the...


UT carpentry shop gives second life to campus trees

Grace Speas November 7, 2017

Before 2014, trees removed from campus ended up as mulch. Now, trees are getting a second life as diploma frames, campus benches and even drink coasters thanks to UT’s carpentry shop. Reclaiming...


Riso Room helps students with printing projects

Grace Speas November 6, 2017

The new Risograph printer on the second floor of the Art Building displays the lettering “No Guarantees & No Promises” to remind students of one thing — the machine is unpredictable. Riso...

UT alumni premiere film ‘Time Trap’ in Texas

Grace Speas October 30, 2017

Film directors and UT alumni Mark Dennis and Ben Foster spent their college years brainstorming project ideas at Madam Mam’s over pad thai and $2 beer. They celebrated with the same meal after their...

Engineering club pushes to keep greenhouses for aquaponics research

Grace Speas October 24, 2017

UT Aquaponics has been approved for a $17,000 Green Fee grant to renovate two campus greenhouses, which students use to grow plants and farm fish in a sustainable environment. This student run...

Division of Housing and Food Service rebrands to reduce food waste

Grace Speas October 23, 2017

Raccoons have been the face of a poster campaign to reduce campus food waste for years, but a group of student researchers recently pointed out the animal is actually kind of gross. Neil Kaufman, Division...


Humans of the Forty Acres backtracks on donations after homeless man profile

Grace Speas October 17, 2017

Humans of the Forty Acres staff posted a story on their Facebook page about homeless man Jose Estrada, known as “Kool-Aid,” at 5:30 p.m. on Sept. 27. Within an hour, the comments section began to...


Students begin drone research to reduce water waste on campus

Grace Speas October 17, 2017

A group of UT student researchers are using a drone camera valued over $4,000 to save water and monitor how plants drink ­— and they’re hoping it has a warranty. “I got my drone...


Housing situation helps sons of UT faculty improve independence

Grace Speas October 3, 2017

Will Johns and Berk Sutherland have two very important things in common — they are both sons of UT professors and they both live with high-functioning autism. The two family friends of more than...

Former University president urges students to study abroad, learn second language

Grace Speas October 2, 2017

From the Bahrain Island to Kashmir, former University president William Powers, currently a UT law professor, has been all over the world.  Despite his experiences abroad, Powers said his one regret...


Mesoamerica center hosts lecture on ancient language

Grace Speas September 19, 2017

The ancient but relevant Central American language Nahuatl has left researchers trying to piece together its history, said Sergio Romero, Spanish and Portuguese associate professor, in a lecture Monday...

Lockheed Martin extends UT research partnership to take on new industry challenges

Grace Speas January 31, 2017

Global aerospace and security company Lockheed Martin announced last Tuesday that it will continue a longstanding partnership with UT in hopes of supporting modern engineering research. The company has...


Independent student seeks stability during freshman year

Grace Speas November 28, 2016

While some independent students age out of foster care, others can be emancipated minors or classified as homeless. Most are financially responsible for themselves and do not receive the family support...

edge of 17 court of STX Entertainment

‘The Edge of Seventeen’ sparks laughter, disillusionment in millennials

Grace Speas November 16, 2016

Audiences of the teen angst film “The Edge of Seventeen” will find themselves chuckling at the sarcastic quips of Nadine Byrd (Hailee Steinfeld). They’ll also be silently screaming at...


Former lawyer seeks education after fleeing Mexico

Grace Speas November 9, 2016

Editor’s Note: The names in this story have been changed to protect the sources’ identities.​ When Maria Perez was a child living near Mexico City, she dreamed of seeking justice for the...


Austin’s Inn at Pearl Street hosts friendly spirits

Grace Speas October 31, 2016

Jill Bickford, owner of Austin's Inn at Pearl Street, checks in guests, prepares the deck for twilight dinners and tidies boutique-styled rooms — all in the presence of a few friendly...


Students make efforts to revamp zine culture

Grace Speas October 14, 2016

DJ Lana Power holds the 68th copy of the spring 2016 KVRX zine in her hands, one of a hundred copies that will never be printed again. The finished product is a paper booklet, but tape marks, scribbles...

Student and veteran draws smart comedy from experiences

Grace Speas September 29, 2016

When most comedians get on stage, they’re hoping for a laugh from the crowd. But when Eric Krug, history junior  and Iraq veteran gets behind the mic, he just hopes the show ends without anyone...


Texas Music Museum preserves musician histories from the past of Tejano

Grace Speas September 23, 2016

Legendary Tejano accordionist Bruno Villarreal was sitting in a nursing home, blind, unable to walk and without his instrument. But when social work professor Clayton Shorkey gifted him a small accordion,...


Students turn to fake Instagram accounts to conceal behavior

Grace Speas September 15, 2016

Editor’s note: The name of one of the students in the article have been changed to protect her identity. Most Instagram posts are carefully shot, edited and captioned. Despite this, college students...

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