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Keep virtual classes synchronous

Keep virtual classes synchronous

Isabelle Costello, Associate Editor September 15, 2021
Associate editor Isabelle Costello encourages professors teaching virtually to avoid asynchronous class instruction.
Revise COVID-19 testing policies for student safety

Revise COVID-19 testing policies for student safety

Isabelle Costello , Associate Editor September 1, 2021
Associate Editor Isabelle Costello urges UHS to require a negative COVID-19 test before the first day of classes, rather than before they move in.

Students should not have to work to recycle

Isabelle Costello January 28, 2021

According to a 2016 study in the International Journal of Waste Resources, situational factors play a leading role in determining whether or not people –– especially students in higher education...

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Natural Sciences, let students help students

Isabelle Costello January 25, 2021

When I was applying to UT as a high school senior, I was thinking about medical school. I came in as a neuroscience major, and in my mind my degree was going to be people-focused.  After a conversation...

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Students shouldn’t have to explain themselves before getting help

Isabelle Costello December 1, 2020

A particularly difficult transition to rigorous online classes in the midst of a pandemic took its toll on me this semester. After midterms, I decided to turn to UT’s Counseling and Mental Health...


Prioritize student housing plans in RA selection timeline

Isabelle Costello November 17, 2020

Mid-fall semester marks the start of housing season, when undergrads begin the chaotic search for roommates, floor plans and affordable housing in the Austin area. After their freshman year, those who...


A waitlist shouldn’t last the semester

Isabelle Costello November 10, 2020

Even though I want to consistently push myself outside the box as a student, it shook me up when I didn’t get into the Freshman Research Initiative, a program for College of Natural Sciences students...


UT needs to drop stigmatized language from its mental health terminology

Isabelle Costello November 3, 2020

Middle school health classes taught us that addicts are the equivalent of rock bottom. Whether you agree with that mental image or not, the bias is ingrained in us collectively. Though it may take decades...


Keep students in the loop with testing results

Isabelle Costello October 27, 2020

As a freshman attending college amidst a pandemic, UT’s proactive community testing service provides me weekly peace of mind. Even without symptoms or known exposure, the negative confirmation from...

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Start the conversation

Isabelle Costello October 26, 2020

A gold rating from the Sustainability Tracking Assessment and Rating System. Leading climate scientists lecturing daily. The Planet Texas 2050 plan, bridging disciplines to fight for a more resilient environment...


Undergraduate students deserve to inquire, too

Isabelle Costello October 13, 2020

Any UT applicant can tell you confidently that UT is known for its research. Ranking No. 10 out of all U.S. universities for scientific research, UT’s standing as a public research institution not...


Stock the shelves with more inclusive masks

Isabelle Costello October 8, 2020

Because COVID-19 has taken so much from our lives, it’s easy to look past the daily inconveniences that life in a pandemic brings and choose instead to normalize them –– the fogging of...


Allow individual students to use artistic spaces

Isabelle Costello September 29, 2020

When describing myself, one of my favorite personal identities is being a dancer. Dance is not only a form of self-expression that I use to relieve stress but also a way to make my own money through teaching,...


UT Chemistry department needs to address its disregard of ALEKS test scores

Isabelle Costello September 23, 2020

To be honest, AP Chemistry kicked my butt. The material seemed foreign, and the tests were excruciating, which made that A at the end of the year all the more satisfying.  That pride didn’t...

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