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Column: Change the discussions regarding rape culture and college life

December 5, 2014

It seems that in the news lately, there has been a budding discussion about rape. With the accusations against Bill Cosby and the suspension of Greek life at the University of Virginia amid several allegations,...

TV show becomes reality on campus with The Apprentice Club

December 4, 2014

Growing up, supply chain management junior Rajeev Viswanath watched NBC series “The Apprentice” religiously. The show, which centers around a competition where people raise money for charity...


Students plan video to raise awareness on missing Mexico students

November 25, 2014

Three years ago, history freshman Dan Luiton’s uncle disappeared in Mexico. When Luiton heard about 43 students who went missing in Mexico over a month ago, he said it hit close to home.  “I’m...


Senior hopes to combine love for politics with love for engineering

November 20, 2014

Mechanical engineering senior Katie Adams was in the fourth grade when her father took her to her first public policy debate. One of the main issues of the debate — school finance — was what...


Student-created board game includes LGBT characters

November 10, 2014

When playing popular board games like Monopoly, the game’s characters are usually assumed to be heterosexual. Graduate business student Richard Bellamy thinks creating a popular board game with LGBT...


Bend Bandits raise money to offer middle school students free dance classes

November 5, 2014

As of August, aerospace engineering freshman Amanda Arena had no idea how to dance.  “I didn’t know the first thing about it,” Arena said.  It was not until she joined...


Film student releases iTunes App Store game after learning to code

November 4, 2014

Instead of binging on Netflix or playing video games this summer, radio-television-film sophomore Oliver Reznik taught himself how to code.  “I was just kind of bored most of the time, so...


Students run Freedom Music Fest to raise funds for Kenyan bakery

October 31, 2014

The Freedom Music Fest will be on campus, but the cause it supports is 9,000 miles away in a small orphanage.  Students for Wema, the organization in charge of the festival, is raising funds...

Texas Sexes Column: #aftersex encourages social media confessions

October 24, 2014

Toward the end of my freshman year, I started a weekly tradition with a group of friends: wine night. Every Thursday, seven or eight of us would find a box of Franzia and huddle in a small bedroom to drink...


Homeless population still an issue for Guadalupe Street 30 years ago

October 23, 2014

The homeless population on Guadalupe Street is a static characteristic of West Campus. They can be seen at all times of day walking up and down the Drag and have almost become a part of the University’s...


Student interns push legislators to pass Clean Power Plan

October 8, 2014

Bailey Anderson can’t predict how people will respond when she petitions on the street for lower carbon emissions. Sometimes, people support and encourage her work. Other times, they tell her restrictions...


A night in the life of a student Lyft driver

September 25, 2014

Cris Nevares’ nights as a Lyft driver are never the same. Since becoming a driver last summer, Nevares has come across a variety of people, stories and situations on the job. Each ride has a story...


Campus Characters: Student choreographer takes on technology

September 22, 2014

Morgan Edgerton is the girl dancing to hip-hop music in the studio across the hall. She is the music blasting through radio speakers on Monday nights. She is the brains behind the design of a student-run...


Throwback: Husband shortage fear addressed by University sociologist during World War II

September 18, 2014

Next to an advertisement for war bonds in a 1943 edition of The Daily Texan, the headline “No Husband Shortage Yet, Girls! -- At Least, Sociologist Says Not” sits in bold letters. In the midst...


300: Favor employee starts over at 30

September 9, 2014

Nathan Davis is the guy quietly serving customers Thai food out of a West Campus food truck. He is the Favor runner delivering Chipotle to hungover college kids Sunday mornings. He is the guy at the farmer’s...


The Daily Texan does Free Yoga Day

September 4, 2014

In an effort to encourage Austinites to test out their yoga aptitude at various studios around Austin, the Free Day of Yoga caters to yoga newbies and self-proclaimed yogis alike. Here is The Daily...


Film society student program offers free tickets for members

September 2, 2014

For young film enthusiasts, going to the movies can be somewhat of a financial burden. The Austin Film Society is looking to change that with the inception of the Ed Lowry Student Film Program. The program...

UT freshmen bring Perago Clothing line to UT

August 28, 2014

While most students bring their clothes and belongings with them to college, business freshman Ronnie Edwards and biochemistry freshman Will Barbrow brought a little something extra — their clothing...


Incoming freshmen use hashtag to make friends

August 25, 2014

Making new friends when coming to college can be somewhat of a nerve-wracking and scary experience, but a new generation of UT students is making friends digitally. A group of incoming freshmen have started...


Alumni pull together UT resources to make feature film, ‘Forev’

May 1, 2014

After years of making group projects for classes, a crew of radio-television-film graduates collaborated to create a feature film to show to the public.  “Forev” is co-directed and...


Student group looks to provide reliability and academic support to low-income high school students

April 17, 2014

During an after-school study session at John H. Reagan Early College High School, students struggled to finish their geography homework because the school wouldn’t allow them to take textbooks home....


UT student start-up to create shoe insert that can charge phones

April 11, 2014

Thanks to a group of students on campus, charging your phone may be as easy as taking off your shoe.  Electrical and computer engineering senior Darla Hollander and her team at Everywhere Energy...


Clothing brand Inkuire encourages interactions between strangers

April 1, 2014

Six months ago, Sam Hamad and Noah Barshop came up with a way to challenge what they thought was a problem among the current generation of students: face-to-face interactions — or a lack thereof...


I Got Sole is both a dance group and a social movement

March 18, 2014

The beat thumps as a group of dancers move in sync to the music, their expressions focused while their bodies tell a story. As they dance, the group members show deep connections with each other and occasionally...

AlyssaCreagh_sxsw(weirdest at sxsw)

The 10 weirdest events at SXSW

March 7, 2014

The Interactive portion of SXSW isn’t all Chelsea Clinton and Mindy Kaling. Every year, SXSW brings some interesting characters and events into town with it. Here are some of the alternative options...


SXSW looks to entice audiences through new sports venue

March 7, 2014

South By Southwest programmers are attempting to score by introducing a new twist to the SXSW 2014 lineup. Holders of interactive, film, gold or platinum badges will be able to partake in a new event —...

0306(illo)_AaronRodriguez(avoid sxsw)

How to avoid hurricane ‘SXSW’

March 6, 2014

When the storm called South By Southwest rolls into town next week, it will be hard not to rip those pretty little badges off the necks of festival-goers. While thousands of people flock to Austin every...


Hook Up Horns helps Longhorns find relationships

February 26, 2014

From UT students looking for a quick hook-up to those looking for a love connection, one website is attempting to form relationships because, as it claims, “Horns were meant to be in pairs.” Business...


Artist Dean Fleming Skypes in for talk at the Visual Arts Center

February 20, 2014

From the mountains of Libre, Colo., in his self-built dome home, artist Dean Fleming will be answering questions via Skype at the UT Visual Arts Center on Thursday. The exhibit, “Travels in North...


Documentary revisits UT history through the “Game of the Century”

February 14, 2014

The crowds cheered, fans were glued to their TV sets and the U.S. president even sat in the stands for what would later be called the “Game of the Century.” Directed by Mike Looney, “The...

End of Austin

End of Austin questions the future through perspective

January 30, 2014

Through Austin’s endless traffic, bustling nightlife and growing population, one group is attempting to catalogue the rapid evolution of America’s fastest growing city. The End of Austin, known...


Panel discusses implications of House Bill 2

September 5, 2013

House Bill 2, which passed in the state Legislature this summer, will result in the closure of all but six abortion clinics in Texas, which some say might have implications for UT students. On Wednesday,...

Protesters rally at Capitol in support of equal rights

September 3, 2013

Protesters gathered in front of the Capitol as part of a civil rights rally Sunday night, fighting for issues including reproductive health care, equal pay and voting rights.  The group, escorted...

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