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Alice Munro’s “Dear Life” paints ordinary lives in extraordinary ways

Henry Clayton Wickham November 19, 2012

At age 81, Alice Munro’s preoccupations as a writer have scarcely changed from what they were in the bold, raw work of her early career.  In her collection of short stories, “Dear Life,”...


Veteran creates character from war experience

Henry Clayton Wickham September 18, 2012

As he takes a drag off his cigarette, dressed in a purple, polka-dotted tie, Iraq War veteran Kevin Powers looks put-together on the eve of his literary debut. In a half-hour, he will head inside to regale...

UT professor discusses her investigation on cell damage and its place in cancer research

Henry Clayton Wickham May 2, 2012

Molecular genetics and microbiology professor Tanya Paull studies how cells respond to DNA damage and to a cellular imbalance called oxidative stress. Her research on cell damage has implications for cancer...

Journalist’s essay collection is hit, miss

Henry Clayton Wickham April 30, 2012

Jonathan Franzen’s new collection of essays and speeches, “Farther Away,” is an uneven one. Much of it is marred by the writer’s excessive crankiness or weighed down by literary...

Professor discusses leisure, beauty’s impact on success

Henry Clayton Wickham April 18, 2012

In his research, economics professor Daniel Hamermesh takes a closer look at the “faceless consumer,” examining what people do with their free time and how beauty impacts economic success....


Creativity stems from multiple sources, gotten through work

Henry Clayton Wickham April 16, 2012

From the literary outpourings of poets to the breakthroughs of inventors, many of us have this idea that creative brilliance is something that just happens. In reality, creativity is not some force that...

UT professor offers insight on predicting lasting relationships

Henry Clayton Wickham March 28, 2012

UT Department of Human Development and Family Sciences professor Timothy Loving stumbled into his passion for relationship research as an undergraduate here at UT . During his sophomore year, his introduction...

UT professor says memories aid in understanding experiences

Henry Clayton Wickham March 26, 2012

It can be painfully obvious when our memories fail us — when we can’t remember a person’s name or what we did last Friday night. But Alison Preston, professor of psychology and neurobiology,...

‘The Power of Habit’ analyzes dynamic qualities of change

Henry Clayton Wickham March 19, 2012

Trying to understand why changes occur in organizations, communities or lifestyles often begs the question, “Why do changes sometimes not occur?” Why was the arrest of Rosa Parks the catalyst...


Research on worms may provide insight to Parkinson’s disease

Henry Clayton Wickham March 7, 2012

Editor’s note: This is part of a biweekly series showcasing some of the many fascinating projects undertaken by UT faculty. Professor Jon Pierce-Shimomura’s discovery in the area of Parkinson’s...


School of Social Work professor conducts study to discover efficiency of Skype therapy among elderly

Henry Clayton Wickham February 22, 2012

Editor's note: This is part of a bi-weekly series showcasing some of the many fascinating projects undertaken by UT faculty. The story behind School of Social Work professor Namkee Choi's passion...


Author puts fantasy twist on Holocaust story

Henry Clayton Wickham February 20, 2012

The best fantasies tell us something about our own reality. In her literary debut “No One Is Here Except All of Us,” Ramona Ausubel tells the story of a remote Jewish village in Romania that...


Texas English professor discusses his bond with poetry

Henry Clayton Wickham February 8, 2012

Editor’s note: This is part of a bi-weekly series showcasing the many fascinating members of UT’s faculty. Dean Young is an influential, nationally recognized poet and the William Livingston...

Dr. Dog releases premature, boisterous album

Henry Clayton Wickham February 7, 2012

Dr. Dog’s new album is rough, boisterous and built for performance. In Be The Void, the contained, artful fun of albums like Shame Shame and Fate is lost in an energetic ruckus that emulates the...


Professor finds rooms uncover occupants’ personality

Henry Clayton Wickham January 25, 2012

Editor’s note: This is the first in a biweekly series showcasing the many fascinating projects undertaken by UT faculty. We take for granted that the environments people construct for themselves...

‘Outlaw Album’ digs at psyche, brings Missouri Ozarks to life

Henry Clayton Wickham January 23, 2012

“Once Boshell finally killed his neighbor he couldn’t seem to quit killing him,” Daniel Woodrell writes in “The Outlaw Album,” a collection of short stories about life and...

Novelist issues collection of mysterious short stories

Henry Clayton Wickham November 21, 2011

Most mornings, Sister Edgar and Sister Gracie make the drive “past the monster concrete expressway into lost streets” to an abandoned section of South Bronx known in “jocular police parlance”...

Professor works with graduate students, undergrads to develop robot technology

Henry Clayton Wickham November 14, 2011

As an educator, associate computer science professor Peter Stone has a unique perspective on who, or what, can learn. Stone has spent his time at UT working with students to develop intelligent robots...

Joan Didion writes of grief, daughter’s death

Henry Clayton Wickham November 7, 2011

In her award-winning memoir, “The Year of Magical Thinking,” Joan Didion wrote about losing her husband to a sudden heart attack in 2003. Knowing Joan Didion’s daughter had also died...

Deer Tick’s alt-country vibe becomes clunky, clumsy

Henry Clayton Wickham October 25, 2011

Deer Tick’s rough alt-country sound has always had an in-your-face quality to it. In past albums, the group has skillfully alternated between sincere, scratchy folk and those bitter country romps...

Dean of Architecture emphasizes green construction

Henry Clayton Wickham October 21, 2011

What we choose to build has a huge impact on our natural world. Buildings consume 50 percent of energy used in the United States and as the human population grows exponentially, our need for homes, offices,...

Author shares story of surviving, thriving on Wall Street

Henry Clayton Wickham October 18, 2011

In her revealing memoir, “Suits: A Woman on Wall Street,” Nina Godiwalla describes the cost of being different in a fast-paced, white male-dominated society powered by a thirst for power and...

Novel explores truth of memory and regret

Henry Clayton Wickham October 10, 2011

“History is the lies of the victors,” says Tony Webster, the protagonist of Julian Barnes’ novel, The Sense of an Ending. Webster recalls telling his teacher this on his last day of prep...

Wilco’s ‘The Whole Love’ integrates elements from diverse genres

Henry Clayton Wickham September 28, 2011

[Updated on Sep. 28 at 9:29 a.m., corrected album names] From the abrasive experimentalism of “Art of Almost,” to the somber acoustic release of “Sunday Morning,” Wilco’s...

New Clap Your Hands Say Yeah album “Hysterical” too tame

Henry Clayton Wickham September 26, 2011

In 2005, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah’s self-titled debut won unqualified praise for both its brave sound and independent, grassroots distribution model, but the intervening years have pushed the group...

Austin City Limits Festival celebrates 10th anniversary

Henry Clayton Wickham September 15, 2011

The sweaty, three-day, five stage, 130-band extravaganza that is the Austin City Limits Music Festival celebrates its 10-year anniversary this weekend. The festival has taken the ACL name places Ed Bailey,...

UT professor creates program to identify people by word use

Henry Clayton Wickham September 12, 2011

UT psychology professor James Pennebaker, author of “The Secret Life of Pronouns: What Our Words Say About Us,” developed a program with his research team called Linguistic Inquiry and Word...

Nicola Fuller revisits mother’s African youth in intimate memoir

Henry Clayton Wickham August 31, 2011

Being the subject of not one, but two of what she calls her daughter’s “awful books,” ranks among the least extraordinary of the grievances Nicola Fuller can claim after her long and...


Aerial arts company offers classes, show to Austin residents

Henry Clayton Wickham May 6, 2011

During rehearsal, Celeste Myhre wraps her legs around two lengths of blue silk suspended from the roof of the practice warehouse used by the Sky Candy aerial arts collective. After carefully looping...


Creative spheres unite for week of art

Henry Clayton Wickham April 28, 2011

From spontaneous piano playing to rapid-fire creative presentations, this year’s Art Week Austin will incorporate a diverse array of artistic projects. Art Week Austin is a collaborative effort...

Former Laureate still composes poetry for the people

Henry Clayton Wickham April 12, 2011

Poet Billy Collins said during an NPR interview with Neal Conan this past week that poets themselves deserve much of the blame for their craft’s waning importance to the average reader. Too often...

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