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UT Unspoken: Students weigh passions against professions

October 28, 2015

The value of college has traditionally lain in its breadth — in its ability to expose students, regardless of their majors, to a wide range of disciplines and ideas. However, college is seemingly...


300: UT horticulturalist shares love for botany

October 20, 2015

Editor’s note: In 300 words or fewer, this series spotlights people in our community whose stories typically go untold. Mick Vann still remembers the sweet smell of honeysuckles growing on his...


UT Unspoken: Low-income students face disadvantages on road to success in higher education

October 14, 2015

Education has long been seen as society’s great equalizer. Holding a college degree dramatically increases a graduate’s job prospects and potential income, making higher education one of the...


UT Unspoken: High performing students struggle to cope with failure and rejection

October 7, 2015

At many high schools, there is a breed of student known as the overachiever — one who excels both in and out of the classroom while maintaining an aura of effortlessness and perfection.   But...


Tat-Tuesday: Students share stories behind ink

September 22, 2015

Editor’s note: Tat-Tuesday is a weekly series that features students around campus and their tattoos. Photos by Graeme Hamilton | Daily Texan Staff Kevin Vela When radio-television-film senior...


SNAFU brings long-form improv to UT

September 16, 2015

An erotic game of Pictionary, coconut-induced head injuries at Fenway Park and talking vegan health bars are all part of a day’s work for SNAFU, UT’s only long-form improv comedy troupe. Every...