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New ice cream shop uses liquid nitrogen to create made-to-order treats

Kate Dannenmaier December 3, 2014

Sisters Ashley and Christina Cheng grew up playing in their kitchen, trying to impress each other with whatever weird concoction they could invent. Now that they’ve grown up, they’re showing...


Black Swan Yoga expands to offer other fitness classes

Kate Dannenmaier December 1, 2014

Black Swan Yoga’s donation-based model and community atmosphere have made it a favorite for UT students looking to relax. But the laid-back studio has just been acquired by Onnit, a local fitness...


Glassblowing artist finds home at 26th Street food truck complex

Kate Dannenmaier November 17, 2014

Students frequenting the 26th Street food truck complex may have noticed that not all of the vendors offer late-night noodles or pizza. In one truck, The Glass Smith, Billy Marsden spends most nights selling...


UT freshman works to provide home for the homeless

Kate Dannenmaier November 12, 2014

Business freshman Morgan Moulckers and a local nonprofit are working to provide the chronically homeless in Austin with a stable community in which they can thrive. Moulckers started her fundraiser,...


300: Tejas Club house cook Kristen Van Nostrand’s helping hands

Kate Dannenmaier October 28, 2014

In the kitchen at the Tejas Club house on any given day, Kristen Van Nostrand is cooking dinner for the boys, but there’s someone else on her mind.  Two years ago, Van Nostrand didn’t...


ACL provides space for musical charity to raise awareness

Kate Dannenmaier October 13, 2014

On Oct. 3, Elizabeth McQueen performed at Austin City Limits Music Festival with an unusual accompaniment. A group of five high school girls made up the horn section of McQueen’s act, playing...


Thursday: Austin City Limits has flourished since it began in 2002

Kate Dannenmaier October 2, 2014

Twelve years ago, Austin City Limits made its humble debut to the music festival scene, but even in its first year, the “multifarious fiesta” intrigued former Daily Texan staffer Brent Wistrom,...


Students create online platform for art collaboration

Kate Dannenmaier September 22, 2014

According to Red Throat House, you are dying. The good news is they can help. Red Throat House is a weekly online publication that launched in April and serves as a platform for artists to collaborate...


UT sophomore brings sweet business to campus

Kate Dannenmaier September 19, 2014

Some of the most famous candy combinations started as happy accidents. English sophomore Eloy Gonzalez’s candy-making story is much the same — it started with an accident during his days in high...


Collaborative Artists club offers students space to relax

Kate Dannenmaier September 10, 2014

After a long week of coding, computer science junior Kevin Hwang just wants to sit down and doodle. Collaborative Artists, a social club open to all majors, provides a space for him to do just that. Hwang,...


UT Microfarm thrives under new leadership

Kate Dannenmaier September 8, 2014

A few blocks east of I-35, surrounded by tailgates and University office buildings, lies a little piece of farmland where students grow tomatoes, sweet potatoes and lavender. Since it was established in...


The Daily Texan does Free Yoga Day

Jackie Wang, Brigit Benestante, and Kate Dannenmaier September 4, 2014

In an effort to encourage Austinites to test out their yoga aptitude at various studios around Austin, the Free Day of Yoga caters to yoga newbies and self-proclaimed yogis alike. Here is The Daily...


Radio-television-film graduate student founds experimental film program for UT students

Kate Dannenmaier September 3, 2014

A dark theater in the art building is filled with around 30 students who watch as John Lennon’s face slowly morphs from a grimace to a smile. The original clip of the singer is about one minute,...


UT ministry aims for inclusivity

Kate Dannenmaier August 27, 2014

When Amelia Fulbright started working as an associate pastor at University Baptist Church in Austin, she discovered that students were searching for a more inclusive ministry.  In turn, she formed...


Austin street art attracts tourists and boosts local businesses

Kate Dannenmaier August 25, 2014

Mud Puppies In a parking lot off Riverside Drive, couples, best friends and new dog owners stop to take their picture by the Puppy Love mural on the side of Mud Puppies, a training, grooming and boarding...


Integrative biology professor selected to join distinguished academic society

Kate Dannenmaier May 1, 2014

In honor of his decades of fieldwork and teaching, the American Academy of Arts & Sciences selected integrative biology professor Eric Pianka to join its organization Wednesday. The 75-year-old...


End-of-year stress can contribute to shingles diagnoses for students

Kate Dannenmaier and Amanda Voeller April 29, 2014

The last week of school is often the most stressful for students, and a potential side effect of that stress is shingles, according to Theresa Spalding, University Health Services medical director. Shingles,...

Child snacking is increasing, according to guest lecturer

Kate Dannenmaier April 28, 2014

Over the past 40 years, snacking among children has risen significantly, according to Jennifer Fisher, Temple University public health associate professor, who spoke about her findings at a University...

Student groups present iPhone apps

Kate Dannenmaier April 28, 2014

After working more hours than they could count outside of class, four student groups presented finished iPhone apps they had developed over the course of one semester.  The project is part...


City officials, students discuss issues associated with Austin’s growth

Kate Dannenmaier April 24, 2014

As Austin housing prices and traffic congestion continue to rise, students are finding life less affordable — a problem a panel of city officials and community leaders discussed candidly with students...


UC-San Diego professor links global warming hiatus to rainfall

Kate Dannenmaier April 21, 2014

While global average temperature has remained steady over the past 15 years, a visiting professor said at a talk Friday that there are warmer temperatures in store for us. Shang-Ping Xie, University...


City council passes resolution supporting higher pay for part-time city employees

Kate Dannenmaier April 18, 2014

Part-time city employees may start earning the same $11 per hour minimum wage as full-time employees.  The City Council passed a resolution Thursday to support this goal and direct its staff to...

‘Breaking Bad’ science adviser stresses importance of accuracy in TV science

Kate Dannenmaier April 17, 2014

Donna Nelson, a University of Oklahoma chemistry professor, selects chemical substances for reactions based on safety, cost, percent yield and purity, but when she became the science adviser for “Breaking...

UT identity theft resource center to open in summer 2014

Kate Dannenmaier April 16, 2014

Last year, Americans lost $24.7 billion to identity fraud, but the UT Center for Identity’s new resource center for identity theft, fraud and privacy will offer materials to help prevent more losses. Lauren...

UT takes a different approach when reaching out to prospective students

Kate Dannenmaier April 15, 2014

Prospective college students often find themselves bombarded with emails and postcards from different universities asking them to apply to their institution — but not from UT. Instead of using...

Minimum wage jobs cannot cover college tuition costs

Kate Dannenmaier April 10, 2014

Although 30 years ago college students may have paid their tuition by working part time, summer or minimum wage jobs, today it’s impossible, according to economics professor Daniel Hamermesh. Hamermesh...


Congestion expected on the east side of campus during Civil Rights Summit

Kate Dannenmaier April 7, 2014

With this week’s Civil Rights Summit starting on Tuesday at the LBJ Library, students should avoid Red River Street, Robert Dedman Drive and Clyde Littlefield Drive, according to Parking and Transportation Services...


Out-of-state students more likely to study abroad according to new research

Kate Dannenmaier April 7, 2014

While students may choose to study abroad in search of career opportunities and adventure, where students are from could have a bigger influence on the decision, according to recent research from Duke...


Female athletes more likely to exhibit political ambition

Kate Dannenmaier April 7, 2014

College athletes live in an extremely demanding and structured environment, and a recent study shows this could translate to success even after graduation, especially for women. According to a recent...


Shooting at Fort Hood leaves four dead, more than a dozen injured

Kate Dannenmaier and Julia Brouillette April 3, 2014

FORT HOOD — A soldier shot and killed four people, including himself, and injured 16 at the Fort Hood military base, located outside of Killeen, on Wednesday afternoon. The casualties mark the second...


Philosophy professor gives talk on Ancient Greek cosmology

Kate Dannenmaier March 31, 2014

Philosophy professor Alexander Mourelatos said that he was shocked and skeptical upon learning, in the fifth grade, that the planets stay in groups, so it’s not all that surprising that it took the...


Professors say liberal arts offers broader education

Kate Dannenmaier March 27, 2014

The number one regret of college graduates is not getting more work experience during school, while choosing the wrong major came in fourth place, according to a Pew research study. When asked...

Prison friendships don’t have traditional meanings, UT professor says

Kate Dannenmaier March 24, 2014

In the last 30 years, the U.S. incarceration rate has risen to the highest in the world, sparking an abundance of research on the social consequences of imprisonment. Derek Kreager, professor of...

Ancient Greek historians shed light on modern political theory

Kate Dannenmaier March 20, 2014

Arthur Eckstein, history professor at the University of Maryland, College Park, said the writings and views of two ancient Greek historians, Thucydides and Polybius, have influenced modern realist political...

Report shows number gap-year students on the rise

Kate Dannenmaier March 17, 2014

According to the American Gap Association, students are increasingly deciding to take a gap year before coming to college, and recent data show they could be greatly benefitting from this. The American...


No UT students are using University’s ‘super single’ option in residence halls

Kate Dannenmaier March 6, 2014

While other students at campuses around the country are taking advantage of the “super single” option — rooms with double the space but only one resident — no students are choosing...


A year after federal sequestration, budget cuts present difficulties for biomedical researchers

Kate Dannenmaier March 4, 2014

Congress’ decision to let across-the-board cuts go into effect last year following failed budget negotiations have had dire consequences for the next generation of biomedical researchers, according...

Cockrell School of Engineering receives manufacturing research grant to establish digital manufacturing lab

Kate Dannenmaier February 27, 2014

As part of a push toward innovation in manufacturing processes, the Obama administration announced Monday the establishment of the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation (DMDI) Institute, a...


Astronomy professor touts benefits of studying white dwarf stars

Kate Dannenmaier February 24, 2014

At the 22nd Annual Great Lecture in Astronomy that was held Saturday, professor Don Winget said a white dwarf is a star simple enough to hope to understand but complex enough to help researchers learn...

2014_02_17_Brazil_Talk_Ethan copy

As the world’s eyes shift to Brazil, community activists discuss pervasive racial challenges

Kate Dannenmaier February 17, 2014

As Brazil prepares for the World Cup this summer and the Olympics in 2016, the country is doing its best to show the world an image of happy, healthy citizens — a far cry from life for the black...


More African students study in Texas than any other state

Kate Dannenmaier February 13, 2014

Thirteen percent of all African students enrolled in American universities come to study in Texas — more so than in any other state — according to data from the Student and Exchange Visitor...


Bullock Museum opens battleship exhibit

Kate Dannenmaier February 10, 2014

World War II may seem like something from the distant past, but students now have the opportunity to connect to the lives of sailors aboard one of the era’s most innovative battleships. The Bob...


Professors discuss violence in “12 Years a Slave”

Kate Dannenmaier February 7, 2014

Although it’s impossible to truly capture the experience of slavery on film, professors at a discussion Thursday said “12 Years a Slave” came closer than any movie yet. The discussion,...


CVS announces plans to eliminate tobacco products from stores

Kate Dannenmaier February 6, 2014

As part of an effort to prioritize customers’ health, CVS pharmacy announced Wednesday it would stop selling cigarettes and other tobacco products by October — but between the low rate of student...


Panel of university professors critique Super Bowl ads via Twitter

Kate Dannenmaier February 3, 2014

For many TV viewers, the Seattle Seahawks’ 43-8 thrashing of the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII Sunday night was a distraction from the real game going on — the ads. At a yearly panel...


Cuban-American author addresses LGBTQ rights in Cuba

Kate Dannenmaier January 28, 2014

At a talk discussing queer issues in Cuban culture Monday, Achy Obejas, a Cuban-American writer and LGBTQ advocate, noted the achievements of Cuba’s movement toward equality but said there is still...

Harry Ransom Center obtains poet Billy Collins’ archive

Kate Dannenmaier January 23, 2014

Two-term U.S. Poet Laureate Billy Collins didn’t start publishing poetry until he was already in his 40s — but now, even writings from his early childhood will be available at the Harry Ransom...

Engineering professor John Goodenough recognized for work on lithium-ion battery

Kate Dannenmaier January 16, 2014

For his work on the lithium-ion battery, engineering professor John Goodenough will receive the Charles Stark Draper Prize for Engineering — one of the world’s preeminent awards for engineering...

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