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TSM needs to budget for success online

Hayley Fick March 27, 2015

There is nothing blatantly wrong with the current Daily Texan website. It does the bare minimum, is for the most part responsive across all devices and it houses a powerful collection of archives....


Technical director waves ‘see you later’ to Texan

Hayley Fick December 6, 2013

I stumbled upon The Daily Texan when I was on a scavenger hunt with my First-Year Interest Group in fall 2011.Then the basement I’ve come to call home was just another stop on our checklist of hidden...


Tweets from the class of 2017 at Gone to Texas

Hayley Fick August 28, 2013

[View the story "#GoneToTexas 2013" on Storify]


How to Watch the 2013 VMAs Online

Hayley Fick August 25, 2013

As a college student on a budget, it's no surprise if you prefer online streaming options to cable TV. Forgoing the monthly cable bill doesn't necessarily mean that you have to miss out on the...

Basement Tapes: William Beckett welcomes nostalgia, new fans

Hayley Fick April 10, 2013

On his way through Austin headlining the What Will Be tour, William Beckett stopped by The Daily Texan to talk about his new solo career. Beckett is known for his previous work as the frontman of The...

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Orion trades in wings and wheels for safety and science

Hayley Fick March 21, 2013

UT students gathered in the aerospace engineering building Wednesday night as Larry Price, Lockheed Martin’s Deputy Orion Program Manager, provided an inside view of the next generation of space...

First digital director learns tools of trade

Hayley Fick December 7, 2012

Editor’s Note: Hayley Fick was appointed as The Daily Texan’s first digital director, a new position created to guide The Daily Texan in reaching beyond the range of its news boxes and creating...


The man behind the Mohawk

Hayley Fick August 29, 2012

While viewers anxiously watched Curiosity, NASA’s Mars Science Lander, during it’s “Seven Minutes of Terror” in the early morning hours of August 6, 2012, it was not a live feed...

End of semester tradition leaves student injured

Hayley Fick and Jody Serrano May 5, 2012

A Capital Metro bus driver ran a red light and hit a student today during the biannual foam sword party, an event put on by the Architecture Student Council. Austin Police Department officials said a...

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