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Beat the Texas heat with sangria

August 11, 2010

August in Texas can be defined by a few things: trips to the river, anxiety about upcoming fall classes and, of course, 100-degree temperatures in the shade. To combat the onslaught of late summer heat...

Gelato offers all the flavor of ice cream with less fat

August 9, 2010

The ice cream man doesn’t seem to exist anymore, at least around campus. Even though Amy’s Ice Creams is a local favorite for frozen desserts, Austin’s diverse selection of gelato...

Military-inspired fashion marches through town

June 13, 2010

Whether it’s cruising with your aviators on and listening to The Doors like you’re in “Apocalypse Now” or throwing on some combat boots with a pair of jeans, aspects of military...

Prototype Vintage Design breaks out of mold

June 1, 2010

With its vibrant green walls, Prototype Vintage Design lures the crowds exploring South Congress Avenue off the beaten path of the main street and onto its side of the block. The local boutique is composed...