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Study abroad accessible to all, despite price, strict degree schedules

Kendall Tietz May 9, 2019

Many students believe they won’t be able to study abroad due to the high price tag and strict degree requirements. The International Office that houses the study abroad office at UT is a resource...


Students, professor discuss group projects

Kendall Tietz April 26, 2019

When professors propose group projects, they are often met with complaints from students. Group projects are a common aspect of many students’ coursework. Students may report struggles with group...


Local boutique C. Jane survives test of time through proximity to campus, on-trend clothing

Kendall Tietz April 26, 2019

In the frantic search for a dress or top for the next big event, most people are inclined to look online. C. Jane, however, has survived the online shopping craze for the past 12 years. When Julie Copp...


How allergies in Austin are getting in the way

Kendall Tietz April 15, 2019

Runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, headache and fatigue. For students experiencing Austin’s allergies, they know how these symptoms can impact their day-to-day lives. Seasonal allergies affect...


‘Game of Thrones’ cultural phenomenon comes to an end

Kendall Tietz April 9, 2019

While some haven’t watched it, most have heard about it. The eighth and final season of “Game of Thrones” will premiere on April 14. Since the release of the first volume of the book...

Austin Fashion Week promotes growth, development of local style, culture

Kendall Tietz March 8, 2019

Austin already offers an eclectic music, food and entertainment scene, but one event brings the city’s emerging fashion scene to the forefront. Austin Fashion Week began in 2009, when there were...

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OjO scooters bring a new twist to Austin’s electric scooter scene

Kendall Tietz February 28, 2019

Walkways in and around campus are cluttered with electric scooters, making it nearly impossible to travel around campus without spotting a rider or maneuvering around a fleet on the sidewalk. Electric...


Students struggle to find internships

Kendall Tietz February 26, 2019

UT offers 170 fields of studies in 13 colleges and an undergraduate population of over 40,000. The University community boasts diversity and opportunity, but its sheer size can make it challenging to stand...


Austin boasts diverse restaurant scene for those with dietary restrictions

Kendall Tietz February 12, 2019

Austin’s diverse food scene is one of the many trademarks that attract students to UT. However, restrictions such as celiac disease can complicate everything from eating on campus to finding the...


Your guide to getting involved on campus

Kendall Tietz August 9, 2018

With more than 50,000 students on campus, it can be daunting stepping onto the UT campus for the first time, but there are ways of getting involved on campus that can make the 40 Acres feel smaller. The...


Colton, Mehraz prepare for year

Kendall Tietz August 8, 2018

There was voting, a revote and then finally a runoff before Colton Becker and Mehraz Rahman were elected student body president and vice president this spring.  This summer, as they prepare for...

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