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Social editor finally learns about confidence

Social editor finally learns about confidence

Katya Bandouil May 4, 2021

As a transfer student and somebody who joined the Texan their junior year, I didn’t think I’d ever be a department head. Even now, every time I tell somebody I’m the social media editor, I follow...


Standardized test-optional application process raises questions

Katya Bandouil November 3, 2020

UT waiving standardized testing requirements for the 2021-22 application cycle made some prospective students feel left behind. Matilda Herrera Ramirez, Communication Arts High School senior, said she...

astronaut alumni alan stern WEB

UT alum chosen as first researcher to fly aboard commercial spacecraft

Katya Bandouil October 26, 2020

As a child, UT alumnus Alan Stern said he was fascinated at the sight of the Earth from an airplane window. Now, as the first researcher to fly on a commercial spacecraft, Stern said he looks forward to...


UT-Austin students include pronouns on screen to help foster inclusive environment

Katya Bandouil October 16, 2020

Virtual learning programs allow students to display their pronouns during classes and extracurricular activities, which some students hope becomes a widespread practice. Elyzia Mustafa, a psychology...


UT-Austin students experience Wi-Fi connectivity problems with virtual learning

Katya Bandouil September 22, 2020

Neuroscience freshman Jennifer Rodriguez was taking a live online benchmark in Psychology 301 when her internet connection cut out.  “I ended up missing the grade and my overall grade really...


UT-Austin students design masks to help keep community safe, fashionable

Katya Bandouil September 22, 2020

Editor’s note: This story was originally published in the Aug. 11 issue of the The Daily Texan. When UT research labs closed in March due to COVID-19, neuroscience PhD student Lauren Hewitt traded...


Law students create organization to support Black Lives Matter movement, connect peers to volunteer opportunities

Katya Bandouil June 29, 2020

After nationwide protests over the police killing of George Floyd began, Sheela Ranganathan started a group message in early June with a few law students to brainstorm ways they could get involved. Overnight,...


UT student creates app to support Black community in Austin during Black Lives Matter protests

Katya Bandouil June 12, 2020

When protests against police brutality and racism began to erupt nationwide, Earl Potts Jr. said he immediately knew he needed to take action.  A few months back, the computer science and African...

Tower Film

Short film commemorating UT Tower shooting hits close to home

Katya Bandouil February 27, 2020

Only a mile away from the UT campus, the Shefelman family stood on their porch and listened to sirens and gunshots, hoping for the safety of their loved ones. On Aug. 1, 1966, Karl Shefelman was coming...

Warren courtesy Parisa Mahmud

UT student saves life on presidential campaign trail

Katya Bandouil February 3, 2020

What started as a typical day block walking and canvassing for the Iowa caucuses resulted in saving a life, a phone call from Sen. Elizabeth Warren and a lifelong friendship. Government junior Parisa...

Artist Alum - Courtesyofalexguillen

Artist alumna continues to find support in UT community after graduation

Katya Bandouil January 31, 2020

When she was little, UT alumna Alex Guillen recreated the designs from Disney movie posters, which her mom would later copy and send to friends. Years later in college, she would be asked to design movie...

Lynette_Adkins_Courtesy of Lynette Adkins

Alumna’s YouTube channel provides insight into Black college experience at UT

Katya Bandouil January 24, 2020

After being an avid fan of video tutorials during her teenage years, UT alumna Lynette Adkins started a YouTube channel in 2018.  Shortly after posting her first vlog, Adkins noticed that her viewership...

Exponentials - Courtesy of Alma Lara Perez

Organization teaches entrepreneurship abroad

Katya Bandouil December 9, 2019

By discussing case studies from engineered drones that clean up ocean trash to financially accessible prosthetics, a UT-based nonprofit helped Colombian students recognize their ability to pursue business...

pocket-punch_Courtesy_of_Mia Grimes

Team of UT students launch self-defense device Pocket Punch to improve student safety

Katya Bandouil November 26, 2019

Looking into their pockets and backpacks, four UT students realized they had nothing to protect themselves with in a dangerous situation. “We all had pepper spray at the time,” finance senior...


Students graduating in fall can’t ‘walk the walk’ to get their diploma

Katya Bandouil November 11, 2019

Two-thousand miles stand between Luke Wright and his commencement ceremony. Most students celebrate the completion of college by tossing up a graduation cap with hundreds of their peers. But for those...


Gameplan for Winning at Life course helps students learn valuable life lessons

Katya Bandouil November 8, 2019

Asking a stranger for a bite of their food seems like an obvious social taboo, but for some students, it’s just another class assignment.  “Your comfort zone will be shattered,”...


Students raise awareness about district lines that split student vote

Katya Bandouil October 28, 2019

An invisible line runs through Guadalupe Street. Every day students walk to class and cross it. Government senior Hamza Sait said it divides the 21st and 25th Congressional Districts — and...


Not all that glitters is gold: Some struggle to afford UT Ring Ceremony

Katya Bandouil October 17, 2019

As a first-generation student, chemistry junior Nicole Kim wanted to take part in the celebratory ring ceremony tradition. What she didn’t know was that it would end up costing her hundreds of dollars...


Best 24-hour diners to try after a night out

Katya Bandouil October 7, 2019

fter a night out in West Campus or a long study session at the library, there are multiple 24-hour diners around town to fulfill the craving for late-night comfort food. Diners open around the clock are...


Vegan, gluten-free friendly vendors server options at ACL this year

Katya Bandouil October 4, 2019

This year, being conscious of dietary restrictions is trendy, so food vendors at Austin City Limits Music Festival are bringing it to the table.  As more awareness has been brought to dietary restrictions,...

fashion_2019-09-23_Fast Fashion_ Evan

Student organization tackles fast fashion through art exhibits

Katya Bandouil September 27, 2019

An unconventional form of student protest has popped up around the Forty Acres this fall. From placing a bed in the middle of West Mall to hanging fabrics from trees above the turtle pond, UT organization...


Students highlight positivity, happiness through gratitude journaling

Katya Bandouil September 12, 2019

Scroll through Rachel Walters’ Instagram page, and you will find a detailed online public diary about her life. Unlike typical Instagram accounts, this one is dedicated solely to expressing gratitude. Between...

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