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Bring back MasculinUT

James Treuthardt October 12, 2018

MasculinUT sought to teach men strategies to help reduce sexual and interpersonal violence on the UT campus. However, following fervent criticism from national conservative media outlets, MasculinUT has...


Follow McCombs’ lead and make summer internship courses free

James Treuthardt October 4, 2018

It costs $2,304 for students to take a summer internship course at the Moody College of Communication. If you are an out-of-state student it costs $8,150 — more than three times what an in-state...

Pass the hard liquor ban

James Treuthardt September 25, 2018

The Texas Interfraternity Council will vote on a new policy banning hard liquor from all fraternity events next Wednesday, Oct. 3. The policy arrives at a time when fraternities are under increasing scrutiny...


UT should expand Summer extension courses

James Treuthardt May 3, 2018

Students at UT often have to choose between taking cheap, summer courses at a community college or paying the costs of summer tuition to take them at UT. In addition to the high costs of classes, many...


Financial bars to registration harm low-income students

James Treuthardt April 23, 2018

Fees comprise a large portion of our college experience. We pay for tuition, we pay for University health services, we pay for transcripts. However, if fees are not paid within the semester, students...


Professors should consider textbook subscription service

James Treuthardt April 6, 2018

As a low-income student, I’ve always found textbook prices to be a barrier to my education. This year, I spent over $800 on textbooks. The time it takes to decide which ones I can afford based on...


Satirical legislation has no place in Student Government

James Treuthardt March 30, 2018

Last week Student Government canned a piece of legislation to rename the College of Liberal Arts, COLA, to the College of Conservative Arts and the College of Liberal Arts, or COCACOLA. Despite making...


Texas needs to impose stronger anti-smoking laws

James Treuthardt March 23, 2018

Texas is one of 14 states that does not have 100 percent smoke-free air laws. While some places, like Austin, have developed their own laws about smoking in public places, there are no state laws that...


The state’s core curriculum policy harms arts students

James Treuthardt March 9, 2018

At Texas universities, the majority of visual and performing arts classes do not count for the Visual and Performing Arts requirement. If you are a radio-television-film major, your production classes...

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Exams scheduled outside of lecture need guidelines

James Treuthardt March 6, 2018

Across UT colleges, certain classes require you to attend exams outside of your scheduled lecture time, typically in 2-hour blocks. Some do this to ensure students in different sections take the exam at...


Following flu outbreak, class attendance policies should change

James Treuthardt February 26, 2018

Travis County flu deaths have reached 39, easily making this flu season one of the most lethal in recent years. On campus, few days go by without learning another person I know has the flu. In order to...


UT’s Add/Drop policy is broken

James Treuthardt February 21, 2018

UT’s add and drop policy allows students to add a class during the first four class days or drop a class during the first 12 class days without penalty. But this doesn’t always happen in practice....


Students need to verify Wildfire reports

James Treuthardt February 12, 2018

Wildfire, an app allowing students to alert others of emergency situations on campus, was introduced to campus a few weeks ago. Alerting students of emergency situations sounds great in practice, however,...

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The first-year experience should require service learning

James Treuthardt February 7, 2018

Few classes make time for escaping the rigid classroom environment and attending to the local Austin community’s needs. UGS Signature Courses should have a required service-learning component to...


McCombs’ recommended grading guidelines limit student success

James Treuthardt January 23, 2018

The McCombs School of Business’ current recommended grading guidelines prevents student success in classes. The recommended grading guidelines suggests that core business courses should have an average...

Living Learning Community for freshman women engineers offers friendship, encouragement

James Treuthardt January 22, 2018

As part of the Women in Engineering Program’s Living Learning Community, which started this school year in Kinsolving Residence Hall, provides a space for future women engineers to connect with their...


¡Celebracion! celebrates Latinx educational experience at UT-Austin

James Treuthardt January 19, 2018

The organizers of “¡Celebracion!,” an event put on by the Center for Mexican American Studies, stress the impact of Latinx educational experience on many UT students’ lives.  “¡Celebracion!”...

2016-10-09_Sure Walk_Mary

The burden for funding for SURE Walk expansion should not fall on Student Government

James Treuthardt and Josephine MacLean November 30, 2017

SURE Walk’s ridership has increased by almost 500 percent since fall 2016. This semester, they are expected to give rides to approximately 15,000 students.  To keep up with growing demand...


Moody’s new internal transfer policy overlooks student qualifications

James Treuthardt September 13, 2017

This September, the Moody College of Communication’s Internal Transfer Policy will no longer consider applicant’s supplemental materials. By removing the holistic portion of applications, Moody...

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