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Demanding path of pre-med has a purpose, experts and students say

Isabella Anderson December 7, 2018

Forty-one hours of prerequisites, volunteering, shadowing, Medical College Admission Test studying ­— sound familiar? Lesley Riley, director of the Health Professions Office at UT, said the curriculum...


To drink or not to drink: Study finds parents influence likelihood of making pour decisions

Isabella Anderson November 16, 2018

Alcohol plays a pivotal role in most high school and college experiences, and whether or not you partake, new research shows your decisions are strongly influenced by your parents. According to a joint...


Lift your way to a higher libido: Exercise improves sexual function, study says

Joyance Liao Mendoza and Isabella Anderson November 9, 2018

It’s hard to fit exercise into a busy schedule, but researchers have found that its effects on women’s sexual function, such as increased sexual arousal and better body image, make a compelling...


Campus creatures: grackle, friend or fowl?

Isabella Anderson November 7, 2018

You may hate grackles — the beady-eyed, dark-colored birds you see flocking around campus. The widespread hatred for these birds actually plays a funny part in 1990’s UT history. UT actually...


Music start-up “” orchestrates a new way to create

Isabella Anderson October 31, 2018

Ever wanted to produce your own music? If you’re a beginner, it’s harder than you might think. Between stolen tracks, convoluted mechanisms for collaboration and lesser known artists getting...


Campus creatures: Turtle pond grows as people introduce newcomers

Isabella Anderson October 25, 2018

The turtle pond lies just north of the UT Tower and houses UT’s unofficial school mascots, the resident turtles. The turtle population has increased due to people treating the pond as a place to...

Les and Dianne White Donate Ranch to Jackson School

Isabella Anderson October 17, 2018

Les and Dianne White donated their 266-acre ranch to the Jackson School of Geosciences, the school that fed Les’s curiosity and developed his love of learning. Les White graduated from UT in 1956...


Ten square miles over millions of years, mapping Little Cayman Island formation

Isabella Anderson October 11, 2018

Tucked between tourist central Grand Cayman and less known Cayman Brac lies Little Cayman, which serves as a tropical record of the past, said Scarlette Hsia, geoscience graduate student. While the island...


“Exploring the Arctic Ocean” Exhibit Melds Research into Art

Isabella Anderson October 4, 2018

Science visualizations often include crowded graphs and definition heavy videos but at UT, presenting research can be art. Exploring the Arctic Ocean is a collection of eight projects currently on display...

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