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Daily Texan E-Board seems ill-equipped to inform students about who they are voting for

March 1, 2017

Today I had the displeasure of reading The Daily Texan Editorial Board’s lack of endorsement in this year’s SG Presidential election. Upon completing the article I have really only the same...

House Bill 1797 would fix University’s domestic partner benefits problem

May 4, 2015

Currently, the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court are debating the right to gay marriage. The debate has invoked the same themes that have surrounded this issue for decades: morality, church and state,...


Categorization of women hinders expression

November 17, 2014

People are naturally prone to making judgments and categorizations. It is the way we make sense of the world. As children, we put cubes in the square-shaped holes and spheres in the circular holes. Making...


Five things you may not have known about the University Co-op

June 27, 2014

Fall is just around the corner, and for incoming freshmen that means getting acclimated to campus. As the new Longhorns settle into their dorms, they will surely start to think about books and other materials...


Laws keep students in dark on loan options

April 16, 2014

You approach a car dealership. Unable to finance a vehicle, you are turned away. Unfortunately, the dealer failed to mention a loan program that would have allowed you to afford your new car, and, in all...

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Greek students are overrepresented in UT’s student government

September 24, 2013

This Tuesday, less than a month into the semester, students will be asked to vote in the first Student Government election of the school year when they elect two first-year representatives from the freshman...