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Students need to acknowledge social anxiety as a disorder

Kateri David May 3, 2019

I dread walking to class, but it’s not the mild foot pain waiting for me at the end of each trek that makes me anxious — it’s the people. While I’m aware no one is actively seeking...


Go ahead and include your retail experience on your résumé

Kateri David April 8, 2019

While filling my résumé with publications and writing experience — all suited for the summer internships I was applying to — I came to a standstill. There was a chunk of blank...


UT needs to alert students of scooter user-agreement risks

Kateri David March 25, 2019

Like most students who walk around West Campus, I get irrationally angry at scooters. They tip over and block walkways, and riders attempt to pass pedestrians on narrow sidewalks. But after thinking about...


Shut down ‘boy talk’ when you hear it

Kateri David March 12, 2019

If you’re in tune with college Twitter culture, you know the prevailing opinion on males as a group can be summed up in three words: “Men are trash.” At this point, the tagline has become...


UT needs spaces for tribal students

Kateri David February 21, 2019

 At the start of my sophomore year, after having comfortably settled into the pace of UT life, I decided it was high-time I laid down roots and found a community. Being a Cherokee citizen from Oklahoma,...


To combat academic burnout, ditch face masks and Netflix binges

Kateri David February 20, 2019

Near the end of December, I naturally woke up before my 10 a.m. shift with two hours to spare for the first time all semester. I wanted to cook breakfast and maybe fix a cup of tea. Instead, I lay awake,...

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512 Living is notorious, but is the criticism warranted?

Kateri David February 12, 2019

Tucked near the bottom of 512 Living’s website is a small banner of rotating quotes, each featuring a snippet of glowing praise from reviews on Yelp and Craigslist. Of the three featured quotes,...

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There’s comfort in admitting you can barely stay afloat

Kateri David November 19, 2018

If you’re a struggling UT student, talking with your anxious peers mere minutes before an exam isn’t the best way to alleviate your worries: There will always be someone who claims to feel...


When someone’s turning up, you have a right to shut it down

Kateri David November 16, 2018

One night, back when I lived at Lone Star Lofts, I woke up to the sound of my flatmate scurrying around our living room. After investigating, I noticed our once-cozy sofa looked remarkably bare. When I...


To avoid a bad trip, be prepared before trying LSD

Kateri David November 9, 2018

When you imagine someone tripping on drugs, you probably picture a person with a dazed expression staring blankly at pulsing shapes and colors only they can see. What most people don’t consider,...


With no alternative, in-class presentations restrict anxious students

Kateri David November 3, 2018

The pressures of presenting before an audience in a favorable and educated way is enough to make even the most practiced students’ hearts flutter. However, for students with severe or social anxiety...


To respect Native students, throw out ideas of DNA and race 

Kateri David October 26, 2018

When I tell students I am Cherokee, they inevitably ask how much. For many, there’s an inherent need to measure my “Indian-ness.” In contrast, when I return home to Oklahoma and introduce...


Think twice before signing a lease with your sweetheart

Kateri David October 19, 2018

“At this point, we may as well move in together.” This was how my freshman-year boyfriend broached the topic of living with me. His suggestion wasn’t undue: In fact, at the time, it...


Austin’s green parrots deserve a stable home

Kateri David October 15, 2018

I’ve noticed a pattern among first-time visitors to the University of Texas’s Whitaker Courts. At first, they’re annoyed by the incessant bird chatter. However, when they look up to the...


Stigma aside, Juul is a godsend for smokers looking to quit

Kateri David October 8, 2018

Last semester, I was waiting for class to start in one of Parlin’s white-tiled rooms when my classmates burst into a chorus of scoffing laughs and groans. A student was hunched over his desk, thin...


Don’t blame UT for your sidewalk woes: Step up

Kateri David October 2, 2018

Lopsided chunks of pavement, unpaved treks marked with loose rocks and pools of mud in sunken concrete: The West Campus sidewalk horror stories are true, and student pedestrians bear the brunt of these...


UT energy steward leads tour of Belo’s energy efficient features

Kateri David April 23, 2018

The newest buildings on UT-Austin’s campus with their glassy, industrial interiors are an ode to modern elegance. Not as apparent, however, are the structural innovations tucked within these buildings...


‘Dark Money’ author Jane Mayer talks buying influence in American politics

Kateri David April 16, 2018

Investigative journalist Jane Mayer took to the AT&T Amphitheater stage Friday, followed by a hailstorm of applause from UT students and faculty, many of whom clutched her 2016 National Bestseller...


UT students turning to Adderall for academic success

Kateri David March 26, 2018

It was 10 p.m. and James had yet to begin a six-page history assignment due the next morning, and he knew he couldn’t stay awake on his own. “That was the first time I took Adderall,”...


Need a break from midterms? Meet UT’s Bat ambassadors.

Kateri David March 8, 2018

A handful of students rushed into a cluster, phones raised and cameras aimed at a single gloved hand cradling a wriggling creature no bigger than a mouse and covered in a kiwi-like fuzz. They were vying...


Understanding scandal: UT’s Department of Theatre and Dance discusses corporate culture and corruption

Kateri David March 5, 2018

Separate fields came together Sunday morning as distinguished business speakers sat alongside UT ENRON cast members in the Winship Drama Building, kickstarting the first in a series of discussions on toxic...

Undergraduate_Court Sabrina Philips

Undergraduate teachers, K-12 students learn from listening to each other in Blanton’s bilingual gallery lessons

Kateri David February 26, 2018

Choosing words to describe colors and patterns buzzing with an energy of their own is no easy task for museum guides and gallery instructors, even while using their native language. At the Blanton Museum...


Panel discusses gender, sexuality in Latin American research

Kateri David February 12, 2018

An aerial view of Latin American history exposes a landscape of mazes and gaps. What may not be apparent are the modern day experts working diligently to mend these holes through an intimate understanding...


Interpersonal Violence Peer Support program celebrates grand opening

Kateri David January 25, 2018

For survivors of trauma, especially those in attendance at universities with a number of student services like those offered at UT, the variety of resources can often distract from the process of healing...

Turing Scholars Honors Program furthers legacy, exceeds fundraising goal

Kateri David January 22, 2018

Seeking supportive funding, the Turing Scholars Program has raised $27,502 for the Calvin Lin Turing Scholars Endowment on the last day of their fundraiser Friday, surpassing their $25,000 goal. The...

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