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UT alumna inspires next generation of astronauts

Iann Karamali April 26, 2019

Astronaut and UT alumna Stephanie Wilson addressed students of all ages Thursday for UT’s International Space Station day. Wilson, who received her masters degree in aerospace engineering...

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Cyberagriculture promises to make your food taste better

Iann Karamali April 18, 2019

Pesto can be even tastier than before with basil grown using research by UT scientists in coordination with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab.  The scientists combine...


UT acquires simulator to drive autonomous vehicle research

Iann Karamali March 28, 2019

The UT Center for Electromechanics recently installed a Cruden simulator to accelerate research into self-driving vehicles and automotive efficiency. The simulator allows a driver to get behind the...


New welding method reduces infrastructure costs

Iann Karamali March 12, 2019

A team of UT researchers has developed a solution to costly and time-intensive bridge construction and repair. Researchers at UT’s Center for Electromechanics have developed a new, lower-cost...

lab_memes_courtesy of Darrion Nguyen

UT alumnus creates viral science memes

Iann Karamali March 4, 2019

Science labs usually aren’t the places where viral videos and memes are made, but UT biochemistry alumnus Darrion Nguyen does just that.  Nguyen recently began creating short videos...

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Research finds incentives to attract companies are not helping job prospects

Iann Karamali February 26, 2019

There are many variables large companies such as Amazon must consider when they search for new cities to expand in. New UT research shows that incentives offered by state and local governments do very...

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