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Giddy for Google Fiber

Grayson SImmons April 12, 2013

An announcement Tuesday morning from Google made it official: Austin is getting Google Fiber. We’re now set to be the second Google Fiber-endowed city after Kansas City adopted the service just last...

Mars mission doesn’t address risks

Grayson SImmons March 28, 2013

Multimillionaire space tourist Dennis Tito, one of seven civilians to ever go to space, announced that he would try to undertake a mission to the Red Planet in 2018 using SpaceX’s Dragon capsule....

The Dreamliner: Smoking hot

Grayson SImmons February 15, 2013

Air travelers have a lot competing for their attention: the probing procedures of TSA employees, the lack of legroom, the fascinating pages of SkyMall. Few likely stop to consider how much the plane weighs....

Organics about more than better health

Grayson SImmons February 6, 2013

When college students go to the grocery store, one of the biggest decisions they face is the choice between conventional and organic foods. Organic foods are thought to be healthier and more...

Protect the Internet, in Syria and in Texas

Grayson SImmons December 5, 2012

On Nov. 29, all of the Internet Protocol addresses in Syria simultaneously became unreachable. The entire country lost the Internet until it was restored just as mysteriously two days later. Syrian state-run...

Obama and our future in space

Grayson SImmons November 30, 2012

I voted for Barack Obama during the recent election. There are a number of reasons why he got my vote, and although some might not think it carries much weight, his administration’s position on our...

Don’t slight space flight

Grayson SImmons November 15, 2012

Half a century ago, humans decided to leave this planet. On April 12, 1961, 87,000 pounds of thrust forced Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin out of our atmosphere and into low earth orbit. He ended up being...

When I grew up

Grayson SImmons November 2, 2012

When I was 18, I had everything figured out. This was back when high school mattered (hilarious, I know) and studying more than an hour for a test was a rare occurrence. It was also around this age that...

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